Wednesday, 9 July 2014

We've lost our way over child protection

The paedo has evolved. A decade or more ago the archetype was the scoutmaster, vicar or choirmaster - men whose professions or vocations brought them into the necessary contact with kids. Then there was the rise of the 'nonce' - sad, inadequate individuals, unemployed or in low-skill service jobs, dirty and opportunistic in their pursuit of children. Now we have the Paedo as a powerful and famous person, reliant on position and influence to provide immunity. 

And as far as children are concerned, there is no response too excessive to be considered rational; sending teams of trained anus-inspectors from the mainland to the Orkneys in the wake of a satanic ritual abuse claim to examine the bottoms of every child on the islands, the mass-seizure of all children suspected of having an 'abusive' family member, a whole generation of kids prohibited from playing outdoors for fear of the kiddie-fiddlers, pensioners arrested for watching children play in a school playground. And now under the proposed new law if you see a mother slap her kid on the bus, you'd better report it - or face prosecution yourself. As far more informed and capable commentators such as Anna Raccoon and Christopher Booker have documented, we haven't moved on that far from Salem and the 17th century. 

Look at any local government budget for the current year. The old services that used to dominate expenditure - refuse, street maintenance, parks, libraries, swimming pools, planning - are dwarfed by the money spent on 'children's services', a sector growing so fast and so voraciously that before long councils will do little else. Construction contractors now need to have every labourer and plant operator CRB checked if they're working anywhere near children. Many under-12s now have the same sort of close protection as a 70s Supergrass. And still the little buggers are being fiddled with.

Personally, I believe Hell has a malbolge of an unimaginable nastiness reserved for kiddie-fiddlers, and Christ's advice to Paedos - tie a rock around your neck and throw yourself into a lake - is their only redemption. But it's not an answer for a secular age. I don't know what the answer is, I really don't - but I know we've lost our way.


Anonymous said...

But Heaven help anyone who suggests interfering with the sacred right to access porn.

DeeDee99 said...

Perhaps severe punishment for paedophiles would deter them: castration.

Anonymous said...

Leadership comes from the top, there's a clue in any leaders' title. The fact that our MPs are about to be exposed and our heralded figures on TV have been exposed, tells us that out leadership has been corrupt for many decades; what with the links from NCCL to PIE and the BBC claiming to "know nothing" and now we have dossiers missing that could have seen a lot of senior people in jail. Missing? "Yeah right" says the nation!

Many years ago (and I had almost forgotten this story) I was a service engineer in the printing industry. I worked the north west. I was called to an establishment on Cheetham Hill in Manchester to fix a jammed printer. This establishment was a pervs palace with every sort of distorted sex device you could imagine - and some you can't. This place had the ability to get every sort of porn you could imagine, and some you just don't want to imagine.

Upon removing the jammed paper, I found it was a mailing list for this establishments' customers. Lord so and so. Justice so and so. etc. etc. And the list went on with a lot of the famous names of that decade - the 80s! What a pity I didn't keep it!

Coney Island

Mr Ecks said...

The answer?--use reason and see thro' the bullshit. The number of kiddie-fiddlers is small--always has been and always will be.

What we have is Radical Feminist scum making a grab for oppressive political power (to use against men AND women who like men-or at least don't hate them) by creating endless bullshit panics about kiddie-fiddling.The US childrens home caper/The US/UK Satanic panic. And now their masterpiece--the Saville bullshit--the radical feminists 9/11.

The response of society in general (including commentators on this blog) is not helpful. Instead of foaming at the mouth about what tortures fiddlers should be put thro--use your reason to ask if what media-liars (and the radfems behind the scenes feeding the media the bullshit) are talking about is something that is really happening or are they creating a world of false illusions. Illusions that will help said radfems accuire the political power they seek. The power to harm men on a large scale.
Go look at Anna Racoons blog. Go look at the "Death of The Life of Jimmy Saville" blog by Moor Larkin. All the "charges" against Saville and the other Yewtree victims (all the charges that have any details given) are taken apart piece by piece and shown to be false.

All men and women of goodwill out there had better stop emoting and start thinking. Stop allowing the radfems and media-hacks to play you for their own rotten purposes.

Otherwise there will be dire consequences. From our point of view that is--the Radical Marxist Feminists will be overjoyed.

Wildgoose said...

My wife works as a Special Needs teacher for nursery and reception class children. Their service has been absolutely cut to the bone, but apparently they aren't a statutory provision that the Council is forced to make. Madness of course - it really is a case of a "stitch in time" with many of these kids. As far as I can make out the local government budgets are being spent on "Chiefs", not "Indians" - most of the management do very little apart from have endless meetings whilst earning huge pay packets.

And Mr Ecks is certainly right about the "Radical Feminist" agenda. They hate men and will use anything as a stick to beat us with. And so we now have the tragedy of a dearth of male role models teaching in infant and primary schools to young boys growing up in single parent families with no stable reliable male figure around. We also have tragedies such as the little girl near by to here who drowned in a pond after wandering out of her nursery. She was seen by several adults, none of whom dared approach her for fear of being accused of abducting her.

The Radical Feminists want to destroy trust in society - and they're succeeding because the Establishment won't stand up to them.

