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Friday, 10 October 2014

Farage correction

I haven't got time today to read Nigel Farage's full piece and of course huge congratulations to Mr Carswell and to UKIP for even the close run loss, but the headline 'Keep HIV-positive migrants out of Britain - Farage' surely needs only a minor qualification;

'Keep HIV-positive migrants out of Britain unless they have the financial resources to meet the costs of their own medication in full - Farage' must be what was meant.

After all, why should the UK taxpayer be the chump who pays for the world's HIV treatments for anyone poor and sick who can inveigle their way here?


Anonymous said...

Similar for Thomas Eric Duncan, who lied his way into the US, he knew he had been in contact with a contagious disease, then went to some lengths to (potentially) infect as many people as he could.

According to Bloomberg the bill amounts to £1000 per hour. ..... So far.

Man with Many Chins said...

Nice to see no comments available on the Graun story.. Must have been afraid of getting a right filleting I suspect.

Anonymous said...

As Farage points out "NATIONAL Health Service is the name we put to the health service designed to support our country. It is *not* a WORLD Health Service.

Which part of that is hard to understand?

Coney Island

Budgie said...

Discounting Carswell's personal following in Clacton, it seems to me the biggest upset is Heywood. For UKIP to get within 617 votes of Labour in a "safe" seat, pushing Conservatives into third place, is an eye opener for the legacy parties. The only mitigating factor is that the turnout was low at 36% so it is probable that tribal Labour voters stayed at home rather than voted for any other party.

I see that the Tories are already excusing themselves by claiming that UKIP votes will let Miliband into No.10, as though UKIP voters are all Tories and that they "own" those votes. Such arrogance is due for a fall. Certainly the Tories are no longer trusted on the EU issue, and LibLab are all for cosying up to the EU. So where can the eurosceptic vote go but to UKIP?

Michael said...

And add to your final paragraph...

...inveigle their way here, after the same taxpayers have already shoved millions of pounds at them in the form of 'foreign aid'!

Rush-is-Right said...

But it's NOT just the cost of their treatment that renders it a bad idea to admit HIV carriers into the UK.

Let's remember that the disease is incurable, and that every carrier admitted into the country represents an infection risk to everyone else.

The same goes for TB, that needs to be kept out too.

Anonymous said...

The matter of the NHS again becoming a national, not an international health, service will attract wide and deep support across the political spectrum, and UKIP's policy is correct. My feeling is that were UKIP to declare that marriage should be defined as the union of one man and one woman, then this would also be a vote winner. An additional benefit is that it would cause Parris to have a conniption fit and call for the smelling salts!

Anonymous said...

After the result in Heywood Cameron still coming out with vote UKIP, get Labour. Wrong, wrong, wrong - vote Tory, get Labour.

G. Tingey said...

NHS - correct
"Gay" marriage is totally irrelevant, except to religious loonies, actually.

Generally, I could have told you this ages ago - down on our allotment plots there are a lot of "old labour" voters, who are royally pissed-off with the EU

Anonymous said...

An additional benefit is that it would cause Parris to have a conniption fit and call for the smelling salts!

anon, 10 October 2014 13:39

Have you read today's effort "voters out of touch"?

In the dying embers, a man rages confounded and undone through the fault of his own sins.
The ranting drivel of a man who sees his life work to roger; tom, dick, harry and all of Britain with it...... being found out.
Remember Matthew, those who helped and flung open the gates and with wide armed welcome for the barbarians, they will come for you first, for it is you and your type that, the Salafist hates more....... than even ordinary Brits.

All of Parris's delusional Utopian dreamscape, is built not on solid foundation but on borrowed money, government empires and worship of false icons. Does he not see, surely he must perceive that this wealth is transient and all based on fiat money. Politicians bribery and government profligacy, the magic charmed life of spending money that is not real - it will come to an end, the markets will correct themselves in time, the wonder of it is, that it has not happened already - to believe otherwise is a fools paradise.

Parris, you are a deluded fogey, mutton dressed and thinking like a sheep.
You talk about fear, fear of the future,well son, let me tell you fear is visceral and a defence mechanism - it is innate, hot wired into the human psyche, we all fear for the future to deny that is to deny that the body craves oxygen, and Britain will crash thanks mainly to our economically incompetent cretins who have run the nation into the ground.
Matthew Parris and his false shiny Canary-world will never secure our future nor, even his.
Financial legerdemain in Canary Wharf - Shangri La! for all, it is founded on greed and selling ephemeral credits as confetti, temporal indulgences, not worth the paper they're written on. Investment banking has cripple the system, the world's financial institutions are bust and so is the EUzone, but only Matthew can't see it - who is the fool Matthew?

A devout believer is he, Parris, of the green propaganda, a lie based on fear and the fear mongering prognostication of some future catastrophe because of man made emissions of a harmless gas - he then has the temerity to call UKIP "voters out of touch".

I'd rather be "out of touch", than living a lie.

Run away Mattie, it will never be far enough, better get back to the Veldt where, maybe soon enough, an ANC renegade or Mugabe's, ex vet of the 5th brigade, will finally settle up with you.

G. Tingey said...

Just WHAT is anon, above raving about?
He (She?) makes no sense whatsoever.