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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Euphile Hermans in a strop

If this latest editorial in Der Spiegel is representative, Euphile Hermans (by no means all of them) are well and truly miffed at the UK:-
"For years Britain has blackmailed and made a fool out of the EU. The United Kingdom must finally make a choice: It can play by the rules or it can leave the European Union....The time has now come for a clarification. And it's even possible the European Union will have to decide what is most important: a more democratic Europe or having Britain remain a member. This clarification must come now - with the appointment of the future European Commission president. It's a decision which cannot wait until 2017, the year by which David Cameron has said he will hold a referendum on Britain's EU membership.The EU cannot allow itself to be blackmailed by the British for another three years and refuse to give the people of Europe what was assured to them before the election -- that they could use their vote to determine the next president of the European Commission. If the EU doesn't fulfil that promise, it will lose all credibility and acceptance."
Oooowww! There's nothing as irrational as a Herman in a strop; a 'more democratic Europe' for goodness sake. I suppose they mean the old German tradition of one man one vote one reich - and that man to be His Waltness Herr Juncker.   

Excellent! We're clearly doing something right. 


Anonymous said...

I'll really begin to worry when our northern cousins begin to spout on about "Lebensraum"........

But then again, lets muse.

Who actually won the war? I must say, one thing we know for certain........ it wasn't Britain. Despite heavy allied bombing, German heavy industry is intact, Germany still makes things, Germany is still a powerhouse economy, Germany is building 20+ coal fired power stations to maintain its industrial hegemony, Germany doesn't give two fucks about EU rules but it wants Britain to abide by every dotted i and crossed T.

Though, when one has pause to reflect, on this 'happy circumstance', of being lectured by a numpty who patently has not the first notional idea in relation to of concept and the facilitation of the democratic process.

Then to consider, no matter how it came about, whether by fair means or foul [buying out British industries]. Herman, Otto, Klaus and Verner... eventually did it - fucking hell, by playing the long game and using artifice and subtle means.

G. Tingey said...

Correct comments, wrong country.
If you had said FRANCE ... I would agree with every word you say.
But, there are growing (though still fain by comparison with here) voices, wondering if this EU thing is all it was put up to be.
A LOT of Germans are still unhappy about abandoning Der D-Mark & rightly so.

cosmic said...

Sounds as if Der Spiegel has about as much of a clue about things EU as the Daily Telegraph, which appears to inhabit a parallel universe.

Sackerson said...

"It's even possible the European Union will have to decide what is most important: a more democratic Europe or having Britain remain a member."

That "more" seems out of place. It seems to me that our speakers in the EU Parliament make it more nearly democratic, by holding up the Power to harsh scrutiny. Farage does them a favour they seem incapable of appreciating.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Scrutiny, yes; but can they actually DO anything or CHANGE anything.

Unless I have misunderstood, they cannot: only the Commission can introduce legislation, and the parliament can only delay it, not refuse to pass it.

Democratic? No, and deliberately by design no. Read the early writings of the EU founders and this becomes clear; it is a considered and intended strategy that the people have no say and that the unelected elites make all the decisions, which cannot be challanged.

It seems nobody cares much, but despair is a sin.

Anonymous said...

Weekend Yachtsman is absolutely right, and from the outset the intention was to deceive the public:

"Europe's nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps [treaties] each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation." - Jean Monnet, founder of the EU.

If the EU had been democratic it would probably have abolished itself by now.


Bloke In Italy said...

It's always alarming when they adopt this "we wuz stabbed in the back" tone... anybody with holiday homes in Northern France would be well advised to sell up now and move to somewhere safe like Eastern Ukraine...