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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Europe - An irresistible magnet

I defy any reader not to be moved deeply by the tragic tale told in Der Spiegel of an ill-fated attempt by a group of Africans to reach the Nirvana of Europe. I have written many times that one cannot blame immigrants for immigration; the fact that immigrants are here in such numbers is both a failure of border controls and a sustained campaign of anti-British spite and national self-hatred by the Labour Party. But primarily they are here because of our wealth; our economy and well-being are an irresistible magnet for the poor and aspirational.
Abdou, born into poverty in 1940, remained poor, even by Nigerien standards. He owned a few gourds as drinking vessels, and his three robes hung from a hook in his hut. He had sold his only cow for 98,000 CFA francs to pay for the trip north. Samani was squatting on the bed of the large truck, on the left side behind the driver's cab. He had an 18-liter water canister behind him and was holding a bag filled with three shirts and three pairs of pants. He had paid 30,000 CFA francs, the equivalent of about €46 ($59), for a space on the truck -- the traffickers had waived a portion of the fare, because it was all the money he had. He had also bought some underwear with a zippered pouch in front so he could hide his travel money. Acquaintances had assured Samani that clothing was free in Europe. A friend who had made it to Spain told Samani that Europeans happily hand out sweaters and jackets against the cold. Europeans replace their household goods every year, says Samani, placing whatever they no longer need on the kerb. Even the taxi drivers drive Mercedes in Europe, he says.
Clothing free in Europe? True. People can even buy a complete brand-new outfit for the value of an hour's cleaning work. Unwanted goods left on the kerb? Certainly true in my road, where children's toys and clothing, surplus novels, old speakers and bathroom shelves are left on the front garden walls for any passer-by who wants to take them. And Merc taxis? True also, but unlikely to be new Mercs. Still, it's astonishing that such simple tokens of affluence that we take for granted have grown to legend status amongst the poor, the hungry, the unclothed and the owners of just a goat or two and a few gourds to whom such things are beyond dreams of avarice.  


Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Samani, it's all coming to an end, the crash will take us back to before the industrial revolution, I'm telling you Samani - then, you'll be better back among your own lad.

Robert said...

And the streets of London are paved with gold.

As you say you cannot blame the immigrants or the poor from the countryside who gravitated to our cities.

Mr Ecks said...

Africa is an immensely rich land in terms of resources. The statist and socialistic scum who rule it are the reason that Africans are poor and staying so for the time being.

However--there is some progress in Africa--even there human progress has not stopped. But until the shite at the top are destroyed it will remain slow. Same as over here.

Anonymous said...

Quite right, you cannot blame the less fortunate for wanting a share of the positive things in our country, and the people already here in the main ought to have the right to tell you that it took generations to achieve it. If you come here, aren't prepared to work but want to live on handouts, import obnoxious cultural traditions and a range of diseases we took decades to eliminate here, and fail to assimilate with our culture and traditions, then you will achieve parity - but by bringing us down to the levels of the shithole you would like to escape!

Demetrius said...

Mmmmm, stewed goat tenderised by hitting it with a rock for a couple of hours and a few gourds of home brewed methyl alcohol. I assume there is plenty of room on the return boats.

Anonymous said...

Their escape from their 'shithole' was progressing nicely until they decided they could do it better their own way.

Look how that turned out.

Budgie said...

Well, to solve this problem you can either impoverish our own country or help their countries to grow richer. Our leaders have chosen the former.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

What Anon 16:37 said.

Anonymous said...

Born in 1940? so he`s 74 yrs old? what the hell use is he going to be?except to cost money in board and medical bills.