Saturday, 13 September 2014

On the brink of disaster

At the end of the day it's all personal. Salmond and those poor dreamers who believe his lies are on the brink of causing an economic disaster for the United Kingdom from which England will recover painfully but will prove fatal for Scotland - and will do so with Englishmen like me pushing and twisting the knife as deeply as we can - because it will be personal. If all my plans for my imminent retirement, the state of the London property market that will help make it possible, the performance of my pension and investment funds, the exchange rate and a dozen other factors are blown to buggery by a 'yes' vote then it becomes very personal - and my fury against the nationalists will know no bounds. 

If I'm forced to carry on working, to spend extra years of my life re-building all that which has been dissipated by Scots hubris, I'll make damn sure that Scotland pays. That means voting for politicians who will give nothing away, make no concessions, and get every penny back of our money from Scotland - taking down the transmitter towers, dismantling the studios, moving thousands of tonnes of stock and boxes south of the border. If they want a reason to hate the English, they will have one. 

And I will expect that complacent fool Cameron to take himself into the garage of his Oxfordshire home and put a shotgun barrel under his chin. Sorry, I'm past being reasonable on this. It's personal.  


Anonymous said...

Hmm, well it very much depends on when you bought those properties, knowing you - old son you probably bought em in the 80s.

The financial markets are at a very overrated level, a false high - stuffed, living it unreal with central bank funny money. The pension funds were poll-axed by Brown-onomics AND by greedy pension fund 'managers' a euphemism for rampant fraudsters, ponzi scheme facilitators and embezzlers.
Thus, one way or another it, western style ponzi scheme reserve banking and the knock on effects, the transport of lunatic financial vehicles and a plethora of dodgy investments sold to the likes of idiots - [you and me]. It will implode sooner rather than later, a yes vote may be the trigger - may be.

It's not Dave's fault though really is it? OK, Dave, as it turns out: he foolishly gave them a plebiscite. But Labour under Bliar and doing Brussel's bidding - enabled Salmond and his loony nat's - no ifs nor buts. It's called cantonisation, Britain, under Brussels administration will be chopped up and divided into 9 provinces.

Scotland, has always had a fair amount of independence and we are undoubtedly stronger together but it is hypocritical of me to say, we need to be independent and out of the EU and not then, to want/support/thirst for the same - for the land of Scotland.

The rump of labour's loony left wing all live on the Celtic fringe, and of course in labour run cities in the north - though the Rotherham effect will maybe see an END to white voters putting an X beside labour candidates.... and England has always been subject to their whim. We'd - England would most definitely be better off freed and out from under the yoke of Scotland.

Life's a lottery and as you do I fear for my future too but the dice have been loaded and now they're cast,
Raedwald. As you well know, the forces of the universe are elemental. Our forbears in contemplation, philosophized and understood far, far better than we do, that, all you have is the skin you were born in and family, that's why and living in far harsher times, they knew God.

Cocooned, as we are, arrogant and oblivious in our westernized technological bubble-wrap, We just can't see it or, refuse to acknowledge the reality..... purblind and headlong running off the cliff. The green agenda, mass immigration + a welfare state free at the point of access and universal to all - the economics of the madhouse [EU]....and: are we not architects of our own demise?

Sackerson said...

Raedwald: You'll be OK. The London property market is buoyed up by foreigners fleeing to England to escape justice and turmoil in their own countries, and that's just going to intensify as the great crunch comes.

My suspicion is that the rich are selling their stocks on the QT to ignorant middle-class investors who can't get a decent rate of interest, and will then buy back in cheaply on the collapse, and demand the end of QE and raised interest rates on extra cash liberated. Back where they were, but with more.

Anonymous said...

I fear Raedwald the damage is already done even if there is a "No" win next week.

The cat(s) have well & truly been let out of the bag.

The disgusting spectacle of this week of our Political Elites rushing north of the border with their arms full of English largesse was sickening.

