Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A pair of gurus

You wait around for ages for a new change guru and then two turn up at once ... typical. For reference, two names new to me that I'll be taking a look at;

David Birch - Identity is the new money - said something very interesting just now about Bitcoin; the new currency thing isn't the important thing; it's the algorithms for a distributed ledger system that are potentially ground breaking

and Jeremy Rifkin on Start the Week yesterday "who foresees the gradual decline of capitalism and the rise of a collaborative economy. As new technology enables greater sharing of goods and services, Rifkin argues that it provides a challenge to the market economy. The sociologist Saskia Sassen warns that the majority of people may not enjoy the fruits of this new world as increasing inequality, land evictions and complex financial systems lead to their expulsion from the economy."

Like good old Alvin Toffler (for those of us from the 1970s) its likely they'll have the change process right but the consequences wrong. Still, worth getting a heads-up. 


visc said...

Not sure if I fully get what Rifkind. I am wondering if in his new world he wishes to perpuate the fractional reserve fraud?

G. Tingey said...

Rifkin doesn't mean classical Capitalism, of course.
He means the corrupt, corporate stitch-up we are currently lumbered with.
In which case, a little more real co-operation & sharing, without it being enforced ( = "bad" socialism) would be an almost unalloyed good.
At least, until some bastard works out how to game the new system ....

Mr Ecks said...

Rifkin is a long-time leftist puke and enemy of freedom, scientific progress and prosperity (for little people like us).He is most certainly against freedom and almost certainly believes that todays state controlled corporate socialism is all the fault of "free markets". Anything he says is shite.