Sunday, 7 September 2014

Cameron's head on the block

Cameron looks set to be remembered in history as the PM who chillaxed himself into oblivion. If he loses Scotland, he is finished, to be consigned to opprobrium and a legacy of failure, inability and uselessness. There will be substantial pressure on him to quit Number 10 even before the election - he will be like a bad smell, only worse. His Premiership since 2010 has been entirely wasted, frittered away in Portuguese fish markets and on Cornish beaches, and will be marked only by this one damning event. Cameron will be the PM who lost Scotland.

The enraging aspect of all this is that it is Whitehall's own goal. Those centralist control freaks are so constipated with power that it is their refusal to let go that is forcing the Scots to set off by themselves. If Cameron had pursued the Localism agenda that helped him to power, major constitutional reform for the UK along the lines of the Swiss federal model would have defused demands for schism. Instead of hitting the ground running in 2010, he couldn't wait to sink on the sofa with a bottle of Merlot and a Netflix release. 

The grandees must already be quietly lunching to fund a runner with whom they can replace this stupid, complacent and lazy little man next year. Make no mistake, Cameron's head is on the block.


Peter Whale said...

Why all the fuss Southern Ireland have a population of 4.5 million Scotland 5.5 million let them go. We will survive as will Scotland. So some politician made a mistake 300 years ago and England bailed them out. Let them be independent if it gets rid of all Scots mp s and David Cameron what's not to like?

Sackerson said...

Cameron will be on watch for the denouement, but surely the start of this is New Labour's pre-1997 electoral promise of devolution and the Scottish referendum it held soon after gaining power.

Cameron seems to me to have given up generally, no wonder he continued with his holidays this year and didn't recall Parliament.

Budgie said...

Raedwald - spot on.

Sackerson - yes "New" Labour is partly to blame but Cameron did nothing to stop the rot. Or anything else. Also, Cameron didn't recall Parliament because he did so a year ago in order to bomb Assad's Syria. This time it would be to bomb ISIS who are fighting Assad. Even Cameron recognises he would look silly.

Peter Whale - yes Scotland could go it alone and certainly the UK without Scotland is viable. But, to coin a phrase, we would be better together. One thing is for sure the UK establishment is paying for making patriotism politically incorrect. And of course the EU establishment can hardly hide its glee.

DeeDee99 said...

I don't often say this but it isn't Cameron's fault - he didn't put in place the warped devolution settlement; Blair, the man he idolises did.

And Cameron - an elitist, southern Tory "toff" was the worst possible PM to try and persuade the Scots to stay.

Westminster/Whitehall has made the same mistake with the Scots as it did the Irish; denying self-determination within the union and trying to maintain a centralised government.

The UK should have been moved to a Federal State when the Irish first started clamouring for home rule.

But Whitehall is so ossified and has no vision, no imagination and is obsessed with maintaining the status quo - it will never enact change until it is forced into it.

Edward Spalton said...

Cameron is so detested in Scotland, along with all Old Etonians, that he was wise to keep out of it. Salmond would have eaten him anyway.

I think it was back in the Eighties when I noticed that the words " and Unionist" had disappeared from my Conservative party membership card and guessed that they were probably happy to sacrifice the Union in exchange for a likely permanent parliamentary majority.

Robert said...

If you think that the Scots dislike the English, wait and see how they get on with each other without the auld enemy to blame.

Domo said...

I'm not sure the 4 Scottish tories have the clout you think they do.

Do you not see what's wrong with your viewpoint?
The pm who lost Scotland, like it's a colonial possession and his wog slapping was lackluster

I've hoped they would win, but I'm certain of it after Eds promise to rebuild Hadriens wall!

plantman said...


Rush is Right said...

"Cameron will be the PM who lost Scotland. "

Arguably, his only positive achievement.

cascadian said...

Camoron cannot negotiate anything, he is beyond useless and has left Gordon Brown FFS to argue Englands case.How desperate do you need to be to do that?

But arguing the proposition that you are better off tied to a bankrupt nation whose debt grows daily, where food and housing costs are ruinous, whose health system is in terminal collapse and where energy provision will soon be rationed is a tough sell.

