Thursday, 25 September 2014

The next idiot to blame 'Apathy' ....

Like fat people who blame 'hormones' instead of eating too much for their condition, politicians prefer to blame 'apathy' for increasingly poor voter turn-outs in elections. However, the comprehensive inquiry into the myth of 'apathy' undertaken by Helena Kennedy for the Power inquiry demonstrated that far from being apathetic, nearly all are deeply engaged with political issues. They just don't like the politicians on offer. Low turn-outs are voters using the only protest weapon they feel they have available - boycotting democracy. They are therefore very much the fault of the political class.

The turn out for the Scottish vote must have filled many professional politicians with fear. Oh God, they must mumble, what if that many people voted at a GE? What if the 18 to 26 year-olds all voted? What if all the women turned up at the polling station?

The political class and their allies the global corporates are terrified of a fully engaged demos exercising the power of the vote. Their panic is reported in the Indie today as they urge themselves to block any opportunity for an EU referendum in the UK. And in a 'horror' paragraph that must sent chills of fear up their spines they report
Hundreds of people packed a hall in Clacton tonight to hear Ukip leader Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell, who defected from the Tories, pour scorn on the main parties. Mr Carswell is standing for Ukip in a by-election on 9 October that was triggered by his defection. All 700 tickets were taken, and organisers estimated that the numbers in the Clacton Coastal Academy hall could have been up to 1,000 with “standing room only”.


Sackerson said...

"they urge themselves..." - love it. Yes, think you're entirely correct.

DeeDee99 said...

"Don't hold a Referendum" = don't allow the Demos to participate in what we call a Democracy.

So that just leaves the Kratos: the power the Elite exercise largely in their own interests.

I can't think of anything more likely to grow UKIP to become Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Until we get a proper and voter fair recall law for our MPs they will continue to treat us with contempt.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Along similar lines, the SNP were all in favour of democracy - until they lost the referendum.

Now it's "there are other ways to do this", and "no more referendums", etc etc.

Democracy is fine until the demos disagrees with the political class - then they'll bypass it.

Bring on the lamp-posts and hempen rope...

Anonymous said...

Weekend Yachtsman said @ 08:24

'Democracy is fine until the demos disagrees with the political class - then they'll bypass it.'

I think you just defined pretty much all of the post-war years, politically.

No consent was given for mass immigration, but they did anyway and now we have Rotherhams and the Gangs of London and a demographic nightmare of overpopulation with people fighting over resources.

No consent was given for a United States of Europe which, at its heart, has zero democracy and absolutely no accountability.

And our forefathers fought for what exactly? Peasants, oppressed for centuries, only to end up becoming a minority in their own land!?!

Un fucking believable


Anonymous said...

Verily, will the pied piper himself lead all the rats out of the festering city, 'tis time for the corporate world and their political lackey's to feel, to know the wrath of the people.

Brightside Bob said...

The biggest problem though are the hordes of 'useful idiots'.

'We' talk about there being only 640 of 'them' and tens of millions of us, etc.

The real problem is the vast army of 'us' (namely: civil servants, police, the w@nkers who vote Lib/Lan/Con etc).

Brightside Bob said...

Forgot to add to the last paragraph: ...who enable 'them' to get their way.

Bloke In Italy said...

Correct up to a point; however there is apathy as well because quite simply although there are pockets of poverty, injustice and oppression; by and large people are pretty comfortable and really cannot be arsed to indulge in the effort necessary to achieve radical change.

Not everybody feels as strongly about the corruption and incompetence you (rightly) rail about.

Most people get their opinions and concerns from the media and especially the BBC; which is frankly a cesspit of complacency.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this coming winter's brown outs & black outs might roust voters out of their "apathy"?

G. Tingey said...

What happens if "None of the above" gets put on the ballot paper - & wins the election?
Could be fun

Anonymous said...

Brightside Bob -

It's almost as if the bastards all have a common purpose?

Brightside Bob said...

Re: Anonymous. A select few (and growing) have a common purpose and are thus protected,

The massed ranks are just cannon fodder. Look at the (former?)Welsh female Labour MP who dared to comment about the dire Welsh NHS 'care' her dying husband received, she was told to shut up & stop being disloyal.

Yet they still queue up to betray their fellow countrymen/women.

Cascadian said...

Give them something to vote for, and people will vote-in droves apparently.

The liblabconmen will be left with the dregs.

People have woken up and looked around them, all they see is decay and waste and special pleading. They have had enough.

The liblabconmen should consider themselves very pleased if this does not turn violent and they are allowed to slink away.