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Friday, 6 June 2014

Secret justice

No doubt the government's lawyers have reviewed with sighs of longing the system of secret justice as practised in Stalin's Russia; not only were the trials held in secret, with press and public excluded and all reporting banned, but the defendant wasn't even told that they were being tried. The first they heard of it was when they were being dragged off to execution or the gulag.

Our government's lawyers have had to be content with merely holding the trial in secret, or trying to do so. Fair-dos to the MSM on this one - it it wasn't for a legal appeal launched by three national newspapers (but not the BBC you note; our national news organisation must, I conclude, be all in favour of secret trials) I would not even be able to write about the proposals for a secret trial.

Again, I can add nothing to Simon Jenkins' piece in the Guardian this morning. Either Mr Jenkins or Helena Kennedy would make a truly excellent new Chairman for the BBC but neither will even have a sniff of a chance; the sinecure will go to some compliant dummy happy to preside over corporate decline in exchange for a peerage, long lunches and luxury travel.


APL said...

"I can add nothing to Simon Jenkins' piece in the Guardian this morning."

Yes, good piece.

Would I be wrong to note the Jenkins piece mentioning Blair's residence is not utterly irrelevant to the case?

Reputedly the man has an income of £20,000,000 pa, one might hope we are billing him for his security detail?

Anonymous said...

"Again, I can add nothing to Simon Jenkins' piece in the Guardian this morning."

Literally you can't, (in The Guardian), as "Comments are off for legal reasons".

Woodsy42 said...

Secret justice is an oxymoron. If it's not open and transparent it cannot be shown to be justice.

Anonymous said...

Check this site

says it all.

john miller said...

OT and I apologise, but it may be the sort of thing you'll be writing about tomorrow.

Leaving aside the irony of the D-Day veterans being patronised by politicians who are achieving far more than Hitler did, I was struck by the conceit, hubris, pride and vanity of the whole motley crew.

Yes, we will say you are heros and pay (strictly) verbal homage to you, but we are superior beings.

90 years old you may be, but you can sit in the blazing sun awaiting our presence, wait for us while we eat all the things that are bad for you, under lights you may not use, until the cameras are ready for us and the make up artists have made us beautiful. Then, like the royalty we despise, we will descend to your level and ply the pretty words our best speechwriters have penned, then contemptuously trun our backs, knowing you and all your dead fellows in arms have failed.

anon 2 said...

Well said, Mr. Miller.
That's the way it is; and thanks for starting the battle against them.

Now - well, we neither can, nor would, fight them on their own terms. But fight them we must. We can continue to show our contempt in every possible scenario...