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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

PPI - This could run and run

Not Ukraine, but PPI compensation. The companies behind that plague of cold-calls and automated messages demanding that we contact them to claim our PPI compensation are turning out to have done rather well for their efforts - they've netted £5bn of the totals so far paid out in fees and charges.

Now if only their fees and charges were ruled excessive, opening the way for further compensation to PPI-payout recipients, those call centre staff could stay in work with a new script; in fact, the PPI claim handling companies could act against each-other to recover excessive charges ...


Mike Spilligan said...

Deliberately O/T; and I know you've touched on this before: What about the bigger insurance scandal of taxes and charges to protect us from "global warming" - from which we have no way of opting out?

Anonymous said...

Job creation PPI and a bonanza for the ambulance chasers - only £5 billion?

hovis said...

Anon I am confused, how are PPI firms ambulance chasers ? Their marketing tactics may be similar but that's as far asI can see.

Sceptical Steve said...

With any luck, someone will eventually make a successful claim for the stress-related illness caused by all the PPI cold calling.... (Speaking as someone who's just put the phone down again on a an automated cold-caller trying to offload free boilers.)

Anonymous said...

If you google the names of some of these firms and then look at the complaints about them it is appalling.

Anonymous said...

OK, lets go through the list of financial miss-selling scandals, either brought to you directly by the government or indirectly caused by the government.

Banking scandal - indirect
BBC scandal - indirect
LIBOR scandal - indirect
£13BN NHS failed NPfIT - direct
Crapco / Crapita wastage - direct
£25BN illegal wars - direct
and the Daddy of them all...
£250BN stolen pensions scandal - direct

I just close my ears and loudly sing LALALALALA when I hear any politician trying to lay the blame off to other organisation for wasted tax payers money.

Coney Island