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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

It's a funny old theology ...

Discrimination in itself isn't a bad thing. We discriminate when each day we pick a tie from the tie-rail, or choose the antique burgundy Chesterfield over the motorised Lay-Z-Boy recliner covered in faux-whale scrotum. Our laws, rightly in my view, prohibit the exercise of such taste discrimination only where this disadvantages actual people, in employment matters for example. So Harland and Wolff can't refuse to employ Catholics, the Grunwick Film Labs can't refuse to employ white men in favour of Asian women and London Transport can't publish ads that say 'We don't employ blacks' as they did for one brief, desperate, time in the 1950s before the critical shortages of native tube drivers and bus conductors opened the way for our Afro-Caribbean citizens to make this sector their own. 

This week, being Easter, is National Christ Week, and has seen Anglican and Catholic leaders both proclaim that Christian faith is alive and well in Britain, and at the heart of our notions of justice and equity. Even Cameron has come out to admit he sort-of believes in a higher ethereal being sort of thing in a vague and wholly non-exclusive sort of way but doesn't entirely dismiss the views of Professor Dawkins.

However, this won't lead to preferential consideration for the Syrian Christians, victims of the rebels' pogroms, where two thousand years of religious tolerance is flowing down the gutters with their blood. Or in Egypt, where the Coptic Christians have endured unbelievable persecution since the 'enlightened' Arab Spring. If we take refugees, we will take all equally; the murderous Islamist rebels will be admitted to the UK as readily as their Christian victims. This is incomprehensible to Muslim nations, whose assistance is biased openly towards their co-religionists, and indeed Islam teaches them to discriminate in favour of their own kind. 

But I guess the UK is just demonstrating a truly Christian theology in its policy - a theology that loves the persecutor, the torturer and the concentration camp guard as much as the persecuted, the victims and the tortured. 


Ed P said...

Incomprehensible indeed - they are laughing at our, in their eyes, stupidity. But the open door policy is dictated by the secular EU, which does not recognise Christian compassion as relevant to refugee issues.

Anonymous said...

Yes, our Islamic friends are not exactly meek, are they?

In this battle of ideas, the meek get crushed.

So yes, a funny old theology.

Anonymous said...

Today, Tony Blair of all people, comes up with the political truth of this age. Islam and the Middle East holds the world's greatest danger and threat. Europe, the US, Russia and China should realise this, now.

Anonymous said...

This land, our land has been riven. The 'intellectuals', the political elite and the London metropolitan effetes have destroyed Britain, sold us out to the nation destroyers in Brussels but was it a mistake to blame it all on Brussels? In actual fact, is the EU just the ruse, the excuse and was it our own who really did for us? I think the perfidy was mostly home brewed all along.

Was it not Jack Straw who said:
"The English as a race not worth saving", Trotskyite slime ball and he is not the only one.

Jack Straw, home office minister, he was responsible for opening the gates and Labour have done their level best but it is not just them because their ideas - of the Socialist scum do pervade and permeate the administration from top to bottom.
But it is their common purpose storm troopers, making and fashioning this brave new world in Britain.
Men and women, who go about as societal wreckers and beavering away secure in their sheltered working lives a fat pension to look forwards too. It is these 'deathwatch beetles' who munch away at what remains of the British fabric.
Cossetted as they are, chomping 'eating large' societal engineers in council social services highly paid manipulators daily do their business and unhindered by Westminster.
In goes on in town councils up and down the country, it is they who are changing the face of Britain - your local council works not for you but for the aliens still pouring into Britain.
They are tucked away but go and see it for yourselves - most major towns have an immigrant induction centre - you pay for it - go and look - see it - Britain as Babeldom.

G. Tingey said...

Utter complete twaddle.
Radders, you should know your history better than that!
Shall I mention: "Abigensian Crusade" perhaps?
As an example of christian tolerance & welcome?
Or the OSD?
Or the murder of Thomas Aikenhead?

Anonymous said...

It's not crusaders you'll have to worry about, the sunni Jihadis and mujahadeen will come for us all, better ally ourselves with Hezbollah.
Rock or, hard place?

Anonymous said...

Which reminds me why an English summer is like a muslim; Sometimes its sunni and sometimes its shiite.