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Monday, 16 June 2014

Tony's 'to-visit' list

There's also a cryptic entry for 'Catarrh' 'Sepp' and 'Bung' that we can't decipher ..


Anonymous said...

Jaw, Jaw, Jaw. War, War, War!

So said, the Middle East PEACE envoy.

Rush_is-Right said...

Sharm El Sheikh SECOND home? Surely you mean 7th or 8th?

Ian Hills said...

Tony will always be welcome at BP, and at all the other oil firms that have benefitted from the de-nationalisation of Iraqi oil assets.

I wonder who will benefit when Iranian oil is finally liberated from those nationalising mullahs?

Anonymous said...

I told you several weeks ago he is schizoid, Raedwald. Not funny schizoid, mad schizoid.

A few years ago his personality was profiled by experts, and that was their conclusion - can't find the link, sadly.

But still Dan Hodges tries to excuse this nutter over at the Telegraph.


G. Tingey said...

I would like to start an internet meme, regarding the loopy utterances of War Criminal Blair.
He has plainly lost his marbles, & needs sectioning, rather than going to Den Haag.

Blair 4 Broadmoor!

Pass it on.