Friday, 14 March 2014

A right-wing Euro Parliament is no improvement

All over Europe left-liberal Federasts are contemplating the rise of the right; Ukraine's new 'government' is loaded with openly ultra-nationalist anti-Jewish ministers, Poland's Catholic ultra-conservatism has blocked the march of EuroStatism, and Hungary's ruling Fidesz with its mantra of "Home, Family, Health, Work, Order" with echoes of Kraft durch Freude is tame in comparison to the widely supported Jobbik there. Further West, sensing success in May's polls, the Front National is looking to team with other right-wing allies but both UKIP's Nigel Farage and Geert Wilder's PVV have so far resisted Marine's seduction on the grounds that she is too right wing. All over the Union the right is on the march; actually, more of a slippered shuffle than a jackbooted stride, but taking ground nonetheless.

It's being predicted that even with an excellent showing in May the right will still have no more than a third of seats in the European Parliament - still, shocks can happen. So why am I complaining, you may ask? Surely I must be in favour of a right leaning EP? Well, no. Last time it took us six years to put all the buggers down.

I can fully understand Farage's reluctance to form a party-grouping with 'them others' that under Brussels rules would open the treasure-chests. You see, we Brits may be reasonable, balanced, equitable and sensible, sensitive to the rights of the underdog, disinclined to take unfair advantage of power but we can't vouch for the rest of them - some, like the Ukranians, raving frothing-at-the-mouth Nazis who need to be forcibly restrained from wearing NSDAP symbols and runes. It's like a seasoned toper facing the prospect of going on a pub crawl with a group of lads who can't take their beer.

Well, we're just going have to see what happens and wing it; things are happening in Europe that one just can't plan for. As long as we can remember what being British means, I reckon we can cope. 


Jackart said...

"openly ultra-nationalist anti-Jewish ministers"

No it isn't, and I don't understand why the UKIP inclined are spouting Putin's propaganda.

You could do worse than reading the 3 articles I link to here.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Jackart - you're just a EU/Cameron shill.

Go back to your unread blog; unread because you openly insult anyone who disagrees with your propagandist bullshit..

Raedwald said...

Bollocks, Jackart; look at the evidence of the government ministers;

Andriy Parubiy Head of Security Council, founder of the Social National Party of Ukraine, a fascist party styled on Hitler's Nazis, with membership restricted to ethnic Ukrainians

Dmytro Yarosh Deputy Secretary of Security Council, leader of the Right Sector - a group of hardline nationalist streetfighters and thugs

Oleksandr Sych Deputy Prime Minister, member of the extremist far-right anti-semitic Svoboda Party, committed to destroying Judaism in Ukraine
Andriy Mokhnyk Ecology Minister, Svoboda member
Ihor Shvaika Agriculture Minister, Svoboda member
Oleh Makhnitsky Acting Prosecutor General, Svoboda member

FrankS said...

I've always been under the impression that the EU parliament has no actual powers, and its main function is to create a pretense of democratic legitimacy. So does it really matter which group dominates?

Anonymous said...

It's not often that I disagree with Raedwald, but for heavens sake, Nazis are Socialists - it's there in the name, and they are just a particular type of socialist ... and therefore aren't Right Wing at all. Rather like New Labour they allied themselves with big business.

Raedwald said...

Anon 16.11
Good point well made!

If it's centrist, authoritarian and without moral rectitude, it's anathema - under whatever banner it's disguised

Anon 2 said...

Yes, Anon and Raedwald.

And there's absolutely no point in knocking ourselves out trying to find our way through mile upon square mile of claptrap from the euSSR - be in spoken and "debated" in their iniquitous glass house, or written on anything. They don't know how to use English anyway - other than to destroy/deconstruct it.

Anon 2 said...

That's 'be it spoken' - sorry.

andy said...

Having heard some of the bile aimed at the native people of Europe by prominent and influential Jewish commentators, how we deserve to be wiped out and have our lands taken over by third world immigrants, how we are a "cancer" to be removed and how the Jews will be instrumental in achieving and directing this and will eventually preside over what remains is starting to make me think that anti Semitism might actually be a sensible policy of self defence, especially when Israel`s own racism to Jews of African origin is hushed up and hidden while they berate us for not wanting unlimited non white immigration to our own lands.
and if that makes me a fascist or Nazi, fine I can live with that.
Its not fascist to want to preserve your own culture and people.

Raedwald said...

Andy - No-one is claiming that Jews are nicer or more special than any other people, or that they're a special case and should be excused from civilised standards of behaviour; merely that they're the same as the rest of us, and shouldn't be persecuted on the basis of their religion.

G. Tingey said...

Oh dear not that old tired lie (Anon @ 16.11)
Just because it has "socialist" in the name, doesn't make it so.
Any more than "democratic" - think DDR, for instance.
Do grow up, & more importantly, wake up!

Anonymous said...

Tingey, You are the one in the wrong and it is neither tired, nor a lie. You, on the other hand, are like the Austrians who have persuaded us that Beethoven was an Austrian, and Hitler wasn't!

Hannan puts it well:

although the odd sock-puppet likes yourself pretends that it isn't so.

Jackart said...

If I'm a Cameron shill, you lot are Putin shills.

UKIP and it's idiotic myrmidons have really sunk below even my low expectations.

G. Tingey said...

There was a small actual "socialist" element in the early NSDAP - as pushed by the man who to some extent, tutored Adolf: Ernst Röhm.
It was downgraded, & finally exterminated, along with Röhm, of course, 30th June 1934.
Der Nacht die lang Messern ....