Saturday, 22 March 2014

Kiev frustrated at lack of dead soldiers?

It appears the Belbek base in the Crimea has been taken by Crimean / Russian forces with no fatalities, and that the other remaining bases manned by the stay-behind Ukrainian military are falling in the same way with minimal or no casualties.

Late yesterday the Belbek base commander expressed his frustration at the lack of clear orders from Kiev - orders that would have allowed him and his command to return to Ukraine peacefully, carrying their small-arms, with military honour intact. There are reports from other bases of the same thing. No commander will abandon his post without orders - and the affair raises the question of exactly what has been instructed by Kiev to their units in the Crimea. 

The situation is militarily hopeless. Overt resistance would only cause wholly unnecessary and utterly pointless death and injury.

I suspect that what Kiev wanted to see was dead Ukrainian servicemen. And that to that end they refrained from issuing orders to evacuate the bases - but being devious and dishonest politicians concerned to cover their arses, also refrained from ordering active combat to defend the bases. I think they hoped to see their own men dead in a way that would offer them subsequent deniability.   

My thoughts are with the Ukranian forces in Crimea - who as usual I think are being royally buggered by their 'government'.

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Anonymous said...

They want body bags but no responsibility - doesn't that sound a lot like our recent ZanuLiebor government and the weird eyed Messianic one and his boggie munching one eyed mate? Or, also Dave's Alliance of the pink/yellow... come to think of it...

This airbase [Belbek] was a major facility, but Ukraine giving it up was a given, outgunned, outclasses and definitely outmanouevred - a piece of p*99 for Vlad's special irregulari.

Putin, can have the real prize soon. That of the Donbass region and Kharkov - along to the Dnieper. Is it so bad for Ukraine? To get out of the clutches of the EU will be considered in the years to come as a big prize.
One wonders, what made the powers of Croatia, Romania, et al... all of the Balkans really, why did they fall so easily for the siren song of Brussels? Was it just their monied elites? - What did it cost the British taxpayer, what is it now costing???

I fervently hope, this debacle will speed the demise of the EU. Evidently, they have been shown up to be the clowns of the world/universe and so very dearly do I hope that this is reflected in the EU parliamentary elections. Whereby, the peoples of Europe through the ballot box - informing decisively the EU politburo just what they think of these cretinous, meddlesome fuqwits.