They weren't doing it to save the Union, they were doing it to keep the gravy train on track and their places at the trough safe.

And who is going to pay for their Quisling actions?

We the overtaxed and despised English proles - once again.

DeeDee99 said...

I'm tending towards Raedwald here. I feel sorry for the significant percentage of Scots who didn't voe SNP or Labour and don't support secession: they futures are going to be ruined by the ignorant Scots Nats thugs and the stupid people who really do believe that money grows on trees and Bravehearts are all you need to win.

But I'm angry now and I'm going to get a great deal angrier. I don't hate the Scots - but if MY future is affected along the lines Radders says then it won't take long for hate to come.

Any PM or rUK/English Government that isn't seem to put English interests first, second and last in secession negotiations will deserve obliteration.

As for Cameron - he's already dead. He just hasn't lied down yet. Stupid, Stupid, arrogant tosser that he is.

Anonymous said...

Terrific posts here, thanks all. If the YES vote is no more than 40% we could put all the rancour behind us quite quickly. Fingers Xd

TrT said...

"I'll make damn sure that Scotland pays"

Cant imagine why the Scots want independence....

Barely a step away from "if that bitch leaves me I'll leave her penniless."

G. Tingey said...

Exactly: the 49% who voted "No" if the SNP wins will suffer grievously, but that's the way it happens.
Did the Berliners deserve what they got 1940-45? No - they overwhelmingly voted against Adolf, but it didn't save them.

So now, as Deutsche Bank says, the BoE can set Scots' interest rate at 15% whilst ours remains 0.5%, the big employers will scoot, as fast as they can & SNP spite will bring down the rest.
Actually call_me-Dave will have a contingency plan, & it won't be pretty.
Because it is, essentially to bleed Scotland dry & white or even that pale green that precedes death - & then offer harsh re-joining terms, as a lesson.

This stirring up even more resentment, the wanker, when we could all have had Devo-Max years ago, couldn't we?

Bastard, along with Blair & all the others

Budgie said...

TrT, you shouldn't be surprised that if the Scots break up the UK whilst blaming the English that there is a reaction. Or hadn't you thought of that?

Budgie said...

G Tingey, if you really think "Call-Me-Dave will have a contingency plan" you are more seriously deluded than I thought. Just look at what the man has done (or more properly hasn't done) over the almost 5 years he has held the reins of power.

No, the reverse is true: Cameron will give everything he can to the Scots by design and by default, whether there is secession or not; he has already started the giveaway.

Dave said...

Aiming your anger at 'Scotland' is as juvenile as blaming England for Bliars/Camerons failings.

The ESTABLISHMENT both north and south of the border are to blame, not the PEOPLE who are being lied to, confused and betrayed by all sides.

Radders, I find your resentment to be wholly selfish and unbecoming.

Think again.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast.
Scotland's economy will tank.
It is after all an artificial construct full of government sponsored non jobs.
An SNP government will struggle to pay benefits to their vote base.
However the tie will be broken, they'll end up having to go to the IMF for a loan, if they get one.
However there is one saving grace.
Scotland will have to face up to reality.
The Scottish people will be forced to accept a lower standard of living, Scotland will have to live within its means.
Suddenly Scotlands lower wages and cheaper costs to invest will take over.
They may have a second industrial revolution.
After ten years of hell.
The potential as an industrial base is still there, of course it is.
Ain't reality a bitch eh?
But desperation is the mother of invention.


Sebastian Weetabix said...

If the SNP win (heaven forfend), it will be a disaster pdq - forced land redistribution, statues of the great redeemer, punishment of the Unionists... Capital flight and instant depression - which Salmond will immediately blame on the wicked English insisting on unfair terms of separation. Reality will not come into it at any point.

FrankS said...

A scottish acquaintance (living in southern england and so without a vote) was last night predicting 60/40 in favour of No.

formertory said...

A few more fuckwits like this one (and I'm sure there are lots) and they won't have an economy up there to destroy. It'll move south.

