Friday, 7 March 2014

Bent Coppers

One of the unalterable truths of life is that some coppers are bent. Another is that bureaucracies will tend towards secrecy, hiding things, anti-democracy and unlawful behaviour. The larger and more complex the organisation, and the less the organisation is subject to public oversight and control, the greater the chances of both bent coppers and bent commanders. 

Conversely, small police forces subject to a high degree of local oversight and scrutiny will have few places for bent coppers and police bosses nowhere to hide their maladministration. 

Which is why it's hard to explain why ACPO are pushing so hard for mergers to create ever larger, more complex and remote police forces in which low level corruption will flourish and commanders are able to hide, deceive and obfuscate unlawful and improper behaviour unless they are actually trying to promote such things. 


James Higham said...

Think they are trying to promote them.

Anonymous said...

Agree with James above, our bureaucracies and our governments, particularly the real one in Brussels, wish to ensure that real folk are disconnected as far as possible from the process of government and control.

The EU is a gem in that Westminster (or different in other member state), can blame their own failings onto Brussels and vice versa... A whole new layer of obfuscation.

There have been several initiatives at creating different nationalised and/or EUised police forces, relating to terrorism, fraud, "serious" crime and so on, and these are the way things are going to proceed.

I have a feeling that this UKraine thing is going to lead to a EU wide armed force... It can't be an accident that individual states within the EU are rapidly becoming unviable... This is just building up to a crisis (a beneficial one).

Anonymous said...

The assumption is that the MacPherson report identified the root cause for the lack of investigation/prosecution in the Stephen Lawrence case as being due to institutional racism.

This wasn't the case - it was due to institutional corruption. The police when faced with having this corruption exposed took the easier way out - the racism explanation - especially as this is what the labour party wanted anyway. []

The corruption remained unaddressed. It was the same issue with the phone hacking enquiry. That practice went univestigated for so long because the coppers were willing participants. Yet the report's summary of the police involvement was two lines " there is no evidence of systematic police corruption"

When off the cuff, the coppers think they can fit up a cabinet minsters at will, it's clear the corruption is endemic.

And as for ACPO, what the fuck is a private, profit making company doing at the heart of UK policing?

visc said...

As they keepon telling us if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. Surely then all bureaucracies should de-classify everything?

Anon: about ACPO true.
Will have to check but it has been said all police forces are legally constituted as private companies.

Elby the Beserk said...

The fact that ACPO is a private limited company, and therefore not subject to Freedom of Information requests, tells you all you need to know about the modern police force.

They are not here to serve us.

Elby the Beserk said...

right_writes said...

You don't seem to be aware of this...

The website of the EU Gendarmerie.

"The European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDFOR) is a Multinational Police Force, established by treaty, operational, pre-organized, robust and rapidly deployable, constituted only by elements of police forces with military status. It was an initiative of France, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain aimed at improving the crisis management capability in vulnerable areas. On the 17th of December 2008, the High Level Interdepartmental Committee Meeting (CIMIN) decided to welcome the Romanian Gendarmerie to become the sixth full member of EUROGENDFOR.


EUROGENDFOR’s first participation in a crisis management operation took place inside the European Union mission EUFOR "ALTHEA" in 2007 in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This first operational contribution was followed, in 2009, by a EUROGENDFOR participation in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan. During 2010 EUROGENDFOR provided support to the UN"

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of Kriss Donald?


How about Charlene Downes?


The first was tortured to death the second, turned into kebab meat.

There are many others, hundreds in fact.


G. Tingey said...

Agree 90% with anon.
TRhe "Met" PREFERRED to be thought "Institutionally Racist" to being known to be bent ...
Large chunks were racist AS WELL, which certainly didn't help, shall we say?
Now, I doubt if there are more than a few racist coppers, but esp wrt the Rebekah Brooks / Murdoch press trail ) there are still far too many seriously bent ones around.
And I don't like the piece of information (about lack of Information) that Elby points out, either.