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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Funding ISIS

As the Euro zone is now discovering with regard to sanctions against Russia, for such measures to be effective they hurt the sanctioner as much as the sanctioned. Such is the nature of our global economy. So I am therefore slightly surprised that the Telegraph's plea this morning was not for British car drivers to stop funding ISIS. Oh yes. That trip to Tesco today is putting money in the coffers of the abominable ones - from both their own wells in Iraq and the profits from those in Saudi Arabia and Qatar donated in support of the Sunni side in the Islamic civil war. 

Lord Dannatt, a soldier who cannot be expected to understand such things, effectively calls for the UK to bankrupt both the Saudi kingdom and any sympathetic gulf states. And if we can't do that, we must ban them from investing their oil billions in Britain - perhaps they should invest in building the Caliphate instead? After all, I don't give much for the longevity of some of those soft pederast princes when the Hard Men turn up in town.

As Sunni funders of the Islamic revolution are now discovering, radicalism once released cannot be controlled. After the Girondists and Montagnards had cut off the heads of Louis XVI and his wife, they rapidly turned to cutting off each other's noggins - and more fratricidal revolutionary brothers ended up guillotined than aristocrats.   


G. Tingey said...

It's like the "Barbaric & brutal killings" of civilians by ISIS" ( As Camoron & others parrot ) ....

Carefully not mentioning that the standard method of execution in Saudi ( Used quite frequently, too ) is ...
Beheading with a sword, yup!

Lying hypocrisy, we got it.

FrankS said...

I believe he French method of beheading was a bit less barbaric than the clumsy hacking favoured by the brutal amateurs of Isis.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Dannatt is quite outstandingly dense, even by the standards of the posh idiots in the light infantry. His appointment as CDS is one of the most inexplicable of modern times. He had to be ordered by the then defence secretary, the otherwise clueless Bob Ainsworth, to provide mine resistant vehicles and helicopters in place of snatch land rovers. He wanted to spend the budget on the useless FRES project. Some brass neck, that guy.

Cascadian said...

Camoron could improve his standing with Londons voters by bombing the shard. (Even I would support that.)

That would make as much sense as anything this trio of losers are proposing.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see our spineless political claque taking a shot gun to Wahabism and Wahabist imams trained and funded by the House of SAUD who are, which is transforming Britain into a Salafist state.

GANG RAPE by Pakistanis from their mediaeval heartlands, the serial grooming of prepubescent white girls, street beheadings, bombing campaigns, protests against bombing ISIS [no less!]...... it's all here in al-BRITANNI and it is funded via petro$s - no need to go to Iraq to fight it - eh DAVE?

What conclusion can you draw, that, our own politicians are Britain's biggest enemy: because they [Westminster and the administration] tacitly and even overtly side with the Salafists.