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Friday, 28 March 2014

Record 27% for Muslim prisoners in London jails

I find the bare facts of this quite astonishing - and there is no clear or simple explanation. From the 2011 census, of a population for England and Wales of 56.1m, some 2.7m declared the Muslim faith - about 4.8% (Source: ONS). However, latest government figures give the Muslim prison population across England and Wales at 14% - rising to 27% in London prisons, with 29% in Belmarsh - almost a third of all those held there. 

With the current prison population in England and Wales of about 83,000, that's nearly 12,000 Muslims locked up across the country, at a cost of £38,000 a year each - some £442m annually in total. If Muslims were imprisoned at a rate consistent with their share of the population, only 3,980 of them would be banged up - saving nearly £300m a year. The costs of the crimes and offences that put them there are of course incalculable; as are the costs of the police and security services in tracking and monitoring those connected with terrorism. 

There is surely more to this than an increased proclivity to criminality. It may be that the population of young Muslim men at peak offending age is higher than other population cohorts, or there are particular problems with for example drugs or sexual offences amongst Muslims. Whatever, we need to understand exactly why this is happening. 

And of greatest concern, as prison is often a hothouse for radicalising previously non-extremist Muslims, we will also have created a very considerable number of potentially asocial, criminally inclined extremist jihadists all due for release.  

I've found a 2010 Justice Department report on this subject HERE; this suggests that up to 30% of Muslims in prison are converts, and up to 19% of them are Afro-Caribbean. However, the numbers - both absolute and proportionally - have grown since this report, which indicates this may be a growing problem.  


Anonymous said...

The UK's Muslim popualtion will exceed the total population of Wales before 2020. The Muslim population nearly doubles every ten years.

On the other hand the English will be a minority, in England, in the under 25 age group, before 2030. The consequence is the English will be minoritized across all age groups around 2050.

It's called ethnocide.

Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Or official Labour policy. What are the figures for Afro-Caribbean cultural diversifiers?

Edward Spalton said...

The problem is that they are here.
It is many years ago that I heard a very liberal senior social worker say (on BBC) "The last thing we need are large numbers of liberated Pakistani men"

Of course, she would have been sacked these days.

Anonymous said...

Given an inch, they take it and ask for more and it is granted.

Mosques mushroom over Britain, in places like York, Newbury, Gloucester, in white areas - for the faithful to go and monopolise, they wanted to build in Harrogate, the local populace said no - but not many do, councils are far too obliging and it's paid for from out of the gulf - sovereign funds for Islamification of the West and fomenting revolution in previously moderate Arab, Muslim countries - Tunisia, Egypt, Libya. Wahabist imams teach insurrection, hatred and antithesis of western mores, traditions and Christian culture.

You see it on the streets, the conspiratorial smiles, the triumphalist glee, that Britanistan - this is their country.

Appeasement now, and the authorities dutifully kowtow in obeisance. Ere long, it will come to pass that, Islamicists are alloted their own Sharia areas [Tower Hamlets] and after that it will be civil war.

Edward Spalton said...


Around 14 years ago I was out campaigning to "save the pound". I saw a group of Muslim missionaries who had set up their stall across the gate to St peter's Church in Derby and went to speak to them, thinking that they had votes too.

Their leader was a very well-spoken young Asian with an Oxford accent.

At one point I suggested that he had to accept the law of this country if he came to live here.
"For a Muslim, that is oppression".

Later, I said "But if you come to live in our country..."
"It is NOT your country" he said "It is Allah's"

Anonymous said...

Remove all of them.

Coney Island

mikebravo said...

The people of this country have shown themselves to be gutless fools for many years.
They will become muslim serfs.
The women will cover themselves and the men will have beards.
Those that do not will be beaten with leaded hose pipes like in muslim countries.
This is what will be voted for by the bovine masses.

Anonymous said...

Later, I said "But if you come to live in our country..."
"It is NOT your country" he said "It is Allah's"

Indeed Edward, but it was Jesus's first - in fact - like all 'Arab lands' which were then conquered by the heathen horde.

Anonymous said...

Anything to do withe the "soft regime " for muslims in prison ? Special meals, special privileges , a group to belong to for protection. How many are " converts" ?

Anonymous said...

halal porky skratchings anyone?

DeeDee99 said...

Many Muslims don't respect our laws or our criminal justice system.

If you have no respect for the law and the judicial system which enforces it, why should you conform to it?

Multiculturalism has been an absolute disaster. Immigrants should have been made to abide by OUR laws and OUR culture. We have been far too accommodating - and this is the result.

Anonymous said...

For the historic peoples of these islands it will be the 'end of days' this century. Becoming a minority, the English first, is called a 'collapse' in the language of ethnographers - a demise wholly authored by the political class. A few months ago the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve said (referring to the descendents of the Anglo-Saxons) he was "saddened' at the prospect".

Not half as sad as we are because we never agreed to it.


Nick Drew said...

@ converts ... I did jury service a couple of years ago, one of the cases was assault by a vicious white youth, long string of previous

declared for the Koran on which to swear his oath

judge had a Muslim-sounding name, and by his demeanour didn't take at all kindly to this little game, & neither did a 'real' Muslim on the jury

guilty as charged, banged straight up to contribute to the statistics

Anonymous said...

It may be expensive but at least they are inside and not outside causing the troubles they usually cause.

Anonymous said...

Many prisoners 'convert' to islam during their tenure in prison purely because of the benefits it affords them - better food, time to pray - even if they are only thinking of their sister-in-law's arse when bowing and muttering their devotions - and other goodies not available to the kaffirs. The fact that they completely ignore islam upon release is not taken into account.
The establishment is being taken for a ride by those who spend their time trying to wind up the prison officers and who are being allowed to do so in the name of religion and racial diversity (what race is a muslim?).
Until the cretins in government sort this out, we will remain, as we currently are, the laughing stock of the world.