Monday, 14 July 2014

The Great Squanderland Roof

God only knows how this got past the editorial defences of the BBC;
"Jude lives in a henhouse with no roof, in the bankrupt Republic of Squanderland. Purchased for ten million euro at the height of the credit bubble, his henhouse has been rated the asset in Europe most likely to default. To solve this small but symbolic problem and restore confidence in the markets, Europe's leaders need a plan. Sadly, putting a roof on Jude's henhouse quickly escalates out of control. Soon they are committed to building a roof over the entire country, half a mile above the startled voters... But what happens when a structure that's too big to fail finally fails? To the horror of Europe's bankers and politicians, Jude comes up with a dramatic (and rather romantic) solution to the Eurozone crisis..."
It really is the most tremendous fun and leaves no Eurocrat unsatirised ... Do listen to the Podcast if and when it is linked


haddock said...

as you say, great fun.. but entirely unbelievable..
I mean, a BBC employee on a bike and not the helicopter ( at 6:40min )

Anonymous said...

Hilarious or it would be if it wasn't accurate.