Friday, 19 September 2014

Now it's England's turn

Now it's England's turn. 

At this time, it is expected that Cameron will announce not an English Parliament but an arrangement by which English matters are voted upon only by English MPs.

This is not enough. Currently 97% of taxes are decided and levied centrally - only Council tax is set locally, and this is capped in strict limits by Whitehall. This must change radically; it will not be until the Central State is dependent on subventions of tax remitted by devolved authorities that England will have achieved the required federalism.

The Counties and big city unitaries must first be enabled as tax collecting authorities. Then they must be empowered to set their own taxes. Rather than these devolved authorities being dependent on Whitehall's largesses for 75% of their funding, Westminster will be dependent for its funding on the subventions made by delegated authorities. 

Tax power is the only power that matters. Tax power will be the power that the constipated grasping centralists in Whitehall and Westminster will resist with great guile and prevarication; it will forever be promised for tomorrow. This is not good enough. We must start with tax, not end with it.

For now it's England's turn to win our freedom from the dead grip of a Central State propped with the corpses of the dying parties. 

My fave quote of the morning from the Kleine Zeitung : "Das Thema hatte die Bevölkerung in dem Fünf-Millionen-Einwohner-Land im Norden Englands monatelang elektrisiert". Or "The subject had electrified the population for months in the five-million-inhabitant country in northern England."


TheFatBigot said...

I agree it is now England's turn.

It's England's turn to have a referendum on whether to remain part of the United Kingdom.

DeeDee99 said...

England will never be permitted an English Parliament: The EU forbids it and Westminster is subservient to the EU.

English votes for English laws will still allow MPs from the devolved countries to interfere in English affairs. They will only be barred from voting and then probably only for the final vote.

Once again, the English will be shafted.

subrosa said...

The SNP never vote in any England only affairs. Just thought I’d let you know.

It’s the other parties’ Scottish MPs who cause the problems.

Budgie said...

In previous comments I may have given the impression that the Scots were ungrateful wretches, out to destroy the UK, who are subsidised by the English.

I now realise that this was completely incorrect. The Scots are the dearest creatures on earth, and we should now allow Holyrood to make decisions for the entire UK, thereby solving the English question. Moreover the half Scots Cameron has proved himself to be a world-class statesman incapable of panic.

There have been calls for my resignation from the usual disreputable quarters. I need hardly state that that is not helpful. Lessons will be learned, and I must continue to ensure that the outcome that we have all voted for is delivered.

Robert said...

We are still attached to the gangrenous foot.

haddock said...

be careful what you wish for with this 'localism' thing and the enabling of local taxes... I doubt that some people in vibrant enriched areas would wish to pay jizyah even if it were voted for 'democratically'

Graeme said...

Westminster will never agree to dropping their tax raising/gathering powers. If they had to go cap-in-hand to a large number of Counties/Cities, how would the MPs and Whitehall spivs be able to fiddle all those lovely expenses and scams? Nope, they'll never go for it.

G. Tingey said...

I actually hear Cameron live on the beeb Radio4 this morning.
He (& all the others) must be kept to it, or they will wriggle out, AGAIN.

fucking grow up...
Ethnicity of UK: 87.1% White, 7.0% Asian, 3.0% Black, 2.0% Mixed, 0.9% Other
Religion of UK:
Christianity 59%, No religion 33%, Islam 4%, Hinduism 1%, Other religions 2%
About as much threat as the Roman Catholics in 1605, in fact .....

Anonymous said...

Local taxes, how would that work? About as well as the Community Charge?
Maybe we can get rid of the daft rating system where I have been paying for a higher band than my neighbours for the last 25 years (apparently MY rate is right, its theirs that is too low but no-one can be bothered to re-evaluate them).

Anonymous said...

