Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ukrainian tarts face travel ban under neo-Fascists

One of western Ukraine's two principle exports may be under threat after the 25th May election; though smuggled eastern cigarettes will continue to keep tobacco taxes in Poland and Hungary at artificially low levels, Ukraine's export of 'Natashas', girls who have become Europe's most accomplished prostitutes, is threatened by the neo-Fascist Svoboda party.

Austria's left-liberal Kleine Zeitung, in a report on the prevalence of ultra-nationalists and neo-Fascists in the new Ukranian 'government', reports that Svoboda is set to fight the election on a platform that may include a 'purebreed State, total Ukrainisation and a ban on migration'. The Natashas will be needed at home to spit out racially-pure Ukrainian babies rather than pander to cocaine-addled City boys in the West. 

KZ also reports that ex-boxer Vitali Klitschko, whose party Udar has proclaimed its break with the neo-Fascist Svoboda, is faced with a party colleague, Valentin Naliwaitschenko, intelligence chief for the revolutionary 'government', who wrote the forward  to a book, 'Nation and Revolution' written by the leader of the Right Sector, Dmitri Jarosch. Svoboda's links to the neo-Nazi NPD in Germany are also documented.

The 25th May elections will produce a legitimate government in Ukraine with whom the unelected officials heading the EU intend to seal a formal Associate Status agreement. That this may ally the UK with an openly Fascist and neo-Nazi regime will be repugnant to those still living who risked their lives in the fight against Fascism in Europe from 1939-1945.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if Mr. Putin will allow it, there have been big pro Russian demonstrations in Donetsk and Kharkov over-night - I can see how this is going and it is not looking good.

The EU, Britain and Kerry should back off, unless we want war.

Anonymous said...

"to keep tobacco taxes in Poland and Hungary at artificially low levels,"

Pedant alert!

*tax revenue in Poland*

Which may lead to tax rates being artificially high.


By the way, I am more than satisfied with the aspect of the EU that has introduced thousands of attractive young women into the UK.

If that's all the EU did, it'd have my vote.