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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A win for Sir Cliff could be a win for us all

There is frankly something repugnant about the way in which the Police have either lied or come so close to it that it doesn't matter in obtaining a search warrant for Cliff Richard's home. If plod really believed that Cliff would retain evidence of a 30-year old alleged kiddy-fiddle, and they could just walk in and find it, they must be so delusional as to be unfit for duty. Yet as Geoffrey Robertson QC points out and the Mail reports, plod solemnly swore to a magistrate that this was the case. 

There have recently been a number of changes in the hurdles plod must overcome to get a search warrant - set out here in succinct detail (HT Bystander) - and in failing to follow the rules "Police forces risk paying out compensation for trespass to property, breach of Article 8 and malicious procurement of a search warrant". Not to say having anything they may find ruled as inadmissible in evidence.

This has all the hallmarks of a nudge-nudge warrant eased from a compliant plod-friendly JP or DJ, who must now be at risk of dismissal, to allow plod to mount a fishing expedition with blanket press coverage 'to encourage other victims to come forward'. Sorry, plod, this isn't the way we do Justice in the UK. A few of you need to lose your jobs along with your tame JP pour encourager les autres. Preferably with BBC camera crews alerted as you emerge tearfully from your disciplinary hearings.


Anonymous said...

What's that I hear?

A sort of whistling noise...

DeeDee99 said...

Sir Cliff has got the money to fight back. And I expect he will.

If the police are punished, then so should the BBC for participating in trial by camera.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry, plod, this isn't the way we do Justice in the UK."

I am afraid it is.

"A few of you need to lose your jobs along with your tame JP pour encourager les autres."

Yes. But I doubt anyone will.

Mike Spilligan said...

Firstly, I must admit that I'm biased against the BBC in several ways, and recognizing that the initiation of the search must have come from the SYP, the BBC has played its own sinister role in this by not discouraging their tipster by saying that they wouldn't have anything to do with such collusive practices. Of course, we would all like to know the contents of the conversations that went on - or that are going on now, prior to attendance at the Vaz committee; there being plenty of time to get a cohesive, plausible story together. Do not hold your breath while waiting for heads to roll.

G. Tingey said...

Currently, the beeb are appearing to say that the Police tipped them off & "it was news" - but equally, that they are not happy about it ...
Short-form - they are lining up with Radders' opinion that the Plod b=need a kicking.

Anonymous said...

Not much further to go, the nadir is approaching and fast.

Cliff Richard has been assassinated by maleficent but minority populist tittle tattle.

That, the police thought they had some sort of case - is actually very troubling.
The beak, who granted this fishing expedition legitimacy wants striking off asap.

And the BBC?

Formidable are its degenerates - who run the show.

It would make the 40 Martyrs weep harsh tears.

All those years, remember the Wimbledon singing episode - how they plugged it as 'one of our own'!
Doting 'Auntie', regarded Cliff as one of their superstars. Lasciviously, they regaled and feted him, the bbc helped MAKE Cliff Richard.
A stark contrast then to how they gloated the other day - helicopter over Sunningdale [how much did that cost?].

Only very mentally disturbed people betray and act like that, did it have the Brussels imprimatur?
Left leaning liberal twats act like that; with all the false bonhomie of their moronic programming, and with all the pretense of liberal, humanism, yet at the same time done with a misanthropy which is breathless in scope and savagery.

I give you, stupid scum coppers, a bent beak and a national broadcaster steeped in the ordure of the mankind hating Cultural Marxist/Socialism: I give you the Britain of today.

Shameful, all of it, sometimes I think in darker moments - the sects of the religion of death may just have a point.

Bill Quango MP said...

The Beeb haven't been pro Cliff for a long time. His 1999 Millennium prayer song was banned by radio 2, amongst other radio stations, but went to no 1 anyway.. Which actually caused the BBc some embarrassment.

And why raid his Sunningdale apartment? I remember going to his St George's Hills house in the 80s. That's where any offence would take place.

He later moved just down the road from me to Virginia Water. He bought a very small house. It used to be one of the old groundskeepers cottages. About a 700ft footprint. The developers knocked it flat and dug down and built a modern house almost entirely made of glass to disguise its very small size.
Clearly viable from the road its not the sort of house that would be first choice for illegal activities.

Why not search these homes first? As you say, it was clearly a fishing expedition. There can be no other explanation.

Mike Spilligan said...

.....and another thing, I thought the BBC was supporting "Hacked Off" against all those dreadful journalists who pry into celebrities' personal lives and is totally against creating news stories to satisfy prurient "public interest".

Anonymous said...

Mike Spilligan, a wry observation - irony poison in the beeb, it must be killing them and hopefully it is.

John M said...

WHat makes the Police actions even more unbelievable is that you would have thought that the Chris Jefferies case a few years ago would have taught them that the "smear them in the hope of a phone call" method doesn't work and is pretty costly.

In fact you would have thought the BBC had learned that lesson too.

Assuming he is innocent I fully expect Cliff Richards lawyers to have an absolute jamboree suing various people over this. It will make the Jefferies case look like pocket change.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, a second police raid has uncovered a lot of offensive material - some songs for a new album.

Ps John Waller said...

It is difficult to avoid the suspicion that Robocop just enjoys kicking doors in.

It's a break from buzzing over neighbourhoods for hours in his annoying toy helicopter or trawling Twitter in search of unPC language.

What else do you expect him to do- catch criminals?

TrT said...

"WHat makes the Police actions even more unbelievable is that you would have thought that the Chris Jefferies case a few years ago would have taught them that the "smear them in the hope of a phone call" method doesn't work and is pretty costly."

Not there money though is it?
Until the most senior officer who new of the illegal search loses his job, his pension, and faces jail time, why would they care?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

My prediction?

Nobody will lose their jobs.

Come back in a year (if this is all still remembered then) and I'll be delighted to apologise if proved wrong. Don't hold your breath though.