Saturday, 27 September 2014

RAF destroys IS target ... maybe

From the Operations Control Room, RAF Akrotiri

RF Leader: Control - refuelling complete; we're good for another 4 hours over zone. Continuing holding pattern. Any targets yet?

RF Control: Red Flight Leader this is Red Flight Control; acknowledged. (anything from Waddington yet since that ox cart yesterday? You have? No, no, never mind - get it on screen) Red Flight Leader we have a potential target at grid Blue 22 ... a lone insurgent laagered with what looks like a herd of goats south of the vehicle track, over.

RF Leader: I have the target now Red Control; Are you sure it's not just a goatherd?

RF Control: We can see a black flag flying there, Red Leader - must be IS

RF Leader: Control, I think he just washed his Keffiyeh in the water hole and it's drying on the thorn bush

RF Control: Negative Red Leader; we have it as an IS flag here. Squadron will attack with Paveway munitions. Make your approach when ready

RF Leader: Roger Control; Squadron will attack in echelon formation. Images coming through now ...

RF Control: Acknowledged Red Leader. Out. (Fumpy? Get that film clip - half a second of the blurry bit just before the munitions hit then the shockwaves and blast debris - off to Northolt with the signal 'IS supply train formation attacked on line of communications and destroyed'. That should keep the PM quiet for today ..)


Anonymous said...

A big light and crescendo....... another few £million quid gone up in smoke and kinetic transfer to heat, light and percussion boom, another bloody hole in the desert and for what?

Roger that.......

Noooooooo = Roger the bloody taxpayers!

Ha, ha, ha said RAF Roger and Dave and Barrack and the western arms lobby in a paroxysm of $ signed eyed ecstasy and so pleased with [creaming] themselves!

Scroll on to the [very near] future, a open ended battle theatre and some very pissed off Sunnis, much collateral damage mounts and with no end product - just what Isis wanted!!

And just like Vietnam, it will all end in tears and the USA, loses again. Nearly forgot, who were the original paymasters and logistics quartermasters and armourers of Isis? Can you guess?

Thus, Saudi stays safe, protected and able to continue to peddle and fund their Wahabist inspired filth in Mosques across Europe and indeed the world.

Joined up thinking? Surely, the day when all western leaders will be lined up against a wall and shot cannot be far away?

Cascadian said...

Somebody take the Biggles away from camoron, he is about to embarrass the country again.

G. Tingey said...

And yet, slight problem.
ISIS need wiping off the planet.
Anyone got a BETTER idea?

Agreed that the present um, "methods" leave a little to be desired, shall we say, but, err ....

It is an ideological struggle, as well as a military one.
And it goes back to, at least..
Sayyid Qutb
Or maybe to THIS nasty piece of work
Or even, shudder ... HERE

Now what?

John M said...

The Americans do it differently:

Pilot : " I see something moving down there. Looks like a goatherder. Must be an insurgent with that many sheep"

Control : Agreed, fire when ready

Pilot : Already did.

Anonymous said...

"Isis must be wiped off the map"
- Can't happen . Remember what it tool to discourage the Nazis. Islam is bigger. And rather persistant.

G. Tingey said...

Your satire has just fallen flat ... RAF flew - found no targets, dropped no bombs.
What really worries me is the Ex-RAF leader who said on radio today ... words to the effect of:
"At Gulf War I we had 32 squadrons, now we have 7"
We need to re-arm & re-arm effectively.
The traitor Cameron has a lot to answer for ...

Budgie said...

A few Harriers might have been useful here. Oh wait, can't do that. Hero Cameron sold our 74 Harriers to the Americans for a paltry £112M.

I suppose it makes sense to Cameron and his followers to sell the means to war, then have a war to divert attention from his miserable failures domestically.