@G. Tingey: Birmingham City Council - 4%? Dream on!
Muhammad Afzal
Uzma Ahmed
Mohammed Aikhlaq
Deirdre Alden
John Alden
Robert Alden
Nawaz Ali
Tahir Ali
Sue Anderson
Gurdial Singh Atwal
Mohammed Azim
Caroline Badley
Susan Barnett
David Barrie
Vivienne Barton
Bob Beauchamp
Sir Albert Bore
Barry Bowles
Randal Brew OBE
Marje Bridle
Mick Brown
Alex Buchanan
Sam Burden
Andy Cartwright
Tristan Chatfield
Zaker Choudhry
John Clancy
Lynda Clinton
Lyn Collin
Maureen Cornish
Reg Corns
John Cotton
Ian Cruise
Philip Davis
Adrian Delaney
Peter Douglas Osborn
Barbara Dring
Neil Eustace
Jerry Evans
Mohammed Fazal
Eddie Freeman
Mick Finnegan
Matthew Gregson
Peter Griffiths
Karen Hamilton
Paulette Hamilton
Andrew Hardie
Roger Harmer
Kath Hartley
Ray Hassall
Barry Henley
Penny Holbrook
Jon Hunt
Mahmood Hussain
James Hutchings
Timothy Huxtable
Mohammed Idrees
Zafar Iqbal
Ziaul Islam MBE
Barbara Jackson
Kerry Jenkins
Meirion Jenkins
Simon Jevon
Brigid Jones
Carol Jones
Josh Jones
Peter Kane
Nagina Kauser
Tony Kennedy
Ansar Ali Khan
Changese Khan
Mariam Khan
Narinder Kaur Kooner
Chaman Lal
Mike Leddy
Bruce Lines
John Lines
Keith Linnecor
Majid Mahmood
Ewan Mackey
Karen McCarthy
James McKay
Gareth Moore
Yvonne Mosquito
Brett O'Reilly
John O'Shea
David Pears
Eva Phillips
Jess Phillips
Robert Pocock
Victoria Quinn
Hendrina Quinnen
Chauhdry Rashid
Habib Rehman
Carl Rice
Guy Roberts
Fergus Robinson
Gary Sambrook
Valerie Seabright
Rob Sealey
Shafique Shah
Mike Sharpe
Sybil Spence
Claire Spencer
Stewart Stacey
Ron Storer
Martin Straker Welds
Sharon Thompson
Paul Tilsley MBE
Lisa Trickett
Anne Underwood
Margaret Waddington
Phil Walkling
Anita Ward
Ian Ward
Mike Ward
Elaine Williams
Fiona Williams
Ken Wood
Waseem Zaffar

Brightside Bob said...

Re: Anonymous.
Looking at that Birmingham Council list, there's a lot of multiples of 'English' surnames.
Nepotism alive & well...?

Budgie said...

Actually, due to the panicky and incompetent Cameron, we are about to embark on a course of even more extensive devolution. The Scot separatist tail is wagging the UK (and English) dog.

The English have already said 'No' to the Balkanisation of England, though we will no doubt hear from the europhiles to start that ball rolling again. But the English need to be also directly asked if they actually want a devolved English parliament.

Moreover the whole UK also needs to be asked in a referendum whether we want a federal structure at all. A 'No' vote would trigger the closing of Scottish, Welsh and N.Irish parliaments. And a good thing too, in my opinion.

Wildgoose said...

@Greg Tingey

Yes, about as much threat as Roman Catholics in 1605 which led by 1640 to a King with a Roman Catholic wife wanting to impose Roman Catholic absolutism over the English and thereby triggering an enormously bloody Civil War.

haddock said...

@Greg Tingey
if you had read what I'd written you may have spotted that I referred to 'localism' and 'areas', your national figures are quite irrelevant to that debate. Let us have the figures for Tower Hamlets, for example, where they use their own local system in elections.

the irony, to be told to grow up by Tingey !

Anonymous said...

Northern England?! - Er YUP - love it.

Mind you, I always think that, the Geordie-Nation [the moniker that Tosser Bliar so bestowed] is equal to and part of Scotland.

meltemian said...

Peter S said...

"Mind you, I always think that, the Geordie-Nation [the moniker that Tosser Bliar so bestowed] is equal to and part of Scotland."

Then you're an ignorant wanker.

G. Tingey said...

Tower Hamlets is about to unravel spectacularly, I expect.
I wonder if L Rahman will avoid prison?

Err, no Charles I was totally untrustworthy, which is what did it.
The one who tried to impose RC practices was James II, who lasted all of 3 years, IIRC, follwed by "the Glorious Revolution"