Thursday, 28 August 2014

The answer is not 'More State'

The answer to the child-rape habit amongst Pakistani communities is not 'More State'. Children's Services provision has become a bit like the trenches of the Western Front - throw another ten thousand social workers into battle to secure two pubescent girls from gang rape. This is largely because all those social workers spend much of their time laying down paper trails to prove they're not guilty of anything however badly they screw up. It's just the way the Big State works - or rather, doesn't work. As Douglas Murray writes in the Speccie
Anyhow – if you care to study these two excruciating pieces of evidence for any future prosecution of contemporary Britain you will notice several things.  Firstly both of these highly paid dolts are kind enough to issue an apology for not stopping the incessant gang-rape of children.  Secondly you will notice that although they are willing to issue an apology for not stopping the habitual gang-rape of children, they do not think that it was their job to stop it or think it was partly their job but that it wasn’t their fault that they didn’t stop it.  Thirdly, naturally, they are very clear that they are not going to resign.  Fourthly comes the happy ending which is – yes, that’s right – the fact that ‘lessons have been learnt.’  Such a relief.  One might have worried that point four in the pro-forma ‘English council gang-rape apology advice handbook’ would be: ‘Say “nothing has been learnt and that the kids deserved it”.’
The extent to which English working class communities were self-sufficient - that is, self regulating and self policing as well as enabling mutualist welfare provision - is well told by the late Ralph Harris and Arthur Seldon. This independence was wilfully and deliberately destroyed by a young Labour party infected with Sovietism - they had no place for a class not dependent on the State. The result of a process that started with the 1911 National Insurance Act is the gang-rape of alienated, vulnerable girls by Pakistani gangs. 


DeeDee99 said...

Malfeasance in Public Office is an offence.

The senior management of Rotherham Council; Rotherham Council Social Services and South Yorkshire police should be prosecuted.

Why aren't there any prosecutions?

Anonymous said...

I notice a lack of leadership/comments from both the heads of the Tories & the Quisling NuLabor Parties.

Although in NuLabor's defence if they do comment people might just begin to link the dots up.

John de Melle said...

DeeDee99 you ask, "Why aren't there any prosecutions?"

The Police were/are complicit in the outrage. They need to be investigate, also.

Anonymous said...

Malfeasance, is spot on, think about also - North Staffordshire hospital, Malfeasance KILLS patients and allows, it facilitates, gang rape on young white girls in the 'care' of authorities: by sexually inadequate, deviant Pakistani males.

Until, some bastard [some hope] is prosecuted, when will there ever be, a "lesson learnt"?

Today, the BBC will stop the 'investigation' and local news will start once again regaling us of how well do our local councils look after us, telling us about charities and good luck stories.... and with vacuous smiling cuties - lala land and shit 'n' all.......

And Xfactor on Saturday, hip hoo fucking hooray!! Pass the bread and circuses.

Ain't it great?

Fantastic, super, fantastic the premier league is back.......And everything will go back to, "heads in the sand - the tick box way! Plus, and of course to protecting the evil doers. Because, that's Political correctness, that's multiculturalism and that's state censorship - in the Soviet of Brussels - aka Britain.

And it will go on until, white Britain finally shouts - we've had ENOUGH - then, we'll see the state apparatus get their arses into gear, a not so delicious irony is that.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Labour's under-the-barrier immigration policy has allowed too many of the feckers into our country.

And with their inbred breeding rate they will soon out number us.

We're doomed!

Anonymous said...

Typical Common Purpose tactic of protecting your own and your colleagues back when the sh1t is flying.

Don't look to anyone being able or WILLING to do the right thing. All WE can do is vote for a party that will put a stop to it all - beginning with closing the open-door immigration policy.

You know what to do......

Ken Whittaker said...

But the council did bravely prevent those wicked UKIP supporters from fostering children.

G. Tingey said...

Lost your marbles, Radders, completely.
The 1911 National Insurance Act enabled the end of the vile Workhouses & the slavery & misery they entailed.
Bloody grow up!

Incidentally, nothing to do with "common purpose"
EVERYTHING to do with closing ranks & protecting your well-paid backside, no matter where you are.
An unfortunate human trait, I'm afraid.
There are times when grouping together is the correct reaction & times when it isn't ....

Incidentall7 J D M @ 08.47 has the really salient point.
The POLICE were entirely complicit in this mass destruction of young lives & multiple laws.
And nothing appears to be happening in this area.
Our police are so wonderful ....