Friday, 15 August 2014

Immigration, of course

Readers of a delicate disposition should look away now. Despite the description of Dan Hannan by a fellow blogger as a 'buttoned-up cockvirgin' Dan continues nevertheless to produce mostly sensible largely readable opinion pieces that oh-so-carefully place him to the right of Dave whilst avoiding even a hint of repeating UKIP-shaded pub opinion. The sub-text of his latest in the Telegraph is Why are we turning away Australian brain surgeons but allowing in Romanian pickpockets - but being by Dan, doesn't actually quite say this.

Of course, being in the construction industry, I see things from a slightly different perspective. When an English site labourer with only one eye whom I suspect of eating feral pigeons gets three texts a day from his agency with immediate offers of alternative employment, you know construction activity is on the up. His Moldovan replacement can not only use small power tools safely but doesn't leave feathers and bits of pigeon wing behind the Welfare unit. OK, Moldova may not be in the EU but he has a Hungarian passport and that's good enough for the principal contractor. I thought of trying my few words of Magyar on him, but he was doing such a brilliant job of sweeping the compound I thought 'let sleeping dogs fart'. For me, it's not eastern Europeans that are the immigration problem - they graft hard, endure filthy site conditions, live ten to a room, drink voddy to numb the crap and mostly leave the wildlife alone. Except the swans. 

And they're not the ones filling up the instant Housing Association slums that have arisen from the rubble of decent 18th and 19th century London suburban pubs, not the ones crowding out the maternity wards, not the ones filling schools with kids who can hardly speak a word of English and not the ones dragging broken-wheeled snide Vuitton shopping trolleys filled with yams and plantains from the ethnic market. As much as I support and defend the Commonwealth, in my part of London it's Commonwealth immigration that's the burden, not eastern European.

But each part of the country, and every person's experience, is different. Dan may have been leered at by Romanian teens while using a cashpoint - I just don't know.  


Anonymous said...

But Radders this is the smoke and mirrors trick debate about immigration.

During Labours 13 year reign of shite, approx 5 million immigrants came in. A third were from the EU and as we can all testify have on the whole been a pretty good addition to the mix. The Roma thieves and the Albanian gangsters aside, they are decent people for the most part.

But it’s the two thirds that piss me off. The Indians are OK, but its the others – Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalians, Nigerians and so on. When you look at the governments own numbers about economic contribution, these are the nations that are the bottom ranks – i.e. least employment, highest welfare overhead etc. Why is this never discussed? Because it's racist. And thus it’s never discussed.

And so we get the synthetic debate about EU immigration, and we’re told it’s beyond us to adopt a points based system a la Aussies.

This is before we even open the Pandora's box that contains the social issues...

Anonymous said...

The really big problem - the elephant in the room - is the Commonwealth. There are 53 countries in the Commonwealth and 42 of them support FGM. And we support them. Out of the 53 countries there are a huge proportion of Islamic countries, principally from the African continent, and we support them too.

And guess what? These people that are members who we support, are also now our enemies, largely thanks to Tony Blair. Worse than that, the enemy lives amongst us but we are not allowed to criticise this! What a clusterfuck mess we are in.

Coney Island

DeeDee99 said...

I agree that Eastern Europeans generally work hard, but it is the numbers coming from the EU (Eastern bloc and PIGS) which are unsustainable.

And along with the hardworking, we are getting a percentage which are criminals or unemployable welfare sponges.

They aren't just single men. In parts of the country, (Portsmouth/Southampton; Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire; Kent) families are settling and (for want of a better expression), breeding. They are therefore a drain on our economy because of the level of in-work and social welfare they qualify for and their use of public services.

Yes, they may assimilate better and quicker than immigrants from the subcontinent and north Africa but they still need housing and public services.

We simply don't have the space, housing, infrastructure or the desire to accommodate millions more immigrants - wherever they come from.

Anonymous said...

"... Except the swans... and the Carp and other fish.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I'm irresistibly reminded of the Irish comic Tommy Tiernan. "Funny people, the English. They conquer half the world and get fierce angry when people follow them home"