Tuesday, 18 March 2014

FIFA's Stinking Corruption

From the Telegraph's report on FIFA corruption;
Even before the decision was made, there were persistent allegations of corruption. Six weeks before the vote in Zurich, a World Cup official was caught in an undercover investigation agreeing to sell his vote to one of England’s rivals. A second member of the same committee was recorded asking for £1.5 million for a sports academy. Both officials were suspended, meaning that 22 people voted instead of the usual 24. A whistleblower also claimed that one of the bidders had bought the votes of three African executive committee members. The former Fifa employee later withdrew the allegations. Following England’s defeat, a parliamentary committee held an inquiry into the failed bid. Lord Triesman, the bid’s former chairman, gave evidence stating that four Fifa executive committee members had asked for business deals and favours when negotiating their support. One of those he named was Mr Warner.
This blog post from the Summer of 2012 remains the most viewed post of all time on this blog of the 3,419 published. I wouldn't change a word of it.


Anonymous said...

The English FA is run by a bunch of accountants who struggle to run a micturition contest in a brewery. Though, having said that, they [English FA] are by comparison with FIFA, beyond compare - and elevated to the ranks of the Angels of heaven.

Football a game I once played, watched and loved, stinks. Sissies, men who choose to act like women run the sport and have turned it into a form of tragi-farce ballet on grass.

Today's Footballers are prima donnas, girls blouses and dilettantes; all overpaid, ego maniacs believing themselves to be demi Gods. Example, Those infantilized idiots the Salford Yanks pay the son of some Celtic tinkers a kings ransom to do not a lot but moan, pout and moue - and who is on a princessly sum of £300k/week.

All of which, is a parable of our times and the meejah worships the ground they walk on - why though, I cannot fathom, for football is played by some very, very narcissistic and stupid, vain young men.

Sepp Blatter and his West Indian side kick their friends in Moscow, the Qatari royal family are very apt football role models - they all emanate the putrid stink of a 2500 year old Rome sewer. Stench of the not so very beautiful game - which I am afraid to say - is gone forever.

I fondly hope that, the world cup in Brazil is a calamity of riots, postponed games and no winners.

What a contrast it is, with the whores and pimps of football - compared to Stuart Lancaster and his England team of rugby redoubtables who are faithful, indomitable and stalwart.
Anyone who watched the titanic battle against Ireland recently, played in an uncompromising but wonderfully fair manner, where no quarter was asked nor ceded - the contrast with the putrid 11 man game - is as remarkable as it is striking.

Rugby always a second love but not now. For the first time ever, I can say I look forwards to the 2015 world cup and the tests in New Zealand more than the carnaval do bizarro no Brasil - 2014.

Football: f**k the lot of them.

G. Tingey said...

Well, I've always loathed footie as a home for arrogant, bullying fascist thugs - escaping permanently to the school library at age 14 was a blessing.
That they are stinking rotten & corrupt, goes with the territory, of course.

Tom said...

Ah well, time to wheel out "22 millionaires ruining a lawn"

Been a long time since the Corinthians put an appearance in.

G. Tingey said...

I prefer:
22 muscle-bound morons, kicking a leather bag of wind around a cold muddy field .....