Friday, 30 May 2014

Those Lord Rennard apologies in full

Lord Rennard has apologised for various incidents which were the result of inadvertent groping contact with young women; surely our sympathy must go out to this poor man who is so clumsy and so little in control of outlying portions of his anatomy that they act independently when in close proximity to young women.

MPs are of course particularly subject to this unfortunate condition:-


Anonymous said...

Other, than with a baseball bat, I can't believe anybody, nor anything would want to fuck Rennard. Mind you, along with the ghosts of Cyril and in person, Rennard is doing a grand job of fucking the lib dems and not before time. You talk of infestations above - well this yellow pestilence, is another.

Budgie said...

And the LimpDums call UKIP the nasty party.