Saturday, 30 August 2014

Most serious threat? Not exploding Jihadists, but EU Warhawks

As Ashton, Van Rompuy, Reding and the rest of the despicable Brussels rats now run for cover in the Eurosewers clutching their six-figure pension pots, their stupidity and adventurism have left the rest of us with a massive problem in Ukraine. The arrogance, hubris and sheer wilful imbecility of planting the revolting rag of an EU flag on Russia's front lawn defied belief; it is an act that has already cost two thousand lives, so that the sourness of Ashton's twisted features are now sauced with the haematic taste of blood. 

Whilst they scuttle away from the daylight with their loot, we are faced with Putin and a Russia unwilling to so easily surrender a historic part of Russia's home soil for centuries. He is not acting alone - he is supported by his people, who would endure half-rations and privation in the short term to retain at least the Eastern half of Ukraine. Neither the Germans or any other people in Europe are happy to do likewise - particularly as there exists much sympathy for the Russian position across Europe.  

The EU are purblind idiots in talking up a casus belli. We won't fight for Ukraine, and Putin knows it. Poland maybe, but Ukraine - home of car thieves, fascists and Europe's most skilled prostitutes - no. What's more, this must be made absolutely clear to the new crew of appointed, unelected EU officials now taking their turn at the trough.  

For the real danger we face, the most serious threat for decades, is not from exploding Jihadists but from the war-crazed carpet-chewing moon-howling lunatics in Brussels.  


Anonymous said...

I must admit when I heard Cameroon announce the raising of the terror threat level I wondered if T B-Liar had been on the blower to him.

Calling in a few favours to get NuLabor out of the news spotlight over Rotherham.

Anonymous said...

May I quote Mr Barroso:

"Russia should not underestimate the European Union‘s will and resolve to stand by its principles and values."

You can stop laughing now and marvel at the restrained language used by the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko:

'..there are hundreds of Russian troops and thousands of Russian tanks operating inside my country'

Blind leading the blind.


Anonymous said...

What annoys the shit out of me is how the EU fanatics fatuous statement - "The EU prevents wars" has been turned on its head..

Mark In Mayenne said...

As, c'mon, stop mincing words :)

Prawn Sandwich said...

Perhaps the coming winter will show exactly how gutless and gormless the EU/US axis really is.

I detect a touch of Mailer in this post. Mailer at his angry best.

Anonymous said...

Ah radders, with superb phrasing, emotive and right on, the real danger for Britain: is the EU and our own dumb assed managers [executive and party leaders].

Funny it isn't for Russia but Vladimir holds all the cards, deals the hands and knows all the outcomes.

That, the EU, Barrack the Kenyan and Dave - there's nothing they can do - President Putin smiles at that.

The Ukraine, will be partitioned, Russia for the Russians and western Ukraine can please itself: lets all get on with it and stop all the bloodshed and killing.

Anonymous said...

German panzers in the Ukraine?
The Garlic crunching surrender monkeys in Ukraine?
Can't see it.
No the danger is the US getting involved, the EU is all talk and no trousers and Putin knows it.
Putin will be forced to move fast now.
The Russians will halt once they have Eastern Ukraine.
The EU will be left with no other option but to accept it.
The EU will not get militarily involved in the Ukraine.
Neither will the US.
Obama suggests more sanctions.
No the US will only get involved once Russia crosses the line drawn up on the fly between the US and Russia.


Mike Spilligan said...

Excellent, Radders. I hope your'e right about support for this point of view across Europe - but we can't be sure as the NATO / EU propaganda seems to have taken hold in some quarters.
I saw an MSM article (reference lost) which used the phrase " ...and other western European countries like Ukraine...". I suspect that is an FCO inspired conflation, so despite being overtaxed I'm going to offer to buy it (FCO) a map showing that Ukraine is only about 350 miles short of central Asia.
Incidentally, I'm visiting Moscow next month, so I hope that the new restrictions don't ban British citizens from flying Aeroflot - which would clearly be counter-productive.

Budgie said...

Well, when you have trouble at home (60% youth unemployment, 25% general unemployment, the euro and looming economic depression) then you undertake a foreign adventure to distract the plebs.

G. Tingey said...

Who ACTUALLY STARTED SENDING TROOPS & spurious "resistance fighters" in to Ukraine?
NOT the EU
Vladimir Putin, thtt's who,just as he has done IN Georgia & elsewhere.
Now, I'm not saying that the EU wasn't incompetent & careless, but blaming them (this time) for Putin's open aggression, using the Sudetenland playbook won't wash, I'm afraid.

What Putin is hoping is that there won't be a real war (correct) but I think he underestimates the damage really comprehensive sanctions will cause his weakening empire. And the effect of Russians, suddenly asking "why are our sons being killed in Ukraine - because that is also not our fight".
We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Even if we had the will, there is no way and anyway Russia is more of an ally - than France ever was or could be.

Mike Spilligan said...

G. Tingey: You might check out the CIA-inspired slush-fund of $5 billions, for "improving democracy", of course. Their agents in Kiev were paying 15 to 25 euros per day (a fortune in their terms) to start the shooting - and it seems to have worked. Now, Fogh-Rasmussen has accused Russia of de-stabilising Ukraine when it was the EU in co-ordination with F-R under instructions from Obama that did that.

Bloke In Italy said...

Radders I think Mike S has it right - yes the EU were crassly provocative to park their rag on Russia's lawn, but the "popular" upheaval that led to the change of government was also funded by the CIA.

THe EU and USA were in cahoots and now ordinary Ukrainians are paying the price in blood.

I think I preferred it when the EU and USA were on different sides.

Any sort of consensus in politics or diplomacy is always bad news.

G. Tingey said...

Sorry, I have a friend, who regularly goes to Lithuania & Georgia ...
His information re Putin is somewhat different.
I agree that the CIA is (shall we say?) untrustworthy, but that doesn't make Putin a saint.

DeeDee99 said...

Well said. The EU deliberately set out to destabilise this region and provoke Putin.

And now we have a piece of Italian totty for the EU to brandish as their new EU Foreign Minister.

Just as well Juncker has been able to tick the diversity box doncha know.

Thud said...

Well that's the people of Ukraine in a nutshell so fuck em eh?...what a charming post.