Thursday, 8 May 2014

Halal? No thanks

The news that our large supermarkets are selling us unlabelled Halal meat does nor surprise me - any mega large organisations more concerned with profits than morals can easily serve up anything from horsemeat to carcass-slurry burgers for the sake of the bottom line.

However, as I choose not to eat meat from animals slaughtered in this mediaeval fashion - halal or kosher - I will use the traditional butcher in Blackheath in future for all beef, lamb and chicken and buy only pork from the supermarket. My bacon already comes from Borough Market, where it isn't a soggy wet slop of pinkish stuff pumped full of water and chemicals.

As a Christian, there is also something unclean, something dirty and unpleasant, about eating Halal meat - its  properties contaminate the purity of faith in a minor but significant way, and I am minded to take legal action against any retailer who deceives me as to the origin of meat sold.


Quiet_Man said...

As a Christian part of the Pauline obligations given in the New Testament states you should not eat food offered to idols (or foreign gods like allah) Hence Christians at least should not eat halal.
Btw, meat from the meat counter at Morrison's is halal free (just not the pre packaged stuff)

Sackerson said...

There are also Christians who won't eat pork, on religious grounds.

Anonymous said...

The best bacon, is available at Villagers Sausages in Beckenham, if you are interested Raedwald.

If any reader is easily offended... Avert the eyes now....

Streaky, back or middle?

Oh and there are some good butchers at Brockley Market on Saturday mornings.

Anonymous said...

Ordained thus, multiculturalism,

"It's only a little concession, I mean Halal, the morons won't notice will they and besides they're - the country is no longer the land of Christ is it - I mean why should they care?"

Ramadan, Eid celebrated and holidays granted.
Only a small leap then, to the first Sharia areas in Bradford and London.

The newer ism is being slowly, inexorably replaced by something much more defining. An ism which is something much more harsh but rest assured, if multiculturalism hated Christianity - they will be not so fizzed with the new Ism, actually will detest what is coming - a political credo, that multiculturalism allowed in, feted and welcomed through the front door.
But this time, there will be no choice - everyone converts or, dies, or fights.

I don't expect they'll fight much, of course they are well practiced in telling others to fight for them but this is gonna be somewhat in their faces, and very personal.

Multiculturalism, your crane/lamp post awaits you and it won't be long.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I don't know if it's true but somebody told me yesterday that B&Q had put out a press release that they were discontinuing sales of large iron nails and timber over 150mm x 100mm section for fear of offending Christians....

Mike Spilligan said...

Slightly O/T if I may.
I was born and brought up near Tucker's butchers in Blackheath, but after several moves (including living in a Muslim country) I now live in a Midlands market town with two independent butchers. The local council is trying to attract more supermarkets as the four we've got "don't give enough choice" to the 25,000 population. Madness.

Anonymous said...

"we've got "don't give enough choice" to the 25,000 population. Madness."

Madness for the local residents indeed but not madness for the local council. Where, Graft is king, backhanders from the supermarket cartel - councillors in their pockets and that's how the corporate world works, hand in glove with their puppets - actually, the muppets who like to known as politicians.

The small businesses, no doubt they've been in the town for a while - but eventually they'll be forced to the wall.

Across the EU, the continent marches to the corporates band music! And Britain, the oompah beat is the same.
Know it - we are well and truly stitched up and you - yes you, we, us, don't have a fucking say in it - that's the new democracy and at the local level it is just as bent - as it is in the gilded Palais de Berlaymont.

Anonymous said...

Import alien cultures in large enough numbers and guess what, you'll change your way of life. Not rocket science is it. The halal eating population is calculated to roughly double every ten years from now on - which means in 50 years your grandchildren will have no option but to eat ritually slaughtered meat (no pork either as it will be haram under our Islamic government).

You think a multi-ethnic society 'brings many strengths and benefits to our society and nation' don't you Raedwald? I don't.

