Sunday, 1 June 2014

Ruritanian Walt Juncker good for UKIP

Juncker wearing his Tuesday medals
Ruritanian Walt Jean-Claude Juncker, whose love for collecting medals and decorations from the obscure backwaters of Europe would leave him looking like a Christmas tree if he wore them all at once, has won Merkel's conditional support to be our next President. Juncker is also a Hon-whore, with a love for honorary degrees from Euro academic businesses universities in gratitude for the millions of taxpayers' money the EU dishes out to them.  

Thus it is surely fitting that our sovereign should curtsy to him in recognition of his superior status when next she seeks an audience of him. And when she adds to his Walt collection with, say, a Knight Grand Cross of the Bath. The Universities of Luton, Steeple Bumstead and Llandrindod Wells will surely also honour him with honorary doctorates, and no doubt Slough will award him freedom of the borough. 

While Federasts will be delighted at Juncker's play to become our next President - he is all for abolishing us altogether and relegating us to a Satrap of his new Euro Empire - this may be a gift for UKIP and other Eurosceptic parties. Nothing is as warranted to irritate the British people as much as some Walt upstart with delusions of grandeur trying to lord it over us. Der Spiegel reports that Cameron has warned Merkel that Juncker's appointment would infuriate Britain to the point where he may have to bring a referendum forward (Cameron is holding a referendum? Oh, it's just a promise.)

Still, even if Juncker fails to secure his prize it won't be from lack of lobbying. For which he deserves another medal. 

Post Script
It seems some Middle Eastern fellow called Blair has also thrown his hat into the ring for the job. He's got no chance against Juncker - Blair only has one medal, an American thing. And just to cheer your Sunday, here's vintage William Hague;


Anonymous said...

Democracy? That's not funny. Who TF needs elections?

'They', who work the political puppets and thus to, 'guide' the people.
Gang of four, run the lives of 470 million people - may God protect us.

ON Juncker.

Yes, I am of a similar opinion, Juncker installed as the 'Dear Leader' - it would be a slam dunk to UKIP.
If the council of ministers + EU Kommissariat, were to allot the arch federast Juncker the job.
Indeed, I think Juncker is worse than the fat one - Barroso - is it possible?

'Medallion man' Juncker, will get the job because, the Germans say it will be thus.

EU installed man - he has all the right credentials...........

Juncker, will know of, indeed probably knows this bloke personally and corruption oozes in the den of No 10, how much power does this man have?

Indeed, his distaste for media scrutiny was most evident during the phone-hacking scandal, when he is said to have been the man responsible for persuading David Cameron to appoint Lord Justice Leveson to investigate the newspaper industry.

He saw that the inquiry was granted judicial status, giving Leveson a staggering degree of power to compel witnesses to give evidence — something which, tellingly, was not available to Chilcot.

Wheels within wheels and how the banking world, political Berks and their puppeteers are performing their own danse macabre at the EU/Westminster Theatreland.
And all we can do is to watch in appalled fascination, as chained to our seats observing how the levers of power are yanked hither and thither - we are powerless to bring any influence and yet we pay, oh yes do we pay!

Anonymous said...

This bloke sounds like someone that should have his hands kept off of the levers of power...

When is election day, I am definitely going to vote to make sure he doesn't wi....


.... oh.

Jeff Wood said...

I had forgotten that, once, Willie Hague could be good value.

I live abroad, now. Was that a Milliband on the opposite benches, enjoying the joke?