Friday, 17 October 2014

Cameron just can't help lying

Mendacity is so fundamental to David Cameron's character that a lie comes as second nature when faced with any difficulty. Take the European Arrest Warrant; it's inequitable, unfair and wholly alien to the British system of law and justice. It's hated by the majority of Tory MPs, civil libertarians and voters with passports. The government now has the chance to opt-out of it - a no-brainer, one would have thought. 

Except for reasons known only to himself, Cameron is committed to confirming its application to British subjects by 1st December. Any corrupt, bribe-taking tinpot little magistrate in Greece or Cyprus can then sign a form to have a British subject dragged out of their UK bed, bundled onto an aircraft in manacles and consigned to squalor and the horror of a third-world prison. Why Cameron is so in favour of this defeats me - but he is. 

In fact, so committed is he to the measure that he's just lied to give Tory MPs the impression that he's not yet made up his mind. The lie, he hopes, will get them off his back and allow him to agree the measure without further fuss. 

Except, I suspect, they are better acquainted with his tendency to mendacity these days and may just not let him get away with it.


DeeDee99 said...

Not only is he a liar, he's a first-class hypocrite.

Cameron hasn't missed an opportunity to pontificate about the 800 anniversary of Magna Carta which led in turn to the law of Habeas Corpus.

Yet with the other hand he is deliberately planning to dismantle the legal protections which were enshrined by them.

He is an arrogant bastard and he thoroughly deserves to have his political career brought to an abrupt end next May.

Anonymous said...

The bookies have made UKIP favourites to win the seat in the forthcoming Rochester by-election, usually they are right, I'll not gainsay them either, thus Mark Reckless will be returned to Parliament, as a UKIP MP.

Will the Tories allow Cameron to stay in charge until the May 2015 general election?

Increasingly, as with his latest drivel and outpouring - summat about EU immigration limitation [in his dreams] and the Brussels imperialists - Cameron exudes panic and is as per bloody usual: all talk and no action equals more fake blether.

The European arrest warrant.

European Arrest Warrant [EAW], is another nail in the coffin for British jurisdiction and British 'sovereignty' - and I use that term [sovereignty] very loosely.

Again and once more the litany of misery goes on. 'We' are made to kowtow to an inferior system and yield to Brussels for no pretext other than but to fall into line. Actually - there is no earthly reason why we should join in with this EU inspired legal idiocy. What ever happened to Interpol?.....Obviously and just like with NATO, it is a another land grab by the meddling tossers some call the Brussels Kommissariat and as with NATO: how much more of a fuck up it [EAW] will be, because and doubtless that [a fuck up] is a nailed on certainty .

FFS! in the Home office, as with the FCO: all ideas of adherence to British statutes, of British legal principle have long since flown out of the window. Furthermore, both of these formerly grand departments of state are riddled by civil servants who went 'native' in the FCO's case, way back in the fifties, admittedly it took a while longer in the HO. Helplessly looking in as we mere proles are forced to do [democracy?] , noses pressed against the glass eyes agog. For, it is plain that, from the very top and Theresa everybody drops their knickers [including Camoron] for Brussels.
Good grief, the wimmin running our Police service desire this stupidity [EAW] above all else even more so than May - it is another, if not the principal reason why Parliament should think again and boot it back to whence it came.

In the end, like with most of it, on behalf of the British authorities but never in OUR NAME it is a surrender, an abnegation of responsibility.
They [our political elite] have given up our rights and the spirit of the law in the form of the ECJ-ECHR and now with the EAW has been outsourced to a bunch of power crazed loonies and EUropean lawyers who [seek to] ARE - running our affairs over there in the centre of Empire, in Brussels.

What did we fight for?

From Blenheim, Trafalgar and Waterloo through to the fall of Berlin in 1945 - it was all for nothing.
True enough, Churchill wanted a peaceful and united Europe but not with Britain goose stepped, frog marched and enforced assimilation - that was never the plan.

Have we given up, the simple answer is, Yes.

rapscallion said...

Just love your comment Anonymous. Just what did we fight for eh?

There should be heads on spikes and lessor traitors swinging from the end of a rope for what has been done.

Personally I am loathe to kill anything, but I am willing to make an exception

Ian Hills said...

See here for the shedload of powers due to be handed over to Brussels on November 1 - many of which concern policing and criminal justice -

John M said...

Well that's because what Cameron says and what he actually does are often totally different things.

And that is also a key reason why increasing numbers of people are voting UKIP...

Cascadian said...

"Except, I suspect, they are better acquainted with his tendency to mendacity these days and may just not let him get away with it."......which should translate to action. Unless camoron is forcibly removed by his own party before May 2015, then they will all answer at the polls. Righfully so!

Anonymous said...

public relations

pl. n. the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by an organization or famous person.> the relationship between an organization or famous person and the public.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Is Cameron a 'useful idiot' for Common Purpose?