FrankS said...

Lost our way quite a while ago - at the time of the "Stranger Danger" nonsense of the 1980s, I'd say.
The idea that every adult is a potential "paedo" to be treated with suspicion has done more harm to children in total than the rare predations of actual abusers.
It has completely undermined the normal relationship between adults and children, and destroyed a major layer of protection for children.
Criminalising all adults has done nothing to protect children, and has sowed fear and suspicion where there should be trust.

Anonymous said...

DeeDee99: "Perhaps severe punishment for paedophiles would deter them: castration."


Anonymous said...

Just in case from my previous post it isn't apparent. Women are quite happy to involve themselves in procuring or perpetrating child sexual abuse. The group in that mirror article - three of the women in that group had not even met Colin Blanchard.

john miller said...

The law of unintended consequenses means that in a few years' time we will have feral adults.

Children going through school for the last ten years have been convinced that all adults are bad. They want nothing more than to do vile naughty things to them. The children have been taught in secure fortresses to ensure no adults can gain access to them. Accuse an adult of something and their life is ruined.

Children cannot be physically reprimanded, nor can they be shouted at.

The end result is 15 year olds who are genuinely contemptuous of adults and will only respond to violence by fellow sub-humans. Anyone else they know they can intimidate or abuse.

I'm glad I'm not 30 years old, looking forward to a Clockwork Orange old age.

Meanwhile, the State protects itself as usual:

Ed P said...

You left out probably the biggest group from years ago - teachers, especially PE teachers. It was well known by pupils in the 60s & 70s that fiddling or worse happened, but as the headteachers definitely knew about it and did nothing, the prevailing view amongst us was, "watch out, you're on your own and will not get help from anyone"

nanoc said...

Where are all the rumours about Ted Heath if we are geting all nostalgic for 70's kiddy fiddlers?

He enjoyed underage boys on his yacht whilst PM before they were quietly dropped overboard to swim the long way back to shore with complicity from the seceurty services.

Incedentally before some rating bollocks is spewed about radical feminism and it's all a plot. The allegations were published in his lifetime and he never denied them or challenged them in court.

G. Tingey said...

Mr Ecks
The number of kiddie-fiddlers is small--always has been and always will be.
Entirely Correct, spot on.
However, you fuck it up completely with your very next sentence: What we have is Radical Feminist scum making a grab for oppressive political power (to use against men AND women who like men-or at least don't hate them) Utter fucking bollocks.
Yes, there are insane panics – perhaps it would be well to remember that the Orkney scam was a deliberate attempt by a male (or males) of one christian sect to completely blacken members of a rival sect - & that “the authorities” were stupid enough to fall for it?
WIldgoose – you need your head examined as well
If you two are THAT FRIGHTENED OF WOMEN … then go & convert to islam & be done with it (!)

John Miller
We’re already there
One reason I gave up teaching …..

Anonymous said...

@ Greg Tingey

Yep, that's what I thought - but you seem to have expressed it better than me! :)

Coney Island

Mr Ecks said...

Tingey--Don't be a bigger idiot than you can help.

Atheistic nut that you are of course you foam at the mouth about the activities of the Jesus jumpers but ignore the activities of radfem social workers in both the McMartin childrens home capers and the following satanic panic.

And as for this SRA in this country go and google radfem hag Beatrix Campbell and "Shieldfield"--a femmist loon who is still trying to peddle the satanic panic long after even the Evangelicals have given it up. Obviously she appears regularly in the Guardian because they cater all the time to right-wing Christian fanatics. You might also check out the female leadership of the NSPCC--who contain a whole slew of radfems--believers in the Patriarch, that women are only heterosexual because they have been brainwashed by men, etc--the whole 9 yards of Marxist shite.
Find out what you are talking about before you come shooting your gob off. And as for fear of women--they have no power outside of the legion of white-knighting mangina cretins like you. Dimwits like you who don't look beyond the end of their nose--or their dick--are the real danger.

G. Tingey said...

I assume you would have joined the ranks of men trying to prevent women becoming airline pilots, then, back in the 50's?
Even though the role of the female "ferry pilots" was well-known?
Of course there are vile women as there are vile men.
But to denigrate HALF THE HUMAN RACE, simply because they are female will not do.

Mr Ecks said...

Do you understand the difference between some women and all women?. I am dead against radical feminist Marxist hags--who have lied and tricked and media managed their way to a situation where any man can now be accused and jailed on the basis of absolutely unsupported allegations of sex abuse decades ago--literally no evidence required beyond the accusation itself.

What you are talking about is equality feminism--that women should receive equal treatment. When did I complain about that?. Radical Feminism is a division of the rot of Marxism--and aims to disempower and destroy men and poison relationships between the sexes. Get it clear--I have no problem with ordinary women--but evil, scheming, lying female Marxists--yes I have a big problem with them. For that matter the radfems have a problem with the kind of women you are talking about--the only group they hate nearly as much as men is normal women who like men.

G. Tingey said...

I have yet to meet a "radical feminist Marxist hag"
Your portrayal of such is horribly reminiscent of the vicious & false smear campaign mounted against the suffragettes, 100 years ago.