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Friday, 24 October 2014

EU demands an extra £79.87 from each UK taxpayer

The EU peremptory demand for an extra £1.7bn works out at £57.05 from each of the UK's 29.8m income tax payers; most of the money will go to prop up the broke Kermits. The French strategy is based on not enacting any savings measures in its own economy at all, but to make up the shortfall by charging everyone else in Europe for the failure of Flanby's bankrupt socialist system.

On top of this, the Berlaymont wastrels want an extra £22.82 from each UK income taxpayer this year to pay for their above-inflation pay and pension increases and to fund dodgy Mafia schemes in Europe's slumholes.

So come on all you Euphiles, get yer chequebooks out and write one for Herr Juncker for £79.87 - after all, it's our European duty to fund the waste and corruption of others ...


Anonymous said...

And this is how it is going to be,with the carbon cuts every successful country,s will prop up the poorer one,or should I say come into line with the poorer ones until we are all destitute.

Anonymous said...

Just in time for Rochester, he he.


G. Tingey said...

The incompetence is astounding.
After all, this sort of thing is almost a guarantee that IF we ever get a referendum, people will vote OUT.
And then what will the Kermits & others do for their dosh?

Sebastian Weetabix said...

This is not incompetence. They've just given Cameron his tangible thing to fight; he'll make a noise, they'll fold, he'll come back having not paid the extra money telling us he's got his concessions. Cue vote on staying in, loads of FUD from slimy scum like Peter Wilding, job done.

mikebravo said...

Not sure about that yet. It's probably true that they need the money and Dave will willingly cough up.
The fake victories will come if cast iron wins the election. If he looses there will be no referendum from millipede so no need for theatricals. If Cameron wins there will be all the fake battles, FUD and bullshittery to scare the ignorant plebs into voting to go deeper into the mire.

Mike Spilligan said...

I've no doubt that Cameron will flannel and prevaricate until after the Rochester/Strood by-election, then make weak excuses why it's in "our-best-interests" to pay up.
For those of you who want a referendum on continued EU membership, I can forecast to you that the wording, scope, mechanics of voting and the associated propaganda will all distort the outcome, and we'll be paying the bill. No; no; no; I just want out.

Anonymous said...

It's actually worse than you say, as there isn't a short term way to garner the extra tax, except to borrow the money so we pay interest on it forever as well, OR not to pay for something useful like defence, and this money probably ups the baseline for EU thievery from now on.

I also think that the money won't come as an equal contribution from all taxpayers, and skiving benefits claimants get off scot free.

Budgie said...

The EU politicians a) want to deflect Cameron's agenda (all carefully worked out by scurrying British civil servants who have no conception of the ruthlessness they are dealing with) and b) want the money anyway. The EU's ambush has succeeded. This is yet another fail by the UK government and establishment, who suppress British nationalism, and assume everyone else is like them.

We are not in a free market, we are not playing cricket, we are not dealing with a complacent gentlemen's club, this is not an agreement between friendly neighbours, Jonny Foreigner is not going to look after the UK's interests and we are fools to expect it.

Unless the UK establishment starts advancing UK interests and expects this sort of ambush as normal, we will end up without a nation - we will be just a few offshore islands run from Brussels and using the euro. We are nearly there.

I do not have much hope because we are run by people who think that Dr Johnson's opinion that "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" is a sneer at patriotism.

From Elizabeth to Elizabeth: the rise and fall of an empire and a culture - because we have stopped believing in ourselves.

Mike Spilligan said...

Budgie: You're so right. Before retirement I worked for a multi-national (engineering / construction across the "big" European countries) and I discovered by chance that our thrice-annual meetings were preceded by a France-Germany only meeting which they used to dominate the agenda. My CEO thought that they'd "be fair" about the subsequent decisions, as though it were playing a board-game. I've little doubt that the same happens in the EU - behind the scenes agreements in which any UK representation ist verboten.

G. Tingey said...

I agree with every word Budgie said.

Cascadian said...

Consider it a down-payment, there will be many more demands considering the parlous state of the euro economies. 15 banks are about to get the results of their stress tests, declaring them insolvent.

Natural gas is about to become VERY expensive in Europe, the Germans can no longer fund the eternal bailouts required by the insolvent banks and nations. The euroweenies are reaping what they sowed in Ukraine.

Well done camoron, another disaster created by your "something must be done" hysteria.

Anonymous said...

Foreign Aid mate and oh!.... er the Frogs wanted some dosh.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Think there's a load more to this than the headline / sound bites = looks like Eureferendum is sat on some "unwelcome detail"..... for TBC

Anonymous said...

Remember that these are the people who have not had their accounts signed off by their accountants for about 18 years !

Nobody knows what they do with our money or what they spend it on.

The employed population of the EU is huge and I am sure they would each love to have a little bit of the 1.7 billion we supposedly now owe !!!

Anonymous said...

Re 'they need the money' - then why is there a discount to the Huns and the Frogs (and others)?
This is politics, pure and simple.
Cameron is a 'dead man walking'. If he wasn't, then he'd tell the EU to go screw itself, chuck us out if you like. Then he'd put a tariff on EU shipping using our half of the channel, close the tunnel, close the ports to ferries, sequester EU owned businesses and stop paying money to corrupt foreign despots, both in and out of Europe, and spend money on our defence.
We may need to suffer a Tory defeat to replace Cameron and Clegg.

Anonymous said...


I thought that till I checked it out. Look e.g. here

linked from e.g.

'5 November 2013
As independent auditor, the ECA has signed off the 2012 accounts of the European
Union, as it has done each year since the 2007 financial year. But in most spending areas of the EU
budget the report finds that the legislation in force is still not fully complied with.'

So the meme is, at least technically, wrong.

But what about the preceding 10+ years' accounts?

Either way the non-signed off earlier years and the later years' (sort of) qualified accounts could surely be used in meaningful negotiations. But that won't be happening, because it might risk spiking the European project whose real basis is not economic, but Coudenhove Kalergi.

Either way, they bill you to kill you.

Anonymous said...

Aha! Anon @ 20:44, that is our get out. "We won't pay until you ratify and publish the previous 10 years accounts".

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

Anon 12.53 25/10/14
"Close the tunnel" you are totally fucking mad - it's the only even half-civilised way to travel, now!

Coney Island
Yes, that's the way to do it.

Anonymous said...


That supposes that you want to go there. The suggestion was to stop their stuff coming here.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where the "above-inflation pay and pension" increase comes from: the Staff Regulation was overhauled recently and officals are in Year 3 of a 4 year pay freeze.