I imagine Salmond is furious this morning, and looking for Sillars with a lump hammer in one fist.

TrT said...

I think we should act like grown ups

Read up on Southern Irelands breakaway.
The UK made no effort to crush them as punishment, there were trade spats, as there are between any two coluntries

Budgie said...

Dave said: "Aiming your anger at 'Scotland' is as juvenile as blaming England for Bliars/Camerons failings." Or as juvenile as Scot Nats blaming "Thatcher" or England? You see it does depend on who started this.

There has been no substantial call by the English to eject Scotland from the UK. Even now, after all the anti-English ranting, in a recent poll (Populus, Mail) of English attitudes 70% vs 20% want Scotland to stay part of the UK.

Mark said...


No doubt but not on the same terms as they have now (I'm one of the 20% for what its worth).

It is the sheer primeaval nature of the hatred by section of the yes side which has been real eye opener. Whatever the result, this monster is not going to be caged easily.

Anonymous said...

If the No side win, it won't kill off SNP/Salmond, they'll go on bleating forever. The only thing that will stop the jockroaches complaining will be Yes, and then they'll complain about something else.
When Ireland went independent, they had a civil war between factions of the winning side, and pretty much managed to wipe out the rump of the equivalent of the No vote, run a terrorist campaign in the neighbouring territory, and only eventually climb out of their shithole by suckling on the teat of the EU until that dried up. The bastards have been complaining since 1922 - what makes anyone think that the Scots with their victim culture will be better?
Meanwhile, the Irish traded on the fact they are an English-speaking country - so much for Gaelic.
So my prediction is for a Yes vote, for a civil war of sorts north of the border, serve them right.
What makes the Jocks think that with no navy to speak of they will be able to hang onto the oil platforms if we get a fuel crisis down here, even if they get the lot as a settlement?
In my view the English should be asked for their view too, and whether we let them go, hold on to them by force, or send them off with a flea in their ear.

Cascadian said...

I understand your fury, but the damage is already done, money has been fleeing yUK, your recovery is likely stillborn. It does not matter if the vote is yes or no, you are now entering the "neverendum" where jockland plays useless pols like camoron or milliman to give ever more power no matter the associated costs to yUK. Scotland has won even if it fails at the referendum courtesy of the long-suffering brit taxpayer.

Your real estate investment is safe, with a bargain basement GBP even more foreigners can shelter their drug money, bad news for young Brits, they now have more competition for the real estate.
Time to cash in investments and buy something of real worth.

As for "voting for politicians who will give nothing away, make no concessions, and get every penny back of our money from Scotland"-show me one, just one!

Just saying said...

I'm a bit mystified as to why an independent Scotland would be bad for England/Wales? Unless you think the end of the Labour Party as a party of government is a bad thing? There have certainly been tendentious articles in the mainstream press trying to persuade people that it would be a disaster, for example pointing to GBP as being at a 7-month low against USD and not mentioning that USD is at a 7-month high against almost everything, with GBP itself at a 7-month high against the euro. The establishment always tries to scare people into voting their way with threats of economic catastrophe - that's how Ireland was bounced into voting the "right" way on the Lisbon Treaty.

Raedwald said...

It's hard to imagine Deutsche Bank and the other independent international assessors being part of an establishment plot to spread disinformation - surely the accuracy (and honesty) of their forecasts is fundamental to their success or otherwise in keeping business in the open market?

Anonymous said...

I see this debate as being fuelled by the mainstream parties fearing their own demise.
If Labour are denied a voter base of Scottish electorates then in the next GE Labour can't win, Lib Dems are dead in the water and the Tories are being pushed hard by UKIP anyway.
If Scotland goes independent then the outcome for England is a potential split Government with UKIP holding the controlling interest - with all that portrays for EU membership etc....

This isn't about Scotland - this is about the self preservation of the established parties.

visc said...

" fundamental to their success or otherwise in keeping business in the open market?"

Banking having a real market for the past 6 years? have you been drinking?