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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Don't be fooled by ISIS

Having failed spectacularly in Afghanistan, calls are now being made for Britain and the US to apply exactly the same tactics in Iraq. The lesson that one cannot win 'hearts and minds' - the bedrock of western tactics - when the indiginous population know that you're a here today, gone tomorrow force intervening in a multi layered religo-tribal conflict rooted in territorial identity just hasn't been learned. The new road so proudly built by the military engineers linking two villages just allows them to attack each other more efficiently.

And simpletons (including those now staffing the FCO) still see this as taking sides in either backing Sunni or Shia sides in the Islamic civil war, or fighting against IS(IS/IL) inhumanity, while denying all the time that this has anything to do with Islam, are deluding themselves. There are no such delusions amongst the many Moslems reliant on their faith to justify violence.

And so despite the slick ISIS propaganda geared at dragging Western troops into a firefight - propaganda that seems to have convinced our MPs - we must continue to resist what is commonly termed 'boots on the ground'. For sure, let's use ISIS as live targets to hone our training and weapons development, let's buy a fleet of Tucano ground attack aircraft and give the weekend pilots of the RAF VR some combat air time, try out new thermobaric bombs that kill ISIS but leave the archaeology intact, train drone pilots from Waddington in taking out Toyota pickups and so on. Let's also arm the Kurds with simple, proven, robust Soviet ground weapons - multiple rocket artillery, large calibre mortars, 20mm cannon, mines. And of course let's target Salafist / Wahabbi funders from Saudi Arabia - some MI5 footage of a few pederast Wahabbi princes having drunken gay sex in London posted on Youtube should do the trick. But let's keep our troops at home.


James Higham said...

ISIS, of course, being the brainchild of Operation Cyclone.

DeeDee99 said...

Agreed. This is a guerrilla campaign that western troops can't win: their hands being tied by the Geneva Convention, public opinion and basic humanity.

NO boots on the ground. We should use our technology and other assets to contain and then defeat them.

We must also ensure that the opportunities to take western hostages - who can then be beheaded for propaganda purposes - are minimised.

If that means pulling out western aid organisations then so be it. Only use Muslim ones.

Wildgoose said...

We should be investing in Molten Salt Thorium Reactors and making every effort to eliminate our dependence on Oil from the Middle East.

Kick out all the Wahabi/Salafi/Deobandi hate preachers and stop Saudi/Qatari funding of extremism and the radicalisation of Muslim youth.

And not only should we arm the Kurds we should also recognise an independent Kurdistan as well. Turkey's behaviour has been appalling - well, actions have consequences and that can be the first.

English Pensioner said...

A good approach to the matter; it would get my vote!

Anonymous said...

Excellent R and a nod to Wildgoose too - well said all posters here!

Ian Hills said...

Oil. That's the reason for these conflicts. The foreign oil firms got their assets back after Saddam was deposed, and now ISIS wants them renationalised. As for the Iranian mullahs, they too nationalised foreign oil assets in 1978, and a successful war against Iran would reverse this process. Let's not forget that foreign oil firms are big enough to bribe entire governments into making war.

Cascadian said...

You don't want boots on the ground. You do not have a navy with bombardment capability (or any real ability). Your pitiful offensive air force is tied up in Ukraine.

You can do NOTHING, and that is your best option. Not that camoron would recognize that.

Use your air cargo capability to support the Kurds if necessary, though with what is a mystery.

Dean Swift said...

Islam is a political take-over – a coup attempt. It wants to end the authority of the law and parliament and to impose a different law – with no origin in the consent of the British people. In our inherited political culture, all are under one law. Islam intends to bring to an end equality before the law, remove that protection from us and replace it with a regime in which we (non-Muslims) are second-class, and have only second-class legal status.
So proscribe Islam by statute, and set out sanctions for public allegiance to Islam. There could still be plenty of room in the grey area for those who are ready to say that ‘they are not religious’ - don't ask, don't tell policy) . But withdraw citizenship from anyone who insists on describing themselves as Muslim and give them a visa, which must be renewed every two years. Internment or the option of leaving the country for those who insist on this allegiance.
I don’t like such an authoritarian approach either – but aren’t we out of time for alternatives?

G. Tingey said...

Dean Swift
What about the Sufi & the Ismaili?
Islam is as "monolithic" as christianity & just as bloodily faction-ridden, you ignorant idiot.

The problem is NOT "islam" but RELIGION.
I suggest you go away & read some history.

P.S. We tried banning a religion entirely, once:
Roman Catholicism was actually completely proscribed for a short time. In the period 1610-20 ( ish/approximately )
That worked out well, didn't it?

Dean said...

Dear G Tingley
Thanks you for your correction, and I shall go and read some more history.
However, if Islam was simply religion it wouldnt be a threat or even of any interest to us. It is only because it is an alternative rule of law that it concerns us. It is surely reasonable to ask whether our own citizenship could be threatened by this alternative law
Still I prefer idiocy, as you may have guessed

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Tingey's religion being nihilistic atheism, as practised (inter alia) by Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot. IIRC they piled up approximately 80 million "unbelievers" between them.

Anyhoo, Islam is a different case because it is the only major religion which explicitly enjoins its adherents to lie, cheat, kill and enslave. IS are simply following the instructions in that nasty book, rather than perverting it. Of course great Muslim theologians like Cameron and Obama have a different interpretation. I can see why; it's so much more comforting than facing up to reality.

G. Tingey said...

Deab S
All religions try to impose their "godly" rule of "law" on their subject peoples.
ISIS are "good muslims" in the exact same way that the inquisition were "good catholics" *cough*.
The vast majority of those murdered by ISIS are other muslims, same as between Luther's theses & 1648 (Frieden von Westfalen) all of those murdered wore "other" christians.
*cough AGAIN*


And, you know that quite well, don't you? That I'm NOT a nihilist & being an atheist is not that.
Also, for about the 20th time:
1: "Holy" books ( Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao) - check.
2: Sects & factions - see list above - check.
3: "Designed" to achieve "Heaven" (on Earth) but still an unnattainable "paradise" - check.
4: Persecutes "heretics" worse than "unbelievers" - check.
[ The people the commies really hated were the democratic socialists ..... ]
5: Proven wrong & false, in/on multiple occasions, but the believers still swallow the attractive lies - check.
6: Piles up dead bodies in the name of the holy cause - check.


Islam is a different case because it is the only major religion which explicitly enjoins its adherents to lie, cheat, kill and enslave.
Obviously not read you bible recently, then!
"Order of St Dominic, paging the Dominican Order to the inquisition, please?"
IIRC, the Jesuits were given papal permission to deliberately lie to further their cause, too ...