Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Iraq war criminals: Where are they now?

With Blair still holding up the publication of Chilcot's report, attempting desperately to suppress evidence that he had already agreed to invade before a vote in Parliament, before the report of the weapons inspectors and before any vote at the UN, his co-conspirators are either attempting to reinvent themselves or are fading gently from the public eye. Many on the fringes of the Iraq debacle, such as Balls, have found a new place in Miliband's shambles. 

The usual caveat applies - our lads were fantastic, and neither they nor the generals can be held to blame for the way in which they were abused and misused by a criminal government. 

Tony Blair
Under heavy police protection, he pursues a fantasy statesman job as the most ineffective peace envoy in history whilst his wife amasses a multi-million property empire. Wisely spends as little time in the UK as possible and dare not appear in public. Even the BBC now shun him - avoiding any close up shots that include him in the line-up of former PMs at the Cenotaph. 

Geoff Hoon
Defence secretary in charge of MI6 who first heard of Alastair Campbell's made-up 45 minute claim when he read it in Downing Street's fantasy dossier. Exposed as a liar, fraud and a cheat and forced out of Parliament, he founded a defence business consultancy, Taylor and Hoon, and now sits on the board of military helicopter manufacturer Agusta Westland.

Jack Straw
Blair's Foreign Secretary, still sits in Parliament for Blackburn but will leave after this term. Admitted to Chilcot that he could have stopped the war if he wanted to - but his compliance did him little good; William Rees-Mogg claimed in the Times that Straw was removed from office in 2006 at the request of the Bush administration for failing to support the bombing of Iran.

Derry Irvine
Blair's former pupil master, now 74, who held the senior Office of State during the war. Used the Official Secrets Act to block news of the cost of his interior decorating of the Lord Chancellor's flat at Westminster. A friend of the Scotch Whisky industry.

Alastair Campbell
Author of the fantasy war dossier, he also admitted that on learning that Dr Kelly had spoken to the BBC, Campbell had then decided, in his own words, to use this fact to "fuck Gilligan". The exposure led to Dr Kelly's death. Has attempted to reinvent himself as a media personality in the US fashion, after admitting widely to mental illness and alcoholism, but is the only Top Gear guest to have been booed by the audience.


Bloke In Italy said...

Blair really is the most despicable piece of loathsome shit sticking to the side of the great white telephone that is the British body politic.

I share your dream of seeing a long drawn out humiliating process leading to a life sentence, preferably to be served in an Iraqi prison.

Hoon was always a total **** it would be wonderful to see them all in orange jump suits with jump leads attached to their knackers but we know it's never going to happen.

Justice is something that only happens to the little people.

Prawn Sandwich said...

A form of justice - looking in the mirror each morning and hating yourself.

Blair did Bushes' bidding because he was promised the Congressional Medal of Honour. A narcissist he did it for ego and the millions which as holder of the award he could harvest in the US. A truly despicable humang being.

Cambell's justice is being Campbell reinvented or not.

Anonymous said...

All of them, scumbags and bottom feeding Marxists/Trots.

But the cleverest and thus the worst of a bad bunch of fuckers is Jack Straw.
This Trotskyite agitator, in his Leeds University days, probably had links with Soviet Russia, is a callous sociopath and undoubtedly an evil man, yet they regale him at the BBC.
I always think of him as the 'weiss engel' a spectral Straw - he makes my skin crawl.
The only thing missing of course - is a spine - and even non believers must thank God the good Lord, that he didn't provide any of the aforementioned - with a backbone, otherwise it would have been far, far worse.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I'm not surprised Hoon wasn't aware of the so-called MI6 dossier. SIS is under the control of the Foreign Office. Straw is the villain of that particular piece.

Anonymous said...

Ah, glad you mentioned 'Rendition Jack', and his pals of course. One of the core attributes of socialism is the ends justifying the means. Take uncontrolled mass immigration for example, or rather what comes in with it. Money, obviously, in the form of cheap labour - the inherent tendency to drive down the wages of the poorest.

Another, often overlooked benefit (for the immigrant importer), is fear. Governments exercise power in many ways but the force of alien cultures and practises, appearing on a large enough scale, amongst a settled population, can be quite devastating. If you look at London it (mass immigration) cleared out the remainder of the 'Blitz' generation in little more than a decade. Cockneys in general have virtually disappeared from their place of origin, along with their distintive dialect.

Whatever we lose, culturally, is lost forever and that's because it doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. So, what does this have to do with Rendition Jack. Well, in a recording made in a Blackburn mosque some years ago he said: "the English are a race not worth saving."

New Labour, New Britain