Sunday, 20 July 2014

Salmond's Whisky, tartan trews and 'adult' TV spree

Like a lighthouse keeper in a brothel, Alec Salmond has been unable to restrain himself. facts have emerged about his splurging tens of thousands of tax funds on luxury hotels, fripperies and 'subsistence' (nudge, nudge) including charging a pair of tartan trews at £250 to the taxpayer. None of this will be surprising; there are few politicians who can resist stealing from the public pot when in power - the heady combination of narcissism and public office convinces many of them that they are no longer liable to normal rules. Salmond's truly vulgar tastes - lots of gilt and marble baths - extend to just about every kitsch overblown international hotel at which he could find an excuse to stay. But apart from laughing at the audacity, pretentiousness and sheer vulgar greed of the wee man, the story has a deadly serious side. 

Salmond, like Gorbals Mick, is not a Scotsman who wants his fellow countrymen to know how deeply he has thrust his snout into the trough; he managed to hold off FOI enquiries on the basis that telling the public how much of their taxes he had stolen would 'compromise his security'. Damn right it will - possibly right to the doors of Barlinnie Jail. In this he has secured the support of his top placemen at Police Scotland - the national police force he set up. And this is exactly the sort of centralised police corruption we warned so strongly against when Salmond abolished the local and accountable constabularies. That its failure should come so soon and in an attempt to hide the wee man's own corruption is telling. Or perhaps the police bosses have something to hide themselves?


Demetrius said...

Remind me, which bank did Alec work for and continue helping? Oh, and another thing, which major subsidiary private bank used by Royals and celeb's has its major offshore base in the Cayman Islands with its famed secret Trust laws etc?

G. Tingey said...

Can we look forward to a steady drip-feed of this stuff, leading up to about a week before the final Scottish vote?
That should shaft the little creep.

Jeff Wood said...

A long time ago, when it seemed the UK was beyond useful reform (perhaps it still is) I was a youthful Scottish nationalist.

As the time came for the referendum to set up the wee "Perlament" I was able to take a good look at those who presumed to run Scotland.

I knew some of them personally; not Eck, but some acquaintances did know him.

I never even voted in the referendum, and haven't been surprised since.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I had the dubious pleasure of encountering Salmond through work. I thought him a Clever schemer who just oozes unprincipled ambition. The authoritarian is not far beneath the surface either. A dangerous fellow. I fear he dreams of having motorcycle outriders.

G. Tingey said...

Yes police ones, around the prison van.
( We should be so lucky )