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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Correction: We support 'three sheets' Juncker for EU President

This blog may have given the impression that we were opposed to the appointment of His Waltness Herr Juncker as EU President, and Der Spiegel may have given the impression of supporting it. In fact, the opposite positions apply. We fully support Herr Juncker's candidacy, and Der Spiegel is signalling a change of position. Andrew Rawnsley also advises Observer readers why they should oppose Herr Juncker.

Revelations that Juncker is not only a failed corrupt politician kicked out of office in Luxembourg (which by all standards has a low bar for political probity) but that he's a drunk who can't control his expletive-filled ranting must make him a perfect candidate. His outdated world view, stuck somewhere in a 1980s kellerbar and utterly irrelevant to the problems that Europe faces today, only enhances his qualities for the job. His past history of corruption in Luxembourg will ensure he leads the Commission to new heights of crooked peculation, fraud and theft and will ensure that EU accounts remain unsigned until well into the 2020s. The man is perfect. 

Nigel needs to time his one-minute group leaders' speech for after lunch, with Juncker in the chamber having dined well. The video will surpass anything from the EP so far.


cosmic said...

Much ado about nothing, I'd say.

No one is going to be put in that position who isn't a fully signed-up federalist and the idea that they would have any truck with Cameron's renegotiation line, breaking the Acquis Communautaire, is silly.

The notion that they are going to do anything other than their predecessors have done and push for further integration is also silly. There might be some who are a bit less inclined to sound off about it.

It's an influential position but it's hardly that of dictator, so the president will have a lot of sway when he wants things which further integration and none if he opposes it.

I suspect that the process will arrive at another safe pair of hands and no one too mouthy.

I really can't see why Cameron has made himself so prominent in this. I assume he's putting up a show for home consumption, to convince us that he's fighting for change in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Agree on Juncker Raelwald, a zealot with a drink problem couldn't be more perfect.

The EU is a solution based project, or so we are told. The Express's Leo McKinstry (writing about D-Day on Friday) explains:

'They have decided that the central cause of that blood-soaked conflict was the existence of the nation state, which supposedly fuelled xenophobia and racism. So the answer is to obliterate independent countries and crush national identities through the creation of a united European federation.

It is an attitude that is summed up in the quotation at the front of the visitors’ centre to the European Parliament which reads: “National sovereignty is the root cause of most of the evils of our times. The only final remedy for this supreme and catastrophic evil is the federal union of the people” – words that were written by Lord Lothian, a fanatical appeaser of Hitler and Foreign Office diplomat in the 1930s.'

Thanks to Dr Richard North and Christopher Booker we know the 'project' was largely funded by the CIA from 1948 to 1960.

Of course the real reason for the EU is it's a prototype.


Ian Hills said...

"Anonymous" has reminded me that Valery Giscard was something in the Vichy administration. Pity his online record seems to have been filleted....anyone got any details?

Anonymous said...

Have we forgotten who we were fighting in 44?

Then, France, Nazi poodles during the war and the same post war and who ever said the Nazis went away?

The German elite, Hitler supporters kept their land and titles and German big industry - the same old 'faces' under different names.

EU, and the thousand year Reich.

G. Tingey said...

Utter, total lying bollocks.
Ever been to Germany?
Got any German friends?
Now fuck off into your fantasies.

Sorry, this sort of crap really annoys me ......

Raedwald said...

I watched a half-decent 2011 Franco-German flim on Youtube yesterday; Look out for the Federal Europe references made even during the occupation. Based on Heinrich Boell, Ernst Juenger and Pierre-Louis Basse so not Spielberg fantasy crap; worth a punt if you have time

Bloke In Italy said...

The reason Cameron opposes Juncker is obvious - because it will make it easier to keep down the Sceptics as Junker will be such an obnoxious bastard.

I'm rooting for the drink sodden luxemburger.

G. Tingey said...

Juncker is already an obnoxious bastard, isn't he?