Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Site identified for English Parliament building

In the event of a 'No' vote on Thursday, the pressure will turn to the creation of an English parliament. Whilst John Redwood's proposals to use the existing parliament buildings are OK as a temporary fix, he assumes that MPs elected to a United Kingdom parliament will also automatically be our English parliament representatives. I don't think this is workable.

I think we need a much-reduced UK parliament of perhaps 320 members to deal with defence, international relations, UK finance and suchlike matters and an entirely separate English parliament. Whilst this will be the subject of much debate, we should throw in the reservation of a central London site for an English parliament - should this be required. In effect, we need to identify a site and embargo any alternative re-development until the EP matter is decided.

The existing MOD building is a prime candidate. It's not old, valuable or architecturally distinguished and makes poor use of the site footprint. It's sized for a cold-war scale caucus of defence civil servants from the days of typewriters and carbon paper - in other words, far too big for the size the current London MOD needs to be. They could move back into the old War Office building. 

With the Wales Office next door, and a building opposite used by the Scotland Office (which could become the Northern Ireland Office after Thursday in the event of a 'yes' vote) so ideally situated. 

Outline plans below of current and future;


Ian Hills said...

Pack the MoD into that old boat moored in the Thames, practically all that's left of the RN.

Then sink it.

Backofanenvelope said...

Do you mean the General Belgrano?

Anonymous said...

Don't you think perhaps the English Parliament should actually be in England, rather than in London?

Demetrius said...

My view has been that Tamworth is the place. Not quite North but not quite South and the ancient capital of Mercia.

anon 2 said...

... we should throw in the reservation of a central London site for an English parliament ... Huh?

As Anon 15:28 says - it needs to be in England - or some oasis that remains within the land that once was ours.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 15:28

Don't you think perhaps the English Parliament should actually be in England, rather than in London?

Very droll and sadly almost true.

It should be Winchester, in Alfred's Wessex. Were it not for him, his son and his grandson, there would be no England.

Ferthu Hal Angelcynn


nonoftheabove said...

Hi Raedwald

Surely the problem is too much government rather than not enough?

An English parliament, whilst being an admirable idea, would just be packed with more troughers and charlatans.


DeeDee99 said...

I'd support the idea of an English Parliament outside of London. Somewhere more central and still recognisably English would be a good idea.

How about Stratford on Avon.

This is a rather pointless discussion though since I doubt if the Quislings in Westminster will ever agree to an English Parliament.

It isn't in the EU's plans for the UK and LibLabCON will move heaven and earth to prevent it.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Obviously the English parliament should be in Maldon.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I can assure you the MoD building is very far from underused. We have more civil servants working for the MoD than we have soldiers in the army; considerably more than we had in the cold war. Someone has to manage the twitter feed, doncha know.

But to be serious: we don't need yet another fucking layer of government with thousands more of the parasites taking salaries. Just have English votes for English laws in Westminster. As for the argument that this creates two classes of MP - aye, it does. Which is why some of us Scots didn't want that fucking silly wee pretendy parliament in Edinburgh in the first place, because even the bovine tolerant English wouldn't put up with Scots MPs telling them what to do indefinitely.