Friday, 16 May 2014

Petulant and Puerile Clegg revealed

Like a badly-behaved child throwing an embarrassing temper tantrum in public at not getting its own way, Clegg's increasingly puerile and petulant media whine over free school meals has reached the point at which it is no longer even amusing; as a grown man, he needs a sound open-handed slap across the face to halt his hysteria.

Via Guido, Gove's ex-advisor Dominic Cummings reveals Cleggs behaviour in all its cringe-making vomit-inducing awfulness. Thank goodness its looking increasingly likely that Clegg and his dysfunctional colleagues will soon be wiped from the arse of British politics.


Anonymous said...

But Clegg's is now a party of government and like his beloved EU expects to get what he wants.
He is neither a liberal nor a democrat.

Anonymous said...

Yes, John Pienaar interviewed him for Radio 5 Live yesterday afternoon. That total lack of self-awareness so typical in 'modern' politicians was on display - basically it's all about them and anyone who disagrees with what they have to say is a non-person.

Classic Alinsky: dehumanize your opponent.



john miller said...

Seven hundred million pounds. Cameron's "gift", if that's the word for giving someone something that isn't yours.

Government by whimsy.

Thank God my old man and all my older relatives are dead.

Then again, people like them might have had the balls to string the bastards up.