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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

UK Corruption - Political Class grossly corrupt

From the EU's report, it's clear that the UK is largely free of the endemic low level corruption that pervades other nations in the Empire; we don't bribe traffic cops to avoid three points (the political class just lie about who was driving) or bribe doctors to treat us or to get medicines. With the exception of the banks and the global corporates, which are mired in fraud, duplicity and cheating, our smaller traders and merchants are largely honest and consumer transactions fair. In other words, at the level of most citizens, most merchants and most low level public servants we are what we have long been - an honest and fair nation. 

The corruption and rottenness is at the top of the pyramid and amongst the multinational and mega corporates, amongst the politicos and their dags, running wild amongst the quangos and fake charities. And since taking office, Cameron and his failing government have done precisely nothing to tackle it. We have a Speaker that condones it, is a part of it. And our major news organisation is so riddled with greed, corruption, fraud and mismanagement that it is no longer fit for purpose, no longer a moral force.

And they lie and lie and lie. To select committees, to the tame media, to each other and most of all to us. They have long since cast their lot with the most profoundly corrupt presence in the whole of Europe - the EU itself, fount of fraud, corruption and mendacity, robber of democracy, cheat of nations, adulterer of free trade, overseer of corporatism. The battle lines are clear.


G. Tingey said...

And our major news organisation is so riddled with greed, corruption, fraud and mismanagement that it is no longer fit for purpose, no longer a moral force.
But Murdoch's quasi-fascist collection of liars was never a moral force.
He (& they just) want money & control

Anonymous said...


The big bad Murdoch bullshit won't stand..

The BBC is fundamentally corrupt...

Anonymous said...

If it isn't UKIP, it will be corruption that will see the downfall of the EU. I cannot see any reasonable man in the street wanting his and and his neighbouring countries to look like the African continent.

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

Proof or evidence, please?
Rather than "I hate the BBC because it doesn't support the Tea Party" rantings.

And of course we do know that the whole Murdoch organisation is corrupt - see the hacking trials.
I wonder if someone will crack & turn Queens' evidence?
I dearly hope so.

Anonymous said...

Well Greg - there's all the lying over the Saville affair, the lying over the Balen report... or just the constant drip drip of socialist handwringing bollocks that emanates from the beeb...

Hell look at TV detector vans - the BBC engaged in an organised campaign of lying and threats to make people pay up.

They have long since learnt to perfect the process of propaganda...

Anonymous said...

MSM corruption? Just try and get a comment published that highlights the fact that none of the EU leadership are 'elected' officials.... each and every attempt (by me) has been censored. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

G Tingey: "Proof or evidence, please?"

Oh come on!

Just open your eyes. It has no restraint, it extorts it funds ( no one can say no ) it is in a privileged position and abuses that position with gusto.

The BBC is irredeemably corrupt.

Budgie said...

True, the BBC is irredeemably corrupt.

Yet there are the 1950s reactionaries who can see no wrong. So the only solution is to sell off the BBC to become pay to view.

That way G Tingey and the hordes of BBC luvvies can pay without unfairly making me, and a few others, pay for their privilege.

Problem solved.

Johnm said...

The license is for all broadcast viewing. If you think that a commercialised BBC will lead to the licence being ended you seriously need to connect to life!
Think "billions".
All big biz is corrupt. It goes with the territory.

Dan Delion said...

What? Me bribe a Health provider? Never! But now that you suggest I go private....

G. Tingey said...

I DO NOT WATCH TV - except, very occasionally in the visual version of "listen again" (The i-player)
SO, I am not paying anything.
And neither need you do so, either.
There is no compulsion to have a TV, or pay a licence fee.
I do not.

So stop bloody whingeing .....

G. Tingey said...

To those who bang on about the Beeb .....
News @ just after main 07.00 bulletin on Radio4 this morning.
Political dynamite.
This is the hated-by-the-fascist-morons BBC uncovering major fraud in the immigration & "multiculti" areas.
So pleas SHUT UP, idiots!

Edward Spalton said...

IMHO the Murdoch people thought they were immune because they enjoyed the patronage of the politicians ultimately responsible for their regulation - and they were right to think so for a long time.

The fact that Cameron wanted to recruit his publicity agent from the gutter press demonstrates as much. Compare and contrast Andy Coulson with Bernard Ingham ( for example).

With regard to the BBC and its impermeable self satisfaction - it is the one media organisation funded by government approved extortion and, though its trustees basically gets to mark its own homework.

Its bias is remarkably consistent in anything to do with the EU. I suppose I would be prepared to pay a modest subscription for Radio 4 ( and hope it might mend its ways!)

But the present situation could be compared with a detergent manufacturer having the government-conferred right to raise a levy on every washing machine, regardless of whether you use their product or not. It needs cutting down to size and some means of being made dependent on voluntary funding by its own viewers and listeners.