Friday, 27 June 2014

Herr Juncker's deep humility

Now that Herr Juncker has secured the support of 26 of 28 EU leaders - and let us remember that's 93%, almost equalling the support of the people of Syria for President Assad in their own recent elections - we are gratified by this most shy and retiring man's deep humility and lack of hubris on the road to victory;
How wonderful to have a man so unconcerned with his own career and so committed to democracy in Europe as our new President!


private Hudson said...

That settles it for me.
How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?

nonoftheabove said...

I was firmly in the camp that juncker was a foil and the eu was going to change horses at the last minute leaving cameron polishing his ego in front of the British electorate.
Now it is difficult to see why cameron put so much political capital into this matter.
I've never had any time for the man, but what the hell was he thinking of?
He now may, if he's serious about
changing our relationship with the eu, have to invoke Article 50.
But of course he's not serious. In fact he's painted himself into a corner from which he may find difficulty in extricating himself.

Anonymous said...

tis umblin me lud, trooly umblin.

we lucky few.....

mikebravo said...

Excellent news.
Hopefully he will be on the beeb, daily setting out his plans for our lives. I suspect not.
No doubt the meeja will go quiet now and let Cameron off from his self inflicted, humiliating defeat.
Don't want to alert the proles!

Anonymous said...

" our new President."

Does this guy replace van-rompuy?

Raedwald said...
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Sceptical Steve said...

Nope. He's been elected as the new President of the European Commission, i.e. he replaces Barroso, a former Portugese PM.

However, I'm still buggered if I can understand who actually calls the shots within the Brussels political labyrinth.

All I know is it's completely beyond our democratic control, and Cameron finally seems he realise how much of our precious Influence we've given away.

Raedwald said...
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G. Tingey said...

Why am I irresistably reminded of Mr Pecksniff?