We have as much natural diversity in these islands as we need. Unfortunately due to decades of mass immigration that form of diversity, the organic form, is dying. Not rocket science is it. We're currently losing five native dialects, the first (East London dialect) will be gone when the last speakers finally die off in 30 years.

Whatever we lose is lost forever because it doesn't exist anywhere else - and here I'm just talking culture. We're also scheduled for demolition as an ethnic group, circa AD2100. Our demise has been authored by a political class who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

So, enjoy your local butcher in Blackheath, Raedwald, those multi-ethnic cultural 'enrichers' will make sure your grandchildren don't have the same, ever.


G. Tingey said...

What bothers me is the cross-contamination - reminds me of the "horsemeat scandal"
I would be quite prepared to eat horse, - PROVIDED - I knew it was horse in the fist place.
AND the "Oh there's hal-a--percent horse contamination" - there should not be ANY "contamination"

Meanwhile all this talk of islam & christainity is just bollocks.
I listened to some truly sickening grovelling on the "Today" programme this morning about "moderate" or "sensible" or "mainstream" religion [They were referring to islam, but the general principle applies, anyway]
That education that THERE IS NOT ANY BigSkyFairy is the way forward, then we can forget all this utter, murderous, lying, blackmailing tosh.

Anonymous said...

G Tingey said @ 09:54

'That education that THERE IS NOT ANY BigSkyFairy is the way forward, then we can forget all this utter, murderous, lying, blackmailing tosh.'

Though I respect our Christian culture and heritage as much as the next Englishman, I am nevertheless a heathen, Mr Tingey. What that means is no 'BigSkyFairy' but a belief all the same - and a very old one at that. My belief brings me close to my kin and, unlike eastern religions, it respects what nature gave me: belonging. People sense who they belong to; it can't be taught, or forced.

No matter how educated or refined one thinks one is when the SHTF we are all tribal. It's hardwired and heathenism merely expresses what is natural. My church can be a forest glade, or a field of wild flowers.


Sebastian Weetabix said...

It won't be Christians who separate your head from your body for your atheism, Mr. Tingey. You could at least make the effort to know your enemy.

Btw, the word you are looking for in relation to horsemeat is 'adulteration', not contamination.

Anonymous said...

If you have not seen it then the Odone blog tells you all you need to know about the multi-culti enrichers.

Eat fresh

Notice that comments are closed due to the fact that she'd be ripped to pieces. A thoroughly unpleasant, stupid and myopic woman.

Apparently it's ok for muslims and jews to have their meat labelled as halal or kosher (one and the same thing in truth) but if others i.e. the majority want to know that their meat is not either of he above then that counts as prejudiced or, no doubt 'racist'.

Anonymous said...

Halal labelling not required by our EU masters . The shite in Pigminster do not know or care . PS I live in Blackheath to.

mikebravo said...

I wrote to Tesco a couple of years ago about halal meat.
They claimed then that none of the unpackaged meat at the butchers counter was halal and any that was packaged was marked as such so that I could avoid.
Does anybody know if that policy has changed.

Rush-is-Right said...

There's a petition at

Rush-is-Right said...

Sorry, make that

G. Tingey said...

Sebastian Weetabix
Your ignorance is profound.
look up Thomas Aikenhead

You really don't get it, do you, moron?
Look, because there isn't a BigSkyFairy, "allah" doesn't exist - & therefore... Mohammed wasn't a "prophet", was he?
Now learn to think.

However, Matt in the Telegraph, today is very apposite:

English Pensioner said...

I would like to see legal action taken, but I suspect there are no grounds. It doesn't seem to be an offence under the labelling legislation, the only offence being if the meat is not of the type specified such as horse instead of beef.
I wonder if there is a case under the Human Rights legislation?

FrankS said...

What I don't get its is this: If they don';t label the meat as halal, muslims won't buy it, so how does this benefit the people selling unlabeled hala meat?