The yUK is simply not attractive and so perhaps the scottish raving loony party appears a better proposition than the effete eton party, the paedo party or millibands marxists. There is no history of achievement in the last sixty years in yUK, everything has been built on debt, that the citizens are serfs to.

The scots have already achieved their aims, treasury is falling about appeasing the seperatists with control of large sections of their budget, more yet can be achieved against these spineless conservatives/limpdems. The pound is in freefall.

Well done camoron.

Wildgoose said...

I'm a former Vice-Chairman of the Campaign for an English Parliament and we have argued till we're blue in the face that the only way to fix the Devolution shambles wrought by New Labour is to complete it with an English Parliament and a new federal model for the UK, (with the House of Lords becoming a federal Parliament).

A new federal UK could have been voted on and no doubt approved. No need for an Independence Referendum if you've just had a referendum on becoming a federation.

Apparently our views make us "dangerous radicals" who must be ignored as a "threat to the Union". Yeah, right.

Roll on Scottish Independence I say. Devolution made me a second class UK citizen with fewer political rights. If they won't fix that with an English Parliament then an Independent England that removes the non-English MPs will do just fine.

Scotland first, Northern Ireland next?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cameron, as an ethnic Scot disguised as a southern 'toff', always planned to lose Scotland, as did fellow Scots Brown and Blair?

TheFatBigot said...

I have never had any particular interest in the Union.

What interests me is having policy in place that maximises the chance of full employment and maximises the chance of everyone achieving as much as they can through honest work.

Scotland's electorate currently seems firmly embedded in a desire for a socialist paradise. Let them have it, say I. Let them enjoy the benefits that always ensue in a soclialist paradise - high unemployment, high taxes, high office only for those The Party approves of, corruption, suppression by force of political minority views and ever more oppressive powers to The State as challenges to the wisdom of its position rises.

Wales and Northern Ireland have so few MPs that they will rarely, if ever, hold the balance of power.

With its entrepreneurial spirit, recognition that people rather than governments create both jobs & wealth and dislike of something-for-nothing, England is in a good position.

Freed from the shackles of both paying vast amounts for Scotland and being subject to the overwhelmingly hard-left views of Scotland's MPs, England will be in an even better position.

More importantly, the people of England will be in an even better position, particularly the people of England who are at or near the bottom of the economic pile.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Mr FB, nice to see you commenting and I fully endorse your views.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

TFB: "Freed from the shackles of both paying vast amounts for Scotland and being subject to the overwhelmingly hard-left views of Scotland's MPs, England will be in an even better position."

The decline in Conservatism in Scotland can be attributed to the Tory Heath's concessions to the EEC which decimated the independent (and economically savy) fishing industry in Scotland (and the rest of the UK). Not to Thatcher.

In actual fact, the idea that England will be a land of milk and honey after Scotland leaves *purely* because of the lack of a Labour majority, is hogwash. The Tory party is equally capable of bovine incompetence as can be observed by any that care to observe.

PS. 'Paying vast amounts for Scotland' the Barnet formula and the revenue from oil in the Scottish sector of the North Sea are approximately in balance, and at it's peak during the oil boom years were probably of net benefit to England.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

People don't seem to realise that without Scotland, England has a problem too. Expect loss of status, reduced voting power in the EU and higher borrowing costs, just to start with. It's especially bad in defence terms; I find it inexplicable that this has not even been discussed in the neverendum campaign. For example there is no suitable port in England or Wales for our nuclear submarine fleet. It's in Faslane for the simple reason you have a very short journey out of port, in protected territorial waters, before you can drop off the continental shelf and "disappear". This isn't so from Plymouth, Portsmouth, Milford Haven or any other spot in England or Wales.

I don't think Scotland will vote yes as I find it hard to believe so many of my fellow countrymen are really that bloody stupid but I am absolutely enraged that some German bastard resident in Scotland, along with the other 500,000 EU resident foreigners, can vote on the future of MY country, and I can't because I live in England. That silly twat Cameron has made three very stupid errors:
1. Allowing Salmond to pose the question
2. Allowing Salmond to dictate the timetable
3. Running the referendum according to EU election rules and not British ones.

