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Monday, 18 August 2014

It's just the way it is

The 28 year old Ferguson cop who shot Michael Brown to death is utterly typical of all the rural US cops you've ever seen on Sky 1. A working class boy, crap at school except for a a minor talent for hockey, with few alternative prospects except as an unskilled labourer, he opted for the police as a route to social mobility. Despite not being able to write cursive script and the painful necessity of writing everything in clumsy, child-like block capitals in sentences littered with mis-spellings, he was given a badge and a gun and the authority to use them.

His victim was a huge black kid with scant respect for the law, used to using his size to bully and intimidate others. The tiny Korean counterhelp cowering before him as he snatches cigars from the shop give you an idea of the kid's arrogance. The entrenched poverty and disadvantage of being black in  Missouri means he has little to lose. As with 15% of Americans, his future probably includes imprisonment in a brutal jail sooner or later. 

And Stupid meets Hulk. Only Stupid has a gun. And when Hulk doesn't obey his inflexible, painfully-learned commands, designed to subdue and humiliate large dangerous men so that small cops can safely handle them, Stupid gets frightened and pumps bullets into him. OK, the actual details to be established over the next weeks and months may vary, but this narrative will be essentially accurate. 

It's sad, it's wrong and there is no clear blame. It's just the way it is.


Anonymous said...

Harsh but true, a tragedy made in America and who among us, can judge?

But we should not be complacent over here. It's only a matter of time, circumstances are coming to a head ere long, before we start arming our own version of the nouvelle gendarmerie, for the state must be protected - at any cost, civilians take heed.

G. Tingey said...

Has anyone seen the YouTube journalists' shots, taken inside a diner/restaurant, where the journo gets arrested - because he was sitting at a table, with pad etc in front of him & thus failed to leave the diner within 45 seconds ( or some equally ridiculous time-span).
I mean, he got arrested for sitting at a table, writing!
Days something about the incredible stupidity & total lack of real training of the cops.
Ours are marginally better than that, usually .....

Anonymous said...

There are parallels, especially with the Florida case. Black on black violence and crime - the majority, and no-one give a stuff. White on black violence (the minority of cases) and there are riots, the black president gets involved ...

At least in this case we aren't being treated to the cute kid photos of Hulk.

Sunni massacres Shia in thousands - who cares. Honour killings? Ditto. Israel kills a handful - or a drone does, and there's Muslim crowds chanting. ullulating women, cute kids with blood makeup.

A month or two ago and Muslims refused to serve in supermarkets. Now they want to force them not to stock Israel soured goods.

Anonymous said...

'Sourced', not 'soured'

Anonymous said...

The media have been highly selective over the years:

Tim Berners Lee helped end the blackout.


Cascadian said...

Are you absolutely certain about those "facts"? Or is this just made-up nonsense.

Seven people got killed in Chicago this weekend, mostly black people killed by other blacks likely if recent trends prevail-where is the outrage?

Perhaps (nobody knows yet) this is a perfectly valid use of deadly force, by an officer under duress, attempting to police some decent standards in a town determined to become a Detroit or Chicago.

One thing is certain, the race-hustlers want to elevate this tragedy to a Trayvon Martin pitch assisted it would seem by uninformed liberals. Meanwhile the barely-civilized take advantage and destroy another town. This response only seems to emanate from one race of people (eg Tottenham) why is that?

Timothy Davis U.S. of frakken A said...

Yes Mr Raedwald, would you care to cite your sources ?

Until you do could you please dispense with the European "upper crust" mentality?

Raedwald said...


This is an opinion blog, not a news blog, and I qualify the piece by stating "OK, the actual details to be established over the next weeks and months may vary.."

And, er, Britishupper crust mentality, please ..

Thud said...

300lbs of anything heading in my direction and I think I'd be shooting too.

Timothy Davis U.S. of frakken A said...

Granted, it is an opinion. It is an opinion of someone who is misinformed or ill informed. Or the opinion of someone who has misplaced stereotypes of The United States and its people.

Read the "opinion" and tell me it is not one that is looking down upon the opined. Hence "Upper Crust" mentality.

Anonymous said...

Another black thug whose sense of entitlement caused him to bite off more than he could chew. The usual race baiters out in force but even Obama isn't touching this one. My sympathies are with the cop and the Korean shop assistant that this "gangsta" pushed around.
It would be interesting to see the toxicology report from the autopsy and footage of Michael Brown with his hands up. Don't suppose we'll see either as it doesn't fit the narrative.

cuffleyburgers said...

Well my sympathies certainly aren't with the copper who seems to be a brain dead git. The response of arming to the teeth and effectively declaring war on the population seems equally ill advised.

The whole business seems astonishingly badly managed, but the inevitable consequence of militarising the police.

One thing we can be certain of - lessons will not be learned.

These cretins are too stupid for that.

Raedwald said...


Valid points - it's hard sometimes not to stereotype when you're trying to make a point in just a hundred words or so.

If they are stereotypes, they are stereotypes of place - my academic friends living on the MA coast have savagely biting opinions on the 'poor' states, and these stereotypes would not be alien to them. And they would rather have hot needles pushed into their eyes than ever again try to reason with a Kentucky patrol officer.

Rush_is_Right said...

Well it's nice to see that there's one branch of Big Powerful Government that the pinko scum don't like. Cops shooting gangsters.... "BAD". The IRS seeking to victimise political opponents of the regime.... "Well just move along. Nothing to see here."

Timothy Davis U.S. of frakken A said...

"Well my sympathies certainly aren't with the copper who seems to be a brain dead git."

Are you basing this "opinion" on something other than what you see in a mirror?

Let us put it this way. There is only one person responsible for Mike Brown's death. It was not the police man you call a "brain dead git"

It is best not to "opine" on subjects you have zero knowledge on.

Thud said...

The officer did his duty, the legal process will I hope work its way through the leftist clamour and Sharpton etc can move on.

cuffleyburgers said...

Thud & T. Davis - Since when has jay walking been a capital offence, dickhead (s)?

anon 2 said...

Of Timothy etc...: It is best not to "opine" on subjects you have zero knowledge on.

Typical yank hypocrisy - as with his comments on supercilousness and mirror response. The very attitudes this poster condemns precisely inform the majority of Yanks I met during my long sojourn in their inaptly tagged 'land of the free.'

Of course, so many of them are transplants from euroland (frogs, jerries, eyeties) that we should expect nothing else. Add in their
ignorance - empirical and educational - of anything other than their own horrible, colonised land ... and there you have it. America: The Biggest Lie in the World.

So now we watch as they impose the Napoleonic Code, while pretending to "innocent until proved guilty."
And then they carry on bullying the rest of us into submission!!!

Thud said...

I would imagine the badly beaten officer would see the 'jaywalker' in a different from one of the dickheads

G. Tingey said...

NOW tell us that the police in Ferguson are honest, upright citizens doing their lawful duty, OK?

For further discussion on this see:
Have anice day there!