Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Cameron gambles that his tent will stay dry until 2015

By putting Michael Gove and Owen Paterson, both men who would make a better fist at running the Party than Dave, firmly outside the tent he risks being wetted by a dual stream. But with the election so close, and the loyalty of both men to the party, he can be pretty sure that his tent will stay dry until 2015.

After that, if he loses the election he's toast anyway and if he wins it he won't care. 


Anonymous said...

It's uncanny Raedwald...

How did he manage to remove the only remaining conservatives from the cabinet? (rhetoric)

Mike Spilligan said...

It's Cameron and his chumocracy first, first and first, with the party third and the nation a long way behind. (By "the nation" I mean the UK, not Clegg's definition of a nation called the USE.)

Weekend Yachtsman said...

What I said yesterday.

Plus, moving Gove is a total and utter disaster - it tells the Teacher Unions and the satraps of the Left generally that the reforms will not be pursued with any vigour. In fact, they will probably soon be kicked into the long grass, and thus another generation of less able and less wealthy children will be condemned to the horrors of the bog-standard comp, and will come out knowing nothing and respecting nobody.

David Cameron: idiot.

Bill Quango MP said...

Both poll badly. Gove is actually a liability according to political betting. Private polls show that Gove is a vote loser.

I checked this out today, dropping off Quango junior. Not a good word for Gove amongst the teachers or parents I spoke to.

I think he was brilliant. But I am in the minority it seems.
we get what we vote for..

Sceptical Steve said...

Weekend Yachtsman, I agree instinctively with your sentiments. and I'm no fan of Cameron. However, Gove and Paterson had become such hate figures for the liberal media (led by the BBC) that their demotions are probably good politically.
Add in the fact that their successors won't have a chance to undo anything before the election, and I'm inclined to think that Cameron has shown effective managmeent of what could have become a difficult situation.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Not a good word for Gove amongst the teachers"

Exactly: proves he was doing his job.

The next one, no doubt, will be more compliant. Local Education Authorities everywhere will be rejoicing, dusting off those plans to return all the academies and semi-free schools to their own stultifying grip.

Bill Quango MP said...

Weekend Yachtsman

Agree re the teachers. Does prove he was doing a good job.

But among the parents? And this, in a white, middle class, well rated primary school. Not a single mum who knew who he was, thought he was doing any good.

And, I should add, these kids move from an 'outstanding' ofstead rated primary to a 'good' rated 'junior' school to a 'needs improvement' rated secondary.

These are mostly the same kids! Only the teachers are different!

yet the parents don't support Gove and his attempts to end the poor teaching.

So, he had to go, I suppose. no point fighting it.

G. Tingey said...

AM I correct in supposing that the new "Health" minister supports/believes in homeopathy?
If so, he is automatically professionally incompetent at day zero ......

Raedwald said...

Oh I don't know Greg; suppose he tells PwC that he's reducing their consultancy fees from £400m pa to a pound, on the basis that it's not the *quantity* of money they're paid that's important, but that the pound coin is touched by as many PwC executives as possible ...

Brightside Bob said...

What's the old saying? "Politics is showbusiness for ugly people"

Camoron is merely removing the "ugly" people so as to reflect the vacuous times we live in. Result: "Politics is (indeed) showbusiness"

Anonymous said...

These are mostly the same kids! Only the teachers are different!

yet the parents don't support Gove and his attempts to end the poor teaching.

So, he had to go, I suppose. no point fighting it."

No point fighting it?

That's precisely why Gove was the champion of right thinking people and also those who want their kids to get on in the world - we had a great, perhaps the greatest education system until 1944 and then later Tony Crosland with able help from the Tories - dismantled it.

Good grief - the last person to leave [Britain] please turn out the lights..........oh they are doing - turning off the light bulbs in our kids brains. And via the green madness....WTF!!

John M said...

But you've got to hand it to the incoming women, they know how to wear a nice suit.

This is unbelievable tokenism. If they could do the job, they should have been put in years ago.

G. Tingey said...

John M
Unfortunately, that is not the case.
Would that it were so, actually.
Ditto the prejudice against beards on men, actually ......