The last point alone could make the difference. If he'd insisted on all Scots-born people resident in the UK having a vote we wouldn't be on the verge of ripping up our nation.

Surveying the dreadful ill-feeling those wicked separatist shits in the SNP have stirred up makes me quiver with rage. Whatever the outcome the future is not looking pleasant.

Budgie said...

SW, excellent comment, well said.

Raedwald said...

SW - Agree wholly. And if the hateful and ugly anti-English nationalism that has been encouraged seems bad, the response of the bullet-headed English sub-class of tattooed thugs will be even uglier - all it needs is a bit of stirring from the Daily Mail and a few pictures of a badly bruised woman beaten up in Scotland for being English. That our political class have allowed it to develop is monstrous and unforgivable.

We are one nation, one anglophone identity, so intertwined and mutually interdependent over 300 years that separating us will be as risky as dividing Siamese twins.

Ed P said...

A "Yes" spells the end of Labour in power in the UK, so why have they not campaigned harder for a "No" vote?
And wheeling out Gordon Brown for the "Noes" has been a disaster - everything that sad little man touches goes bad. (Or was that the secret agenda?)

G. Tingey said...

The UK should have been moved to a Federal State when the Irish first started clamouring for home rule.

And Camoron was determined to keep Devo-Max off the voting papers, wasn't he?
Actually, I'm hoping that both he & war criminal Blair finish dangling from a rope's end on adjacent lampposts ...

You have missed the fact that the SNP CRAWLS to big corporate business, perhaps?
NOT a good combination when coupled with their puritan interfering nosyparkering attitude to everything.

I AGREE WITH YOU ( Don't die of shock! ) ... it is going to be very close.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Aye, it is going to be close, and it fucking shouldn't be. On the one hand I'd like to suspend Cameron, Osborne and Milliband from the nearest lamppost for their witless stupidity. On the other I dream about happier times when the likes of the SNP would have been shot for sedition.

The genius of the Union is that it is greater than the sum of the parts. On one side we have the vile separatist shits of the SNP and on the other we have stupid bone-headed English nationalists who are egging them on. It's enough to make you weep. Between them these stupid cunts are wrecking our country. We will all suffer for it.

Budgie said...

No SW, it is not half a dozen of one and two threes of the other. There is no ENP to rival the clout of the SNP. There was no English nationalist call to break up the UK. However the English see how successful the SNP is in Scotland, see UK (often English) politicians kow-towing to SNP demands, and have gradually come to think a) this is unfair and b) if "the Scots" dislike the UK (and particularly the English) so much then it would be better if they did leave. However if the Scots vote a resounding "Yes" for the Union, as you hope, then the English reaction would be "thank God".

Edward Spalton said...

"Asymmetric" ( i.e. Unfair) devolution has been quite successful in creating resentment between people in different parts of the UK. IMHO that is what it was designed to do. In 1971 the Foreign Office advised the government to use devolution as a distraction from people's powerlessness before " the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community" . Government and political parties were told it was their DUTY not to blame unpopular measures on the EEC ( now EU).
I keep pointing out to English nationalists that they are "useful idiots" for the EU project but they mostly will not see beyond "free" prescriptions and university places etc. And with some of them I get the distinct whiff of compulsory Shakespeare and Morris dancing etc.

G. Tingey said...

Edwrd Spalton
As treasurer of a Morris-Side I resent that!
It keeps us fit & we dance outside pubs & then refill our thirsts - nothing wrong with that ....

Edward Spalton said...

My Dear Greg,

Long may your Morris side flourish!

It is the apprehension of compulsion which gets my hackles up.

I was with an Irish business friend years ago when De Valera, as President, was awarding prizes at the Dublin Spring Show.

" That bollix" said my friend " wanted to have us all dancing round the cross roads".

So he did and I detect a similar sort of ambition to compulsory, official folkishness amongst some of the
English democrats etc.

The whole business of Englishness is that it is profoundly unofficial, unregulated though generally well behaved.

I do not want to live in the "Ingerland" of the football crowds.

So good luck to your side!