Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Greedy Prat MP resigns to spend more time with his money

Who on earth does Mark Simmonds imagine sympathises with his whinge that he can't get away with overclaiming expenses? Only bankers and bloated, overpaid local government chief executives I'd imagine. Well, we, Parliament and his constituents are well rid of this acquisitive little piece of ordure - let him make his gold commercially if he can, and not by robbing the taxpayer.

Simmonds typifies the wholly self-interested sort of career politician who enters Parliament only to enrich and empower himself. We're all well rid of him.

With the loss of both Simmonds and Warsi, an incompetent drug who screwed up everything she touched, the Parliamentary Tories have just become marginally better. So c'mon, lets have more of a clear-out of the tossers, the useless wasters, the EUphiles, the careerists, the thieves and the evaders of justice. The broom is hardly yet inside the door of this Augean stable. 


Mike Spilligan said...

The "problem" is that there'd be no more than 10% of them left - or maybe that's not a problem now everyone agrees that the majority of our laws, plus the hundreds of unnecessary regulations are Made in Brussels.
We've been told for decades that it takes months, if not years, to get a new law through Parliament, yet only a couple of weeks ago the DRIP act went through in a (long) day - though not properly scrutinized.

Anonymous said...

If I was David Cameron, I would be regarding losing two ministers days after sorting it out as a bit of a failure.

Perhaps, this is more Wildean territory.

DeeDee99 said...

If MPs want to earn more they're going to have to apply some efficiency savings to themselves.

1. Recover our Sovereignty from the EU. Why should we pay two institutions to govern the country.

2. A cull. We don't need 650 MPs. With modern communications (and devolution) 400 should be ample. Same goes for the Lords. We don't need 800, 400 is ample.

This greedy MP is probably going because the local Conservative Association has, reportedly, collapsed under the tsunami of Eastern Europe immigration and UKIP got 50% in the EU elections. He's on to a hiding next May and can't be bothered. Some "representative" he is.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Hear! Hear!

btw the commenters seem to agree with you, too, R.

Anonymous said...

Duty, when did it end and a word disgraced by the likes of Simmonds. Too many now, far too many.

A hundred years does seem a long time, but still we do remember that true men did once walk this land. Men of the soil. English men.

The Pity Of It

I walked in loamy Wessex lanes, afar
From rail-track and from highway, and I heard
In field and farmstead many an ancient word
Of local lineage like "Thu bist," "Er war,"
"Ich woll," "Er sholl," and by-talk similar,
Nigh as they speak who in this month's moon gird
At England's very loins, thereunto spurred
By gangs whose glory threats and slaughters are.

Then seemed a Heart crying: "Whosoever they be
At root and bottom of this, who flung this flame
Between kin folk kin tongued even as are we,
Sinister, ugly, lurid, be their fame;
May their familiars grow to shun their name,
And their brood perish everlastingly."


Anonymous said...

R, they have nothing to do, other than worry about their exes and preening their feathers.

Anonymous said...

"Greedy Prat MP resigns to spend more time with his money"

Point of order: Our money.

FrankC said...

Anon @ 09:43 -
That would be a point of information, not order.

Pedants R us.