Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Catherine Ashton's protégé wants genocide of Russians

In a further embarrassment to Catherine Ashton, an unelected EU official, her Ukrainian protégé Yulia Tymoshenko, last seen in Kiev hugging and bussing the fragrant Catherine like a long-lost sista, has had the contents of an intercepted phone call published.
"...This really crosses all the boundaries; one has to take up arms and go wipe out these damn katsaps (Russians) together with their leader."

"I am sorry that I am not able to be there and am not in charge of these processes, they wouldn't have had a fucking chance of getting Crimea off me. I would have found a way to finish off these bastards. I am hoping that I will use all my connections and will get the whole world to rise up so that not even scorched earth would be left of Russia ..."
In a monumentally ill-advised public comment, Ashton was reported to have proclaimed in Kiev that the blessed Yulia was the EU's choice of President, before the report was rapidly redacted by the Telegraph. 

How reassuring that the EU, US and NATO are backing people as sensible, pragmatic and level-headed and as committed to peace and reconciliation as Tymoshenko as Ukraine's new leaders.   


Anonymous said...

The EU Commissars haven't a feckin clue. And this crisis just shows how seriously bad they are.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

In the form of one Yulia Tymoshenko, the EU and so obviously Baroness shitforbrains - immediately they sensed they were in the presence of a like minded autocratic lunatic - join the club Yulia!!

Cascadian said...

Well, I for one look forward to barrenn-ness ashton appearing in her Harry Potter wizard jacket to announce her latest wizard prank for girls.

Then Camoron and Dannatt can move a few lead soldiers around an 18th century map at No 10 and issue a statement. Maybe move a division up near Scandinavia for the winter that should be a larf.

Cool Britannia. Impotent and it does not even know it.