Sunday, 13 July 2014

Cameron's stupidity helped rise of ISIS

Cameron's stupidity in backing the wrong horse in Syria undoubtedly assisted the rise of ISIS and the loss of northern Iraq to barbarism and primitivism. So one must conclude from the progression of inane and self-destructive policy decisions taken or supported by the UK; As Patrick Cockburn writes in the Indie today
By insisting that peace negotiations must be about the departure of Assad from power, something that was never going to happen since Assad held most of the cities in the country and his troops were advancing, the US and Britain made sure the war would continue.The chief beneficiary is Isis which over the last two weeks has been mopping up the last opposition to its rule in eastern Syria.
We must also face the reality that Putin's Russia and her practical support of Assad has been all that's saved us so far from a despotic Sunni / Wahabbi armed mob at the door of Europe. Turkey's having kept the border with Syria open has allowed in not only the hundreds of volunteer Brit jihadis but arms, money and supplies vital to the brutal advance of ISIS in the Sunni crescent. And now Turkey's own stability is threatened; if the country falls to Sunni radicals, the barbarians will be once again at the gates of Europe. 

Merkel of course is closer to the threat both geographically and in terms of folk memory. In southern Austria the Herrgottswinkel, the room corner with tiny windows and a stout door in which hangs the crucifix, was the last place the family would huddle in defence before being put to death by the Turkish invaders. That Merkel looks to Russia as a potential defender of Europe as well as to NATO is both pragmatic and a condemnation of the lunacy of Cameron's close links with Saudi Arabia, source of much of the ISIS threat.

I don't believe, as some suggest, that Cameron acts deliberately against the interests of the UK; I think he is both a loyal British subject and that he wants the best for Britain. Unfortunately, he is just not terribly bright, nor has he any meaningful understanding of his country's history. Were it otherwise, he would never have allowed us to back so many wrong horses in these races. He would make a half decent ambassador for some capital heavy on tradition and protocol, but a Prime Minister? God help us. 


Mike Spilligan said...

Once again you're 100% correct, but it's not just Cameron, there are scores (?) of advisers behind him and 95% of the parliamentary Tory party believe every word he says - so they're all as dangerous as he is.
Today we have Hague making threats on the Hamas / Israel flare-up without any means of supporting those threats - and moreover we know that he (meaning the UK) hasn't got a "foreign policy" anyway.

Span Ows said...

Yes I agree to and concur with Mike above: not just Cameron, not just Hague...most of 'the West'; from this it seems there must have been an ulterior motive and I suspect that the rise of ISIS (or similar as the strongest of a bad bunch) was that motive...a new bogey man, Al Qaeda has lost its gloss, people were losing interest, focus was lost: now we have the big new more dangerous 'closer to home' ISIS...oooooooh.

Anonymous said...

That crazed notion of "ethical foreign policy" [what a joke] and intervention/regime change - who the fuck did Blair think he was?

Oh yeah, the messiah.

Childlike -Cameron worships the ground Bliar walks on. FFS Cameron, he thought he was doing great things in Libya, and when he was swept away in Egypt - hailing the "Arab Spring" - parody died a death.

Cameron, just hasn't got an inkling, let alone a clue about much but on history and geopolitics - you'd hear more reason and sense coming from Krusty the Clown's lips.

And as far as ignorance and realpolitik, the rest of them [the Westminster] bubble are not far behind Cameron.
It doesn't help either, that, the FCO is stuffed full of Arabist apologists, Islamo-advocates and Common Purpose dullards.
The FCO, whose raison d'etre is paying obeisance to the Kommissars in braindead central HQ - Brussels.

All of that, explains much but also it helps Britain and the British, not at all.

Merkel plays the mittelfrau - just about everything she thinks is to do with Germany, Germany, Deutschland - then in order; Russia, the EU and last of all - Britain.

Fuck off Dave - please.

G. Tingey said...

Indeed, one is beginning to wonder if Cameron is close behind Anthony Eden as the worst PM since Lord North (even including the christian murderer & war criminal Blair )
Everything he touches turns to shit, it seems.

DeeDee99 said...

It isn't just Cameron: he's just the frontman for a group of people who quite simply don't have the UK's interests at heart.

And then there's the FCO - senior Mandarins have been either deliberate Quislings or badly mistaken for 50+ years.

The British Establishment suffers from Group Think because its members have almost identical backgrounds. When the Group is wrong, there is no-one willing or able to challenge it.

Anonymous said...

Aye, I never understood the logic of attacking Assad, who was clearly a bad man but not as bad nor as dangerous as the violent jihadis such as ISIS.

I've got to ask the question though, just what is the F.O. for? It isn't to stand up for nor advance British interests, apart for the few trade shows here and there.

Sniper said...

I agree with you except on the following point:

Cameron cannot be a British Subject, he is a Citizen of the European Union - a status he has announced he enjoys and will defend. Whereas,I personally do not wish to be an EU Citizen; it is an "honour" I neither sought nor welcome.

Brightside Bob said...

Greg, shurley the worst ever PM was the "One eyed Scottish idiot".

G. Tingey said...

Brightside Bob
Broon kept us OUT of the Euro - for which one might forgive him a lot ....

Ian Hills said...

Saudi Arabia = BP's interests = UK foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

If Saudi Arabia does indeed fall to ISIS which could be a spectacular backfire what then?
And the scariest of all, nuclear armed Pakistan.
What a disaster, what an incompetent example of naive foreign policy.
There are enough Islamic fanatics in these nations to at the very least cause major instability across the Islamic world.
At the very worst to create a block of nations an aggressive Caliphate to the Southern borders of Europe.
And an historic parallel to Rome and the Vandals they are already here as well.


Visc said...

I cannot agree that it is down to Dave being dumb, he is as are the Tory pary as a whole.

repeated behaviour against the intersts of this country from a Dave and his coterie of PPE's who inhabit our ruling class indicte that the ruling class of this country have have shown themselves to be traitors. Unfortunatel no exceptions since 'around '73.