Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Blair Years - Blood, Lies and the Sexual Exploitation of Children

Being a poor kid during the Blair years was distinctly hazardous. They either risked death, dismemberment and destruction from Blair's unlawful adventurist wars abroad or degradation and sexual exploitation akin to slavery at the hands of an alien fifth-column imported into Britain by Blair to destroy community cohesion. Having presided over the ruin and despoilation of so many young lives, it surely can't be long before the UN or the Nobel Prize Committee bestow an award for Humanity upon him. 

Between 1997 and 2013 Blair's Pakistanis did exactly what they were brought here to do - use their teflon legal status to undermine, subvert and irrevocably corrode the bonds, ties and responsibilities that tie together traditional working class communities in England. What they were doing was no wrong in the light of their perverse beliefs - their own Prophet (a hundred molecules in every pint of ale) himself sexually abused a nine year-old girl. Whilst police officers were keen and eager to pounce on every minor word or gesture that may have offended the Friday People, fear prevented them from intervening to protect the young, the weak, the vulnerable, the friendless, the alone and the powerless. Every one of those police officers gave the lie to the oath they took upon their appointment as constables - to exercise 'without fear or favour' their powers under the law. No wonder. They were - and are - Blair's Boys, as committed to mendacity, obfuscation, control, coercion and the undermining of social cohesion as is the blood-stained old pisspuddle himself. 

They should hang their heads in shame.


DeeDee99 said...

This is the result of the twin Labour Gods of political correctness and multiculturalism.

Most of these cases have occurred in Labour controlled Councils in Labour Constituencies.

ALL the Officials in the Councils and the Police authority who are still employed in these bodies should be sacked.

Anonymous said...

I will never forgive Tony B-Liar and his NuLabor followers for what they have done to my country.

A plague on all their houses.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Blimey, Radders, you've really got it in for the old bastard this week, haven't you?

Not saying you're wrong, mind...quite a few of his chickens seem to be coming home to roost just now.

But like McCavity...

Anonymous said...

"fear prevented them from intervening to protect the young, the weak, the vulnerable, the friendless,"

Are we sure it was fear? The amount of 'institutionalised' kiddie fiddling that seems to have been going on over the last decade or so, seems to me to be too much to be occurring out of fear.

Anonymous said...

"They should hang their heads in shame. "

The 1400 children abused by this gang and ignored by social services and the police, ought in my opinion be compensated*.

But the compensation shouldn't come from the government or council coffers. It should be seized from the assets of the senior executives of Rotherham, the heads of the social services, should be bankrupted, the chief constable and his lackeys impoverished and put on the streets.

Then and only then, might 'lessons be learned'.

* Clearly no monitory compensation will be adaquate.

Anonymous said...

Will the establishment get away with it.
I think unfortunately yes.
Liebour have again left an open goal for Cameron.
He'll just boot the ball up the field again.
Because he's no better, he's one of them.
One other point, will this damage the Liebour party?
It should do in a decent World, it should make them unelectable.
We'll have to wait a few days for the next poll.
Lets see if Liebours vested interests can trump common decency.
It will in certain inner city areas, but elsewhere?
This is a test for the British people, are you a decent person, or just another drone scrambling for the crumbs?
Afraid of upsetting the status quo.


Anonymous said...

Let us not forget this is just one town we're talking about. There are other 'enriched' towns and I suggest our (English) womenfolk leave these places for the duration.

War is inevitable.


Anonymous said...

"Let us not forget this is just one town we're talking about."

I know this is Rotherham, but not that far away Cyril Smith was also buggering his way through social services charges.

Perhaps we should investigate the political class, police and social for institutional paedophilia?

Anonymous said...

If I was leading the Cons, I would be making hay from the previous party's political PC claptrap. I would rub their noses in and name names. I would call them directly to account and have them thrown in jail. But, alas, I'm not; so none of that will happen.

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

NEVER FORGET that A T Blair is a good little RC christian, too!
There was a (even more than usual) very unpleasant moment on the "Today" programme on this revolting subject this morning.
A local muslim woman, working in the area of children / cohesion in society etc said that there were almost certainly an equal number of youg muslim girls who had been raped, tortured etc, but, because of the culture of omerta, they have not come to light ( one or two exceptions noted)
So there's a second group of tortured children out there, about whom nothing is being done.
It just gets worse & worse ....

b said...

Hi Radders

As ever, wouldn't change a word, however your last sentence has four words too many.

Scrobs... said...

What really pisses me off, is the knowledge that just about everyone involved in these 'public services' have huge, bulging and waiting pensions, protected by decree, and that when they eventually get found out, they claim immunity, and live a life of luxury - paid for by people like me.

Why is there no mechanism to strip these people of all their future spending power, or take away their houses to pay for compensation to the victims, or pay for a proper group to stop the disgraceful ignorance that that bastardly bloke instigated?

The smell of the corrupt blair/brown/prescott years still permeates the UK society like filth in a drain, and although I'm not going to see the end result, as I'm a bit older that most of your readers, I still have grandchildren, who will have to put up with the results of this charlatan's vanity, and now I worry about that far more than I do my own inevitable passing.

visceral said...

They should hang.

there fixed the last sentence as it should be.

Budgie said...

I fear that G Tingey has swallowed BBC propaganda. His view that "almost certainly an equal number of young muslim girls who had been raped, tortured etc" is a BBC "me too" deflection from the extant horrors. He should not be so gullible.

The idea that feral Pakistani men are grooming and gang raping hundreds of unrelated freely roaming Pakistani girls in Rotherham (or any other UK town), as happened to English girls, is absurd. Pakistani girls are far too closely supervised and restricted by their own families for it to be similar.

No, Pakistani girls may well suffer forced marriages, mistreatment, incest and even murder at the hands of their own families, but this is not the same thing as the deliberate, systemic mass exploitation of English girls by Pakistani men as seen in Rotherham.

G. Tingey said...

Stop it.
If anything the suggestion I forwarded makes thing even worse.
Whatever the actual "racial" breakdown of the victims, it's still a major collection of serious crimes, in which, incidentally the local police were totally complicit.
I suggest, that rather than going after the Beeb, you look at police corruption in this country.
After all, in the Lawrence case, the police preferred to be thought "racist", which some of them were, rather than bent & on the take, which all of them were ....

Budgie said...

No, the BBC are one of the main culprits of the "multikulti" mess this country is in. The BBC promoted New Labour and Blair (remember the champagne bottles at the BBC after the 1997 election?), disguised the true extent of immigration, and hounded anyone or any party that dared to raise the issue.

The BBC is over privileged, immensely biased, subsidised by the tax payer, too big and too influential. It espouses a politics and a view of the world similar to the low circulation (hence relatively unpopular) Guardian, using an excessive number of its journalists.

The BBC is unreformable, espouses an ethos that is unattainable ("balance") in either practice or appearance, and should be broken up and sold off. The BBC is a cancer, and is helping to destroy this country. If you like it - you pay for it. Don't be so hypocritical as to expect me to pay for your bias.

G. Tingey said...

So you are sufficiently distracted by an apparent "bias" on the part of the Beeb - which I really think is a chimera that this is MORE IMPORTANT
than ...
At least one, & probably many ... police forces being rotten & corrupt & complicit in appalling crimes, through & through.
That they are probably hand-in-glove with senior politicians of both parties.
( YUK )

I would suggest your priorities are wrong.

P.S. & reminder; I do not watch the BBC - I don't have a TV at all.