Friday, 1 August 2014

Is Europe about to abandon Israel?

The unification of Germany added to the German electorate a vast cohort of voters who had not been subject to forty-five years of Holocaust Guilt. The coming down of the Wall also marked a change in the special responsibility that post-war West Germany believed it had to support Israel. In France, the words 'Sale Juif' had rarely been long absent from some wall, somewhere, and Polish nationalist-Catholicism had never really abandoned the view of Jews as Christ-killers. We also have an openly anti-Jewish administration in Hungary. Added to all that is a new generation who were never thrilled by the courage and pluck shown in 1967 or in the 1973 Yom Kippur war by a David nation against a Goliath foe, and who have only ever known Israel as an oppressor, an evil empire, an aggressor.

All this is the background to what Brendan O'Neill, writing in Spiked, thinks may be the official abandonment of Israel by Europe;
"An anti-war movement? It’s the opposite. The current street-based fury with Israel is best seen, not as any kind of independent or progressive or peacenik grouping, but rather as the protesting wing of the West itself, as the attack dog of Western institutions’ own exasperation with Israel and their desire to distance themselves from it."

O'Neill argues that Western politicians and institutions are increasingly turning their back on Israel:

"The nations and institutions of the West, once keen supporters of Israel, have now turned against the Jewish State, coming to view it as a pest and possibly even a pariah.

"This speaks to some major shifts in world affairs in the post-Cold War period. Where in the Cold War era Israel was viewed and treated by the West as a kind of useful policeman in a Middle East that had large Arab nationalist movements funded by the Soviet Union, in the post-Cold War world Israel has come to be seen as surplus to requirements, as a state not really needed now that the Soviet Union is out of the picture and when the big conflicts in that part of the world are no longer West/East in nature but rather are increasingly localised and religious.

"And anti-Israel activists' street-based agitation against the Jewish State is but a more shouty version of this shift, of Western imperialism’s own judgement that Israel has gone from being important to being irritating."

As a consequence, says O'Neill, anti-Israel activism has no peace-movement feel to it, but rather is a "profoundly ugly phenomenon":

"It masquerades as a peace movement but actually devotes its energies to drumming up hatred, sanctions and possibly even Western intervention against a state that it has found guilty in the kangaroo court of liberal opinion of being a ‘rogue’."


DeeDee99 said...

Our "Leaders" seem determined to appease the Religion of Peace.

Abandoning Israel is just part of that process.

Hamas started the current war - not the Israelis. If Hamas stopped attacking Israel, the Israelis would not attack Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Our "Leaders" seem determined to appease the minority PROTESTORS who, like all minority protest groups, seem to hold greater sway over political decisions than the MASS of public opinion.

Since the politicians live in a London-centric bubble they have no idea what the rest of us think or want - nor could they care.

oldrightie said...

As ever an excellent post. I would also add America's decreasing reliance on imported oil from the Region. Israel was a useful tool for keeping it flowing and fuelling American/Western expansionism.
Ukraine the new desired best pal for slowing Russian energy wealth and influence.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

DeeDee99 has it right, I think. You see more and more politicians with significant muslim minorities in their constituencies pandering to their rampant anti-semitism. I'm thinking of David Ward, George Galloway, Jenny Tonge just to start with. Then you see across mainland Europe attacks on Jews and defilement of Jewish cemeteries.

Anti-semitism seems to be making a strong comeback thanks to spineless liberal politicians who ignore the rising Islamic threat and lack the courage to robustly defend our culture and values against these maniacs.

Whoever invented the term 'Islamophobia' to browbeat our spineless political classes was a sinister genius. The merest whiff of "racist" and our cowardly politicians run like sheep. Everywhere I look these people are winning and we haven't properly woken up to it yet. Soon it might be too late. Israel and the Jews in general are just canaries in the coalmine, as far as I can see.

Anonymous said...

Israel does not give a hoot about "western liberal opinion" and quite rightly so.

Being tried in the kangaroo court of western liberal opinion, happened to Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and now with Vladimir Putin. Needless to say, the first two were pretty odious men and though they were undoubtedly evil despots, the kangaroo court decision and therein their subsequent executions - was to say the least wrong headed - two wrongs don't make it right.

President Putin, he is a strong leader and his regime is dodgy but then who are the western liberal elite to criticize?

I don't see much difference between living under authoritarianism of Brussels diktat, to living in Russia under Putin's government. Inexorably, we have little or less freedom and what little remains of our personal freedoms are being blitzed by Brussels as I type this.

You see, the Kangaroo courtesans of western liberal opinion preachify about freedom this and freedom that but they all of them know full well, that, government in Britain and the rest of Europe in the EU is not free and that's just the way that they want it.

Hypocrisy is their way, dictatorial government is their means.
Until, we reassert democracy to our country [Britain] - 'liberal opinion' will come down from its kangaroo court and remaining just the antithesis of what the phrase actually alludes to.

Anonymous said...

Having seen the videos of Gazan women exulting over the WTC attacks, and their children dancing in the street for it too, I have little sympathy for their plight now.

We should stop being the slightest bit interested in how, when or why foreigners butcher each other. After all, what did the Arabs do to help us in extremis against the Germans? Were there demonstrations in the streets then? Were there?

The media are too interested in this conflict.

G. Tingey said...

We should all remember the link between some sections of muslim anti-Isreali "feeling" & the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, whom we should have shot in 1945, on his arrival from Berlin ...
Nazism isn't dead, unfortunately.
"After every defeat & a respite, the Shadow takes another form, & grows again"

Anonymous said...

"Is Europe about to abandon Israel?"


They did that years ago. The bestial corrupt murderer Arafat dies a billionaire largely from the subsidies West Europe paid.

Anonymous said...

I see that we have paid another £3million in aid that we have borrowed from somewhere to add to the £10million we have already sent. Now someone remind me, how much did the Arab world send to Britain in 1940?

Tingey, there's a whole lot of people we should have shot in 1945, and not all from Germany!

Johnm said...

Food for thought, not hysteria:

Bloke in italy said...

"I don't see much difference between living under authoritarianism of Brussels diktat, to living in Russia under Putin's government. Inexorably, we have little or less freedom and what little remains of our personal freedoms are being blitzed by Brussels as I type this"

Agreed government in Brussels is anti-democratic, corrupt and is eroding our freedoms; however in Russia you could be shot for posting the kind kind of stuff we routine,y read in blogs and in the press, and there is still a pretence of rule of law.

Comments such as this are simply ridiculous and help the federasts paint opponents of the EU as idiots.

TrT said...

Abandon it? How?
Western Europe was hostile to its creation in the first place, and provided no aid in that regard. It was the USSR, by way of the Czechs, in support of militantly communal communists

That stance has barely changed.

That said.
Europe is soon to find itself very much like Israel, a relatively secular state, with enclaves or violent and militant theologists.

Rush-is-Right said...

I'm with Israel on this. Like Kurtz (Heart of Darkness) the solution is to "exterminate the brutes".