Tuesday, 22 April 2014

UKIP campaign ads do the job

The reaction of the MSM to UKIP's four campaign ads is interesting. Most news sites feature three of them, but the fourth - the EU bureaucrat lounging in a limo whilst a 'hard working mum' perches on one buttock next to a Cyril Smith large-boned man on a Routemaster - is rarely seen. As an attack on the political class, a major vote-winner for UKIP, it doesn't fit wit the MSM narrative that UKIP is racist. A piece with the headline 'MPs say UKIP ads disrespect LibLabCon' isn't really a reader magnet.

Of course all four ads are a poke at Clegg with a sharp stick, repeating the 'facts' for which Farage came under scorn during the head-to-heads; 26m Romanians (though it doesn't say so), 75% of laws (Reding's figure, which I heard her quote, and unsurprisingly a tad high) and a building worker who appears to have nicked a hi-vis vest and hard hat from his previous employer. And not a black face in sight. 

" ..We're on our way to Calais, on our way to Calais, la la la ..."

Of course one of the benefits of free movement and no borders in Shengen countries is that the tens of thousands of African migrants landing in Italy find few obstacles on their journey to Calais, where they pile up waiting their turn in the back of a lorry to the land of milk and honey. UKIP won't mention this, of course. And won't mention the fake business school scams that allow African 'students', most of whom seem to work as security guards, bring their wives over to have babies on the NHS. UKIP don't have to mention non-EU immigration; those suffering its effects will vote for them anyway. 

With the election exactly a month away, few Brits will be able to distinguish a Romanian voice from a Lithuanian, Latvian or Ukrainian one; all east Europeans tend to be classed as 'Polish' anyway. However, most people can distinguish Roma gypsies and their, erm, ambivalent attitude to property ownership rights and it's the Roma and their activities that will turn the tide - but not before May. The MSM and  LibLabCon are in an invidious position; they can hardly defend uncontrolled immigration, and defending a political oligarchy and the pillage of the corporates won't get them votes. Their only option is to do what Clegg tried to do - attack UKIP. And being British, champions of the bullied and enemy of bullies everywhere, the more they combine to attack Farage the more popular support he'll get. 

So all in all job done I think.


DeeDee99 said...

The pro-EU, pro-immigration lobby were throwing a collective hissy-fit yesterday.

Labour supporters screamed "waycist" and
Clegg got monstered in The Guardian.

Good start UKIP. Keep it up.

BrianSJ said...

UKIP seems to be sufficiently clueless that there isn't a set of the posters on their website. I couldn't find one anyway.

Raedwald said...

Typical. The Mail's got all four here;

Anonymous said...

There is a large man in the fourth poster, but I do not believe it is the Cyril Smith creature. May I suggest the above sentence is amended.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"few obstacles on their journey to Calais"

Indeed, and I believe the French help them on their way. They're not wanted in France, after all.

And if they're lucky enough to land in Malta, the Maltese will happily sell them a Maltese (ie EU, ie British) passport as long as they leave Malta straight away - which they're happy to do since UK is their real destination anyway.

Truly we have become the mugs of Europe.

Anonymous said...

My point being that it is extremely perjorative to liken anyone to Smith, and the man in the fourth poster might be justified in seeking punitive damages from this blog.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 13:38

'My point being that it is extremely perjorative to liken anyone to Smith, and the man in the fourth poster might be justified in seeking punitive damages from this blog.'

FFS do yourself a favour and get a sense of humour. Life's too short mate.

Good post Raedwald, the LibLabCon are terrified and that can only be beneficial to our democracy at this time. Fear is the key.

Dan Hodges @ the Telegraph:

'Ukip is worse than the BNP'

Love it.


Michael said...

We were all supposed to believe that the original Liberal Democrats were going to change the face of politics, and they failed miserably, forming the wet faded bunch of nobodies we see today, because all they offered was a weedy little bit of every other party's manifesto, and kept 'a doctor' in charge.

At least Nigel Farage has the guts to tell the others to f**k off and think of England for a change.

I'll definitely vote for Nigel Farage, and it's because he says the things I like to hear, not like the squirming private pension grabbers like Osborne and of course the disastrous Balls/Brown pair, whose stupid ideas nearly brought everything I've worked for to calamity.

As a newly arrived pensioner, I really do feel that we have nothing to lose from kicking the three main parties into touch, and just supporting the new party which actually wants to do something, not protect itself like all the other half-wits.

Anonymous said...

"Clegg got monstered in The Guardian."

How can you be "monstered" by an intellectually challenged, boss eyed, melanistic pigmented, game legged lady who prefers the company of the her own sex?
And Polly, well she's the super-hypocrite non pareil.

G. Tingey said...

I wonder if UKIP will actually take a previously Labour-held EU parliament seat?
It is to be sincerely hoped so.
Any predictions?

Johnm said...