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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Will Cameron lose Gibraltar to Spain?

Mass riots and chaos on the streets of Madrid yesterday can mean only one thing - that a Spanish government desperate to deflect public attention from mass unemployment, poverty and hunger in Spain will make another determined attempt to recover Gibraltar from the UK. 

This time, Cameron has immeasurably weakened the UK's negotiating position with his myopic support of the self-appointed new Ukrainian 'government' in Kiev. The position of Gibraltar is not unlike the Crimea in that its British speaking population is determined to remain separate from the Spanish speaking majority in the mainland, and in its links to the UK rather than to Spain over several hundred years. Like the Crimea, it has restricted referenda on its future to its own residents - something Cameron has condemned as 'illegal'. Cameron's condemnation of Russian assistance to the Crimean people also places in doubt his support of the Royal Navy's presence in support of the people of Gibraltar, where, like the Crimea, there is a substantial strategic naval base. 

Cameron has never been known for cerebral acuity, but this time his short-sightedness may achieve in the Tories' one brief period of government 2010 - 2015 the loss of Gibraltar to Spain after 310 years.


Johnny Howson said...

I very much doubt it. Despite his much vaunted Oxford first ( albeit in PPE, a sort of potential public nuisance's Media Studies ) Cameron does not actually behave as if he is very bright................BUT the retention of Gibraltar is a terribly simple issue and well within his powers of understanding.

anon 2 said...

Mr. Hawson - the so-and-so may understand it. He is, however, a traitor and an eu henchman; that means he'll give Gibraltar away without a thought --- as he will the Falklands --- as Brown did our gold.

Quite why we never turn round and remove these toads is a mystery to me.

Nick Drew said...

Consistency not required in politics

a very small dose of doublethink will suffice in this case

Junican said...

I think that anon 2 has revealed our problem - we cannot get remove them - we can only replace them.

G. Tingey said...

More to the direct point, the Navy is horribly weak. And we all know why, & whom to blame.
If Gib is lost, expect Camoron to hang - slowly, for preference.

Man with Many Chins said...

I was thinking...

According to iDave, the Crimea only referendum was illegal as it was only held among Crimeans.

By that reasoning, any Scottish referendum for independence is also illegal as it will only be held amongst the Scots!

Hoist by his own petard methinks :-)