Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Yes! Hooky to be banged-up for life

Take Abu Hamza out of the mosque and put his inflammatory rhetoric before ordinary decent people and he's exposed for what he is - a rabble-rousing nihilist careless of human life taking full advantage of our Western freedoms and liberties. Until now. This loathsome creature has now been rightly convicted of truly dreadful crimes and will now rightly die in a US prison. 

Many are asking why we couldn't try him here in the UK, and I'm sure the answer will be complex - but a large part of it must be the operation of the Human Rights Act, the actions and proclivities of the ECHR and an unfounded fear that we may somehow upset Muslims in the UK by jailing a brutal killer. 

Our law and that in the US are closer to each-other than either system is to the dreary Napoleonic Code of Europe. Let's build on that difference - and teach a lesson to all the would-be Islamic terrorists sheltering in Europe that that Britain is not a comfortable place for them.  

David Cameron has just promised tougher measures to tackle Islamic terrorists. So that's the kiss of death to any positive changes, then.  


DeeDee99 said...

Good idea. But it will fail in the execution because Britain IS a good home for them.

We are powerless in the face of the HRA, our own liberal judiciary, the ECHR and the EU - and there's nothing our political class will do about it.

So we are reduced to taking years and spending £million getting a terrorist extradited to America where the justice system still seems to work in favour of the innocent and comes down heavily on the guilty.

We have surrendered - or rather our political class have.

Anonymous said...

The most fearsome and one of the deadliest pack hunters on the African plains - is the Hyena and when the pack sense you're 'down' they will attack. The cracking power of those enormous jaws is awesome, can bite through human thigh and spine as if they were skin and they always feed well and of the kill, nothing but nothing is wasted.

Cowardly scavengers alone, when they hunt in numbers though - best be out of their way, some human groups, collectively act like the Hyena and certain doctrinal codes suit a form of Human Hyena.

It's what happens when you invite into your house and then curry favour with - a pack of Hyenas.

When you stop feeding them - who will the come for?

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe, Britain played the long game here deliberately (with no plaudits to Labour!). I often wondered why it was that we didn't just haul him in for hate crimes and maybe the bigger picture was to get him into the US where he could possibly have been executed or imprisoned for life. Imprisoning for life is an interesting solution because his life may suddenly become brutal and short; and his screams will be stifled by rags shoved in his mouth at 02:00 one quiet morning.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute!! Did you say "Hooky". Nay sir, you must be mistaken! Please withdraw your heinous slur! Old Hooky from the Hook Norton brewery in Oxfordshire just happens to be one of the finest English ales available in our fair land.

Coney Island

Mr Ecks said...

As far as I know Hooky's only "crime" has been shooting his gob off. What he says is wicked and moronic--but it is still free speech. You remember that?. While you are all here blowing hard with triumph over this idiots downfall remember that it sets a precident that the scum of the state won't hesitate to use against YOU.

cuffleyburgers said...

@ Mr Ecks - that's not the case. Incitement to commit murder is quite rightly an offence as is organising terrorist training camps.

G. Tingey said...

Tell that to the couple cruelly extradited to the USA for a fake "fraud" trail - currently in hospital, I think?