Sunday, 12 October 2014

Owen Paterson challenges the fake energy mafia

It's one of the biggest cons ever pulled off by the corporates - robbing taxpayers of billions to 'subsidise' fake energy tech and bloody windmills that simply won't deliver the electrical power that the UK needs. The crooked corporates are strongly supported by Cameron and his corporatist coterie, many of whom have substantial personal financial interests in the con. For sheer front it surpasses the useless plastic wands successfully sold as bomb detectors by ATSC for $60k each - except that unlike McCormick, Ed Davey, the Climate Change Secretary acting as lap-dog to the corporates, is unlikely to face jail.

Owen Paterson is one of the first serious politicians with real credibility to break cover and reveal that the King has no clothes. A strong contender for the Conservative leadership against Theresa May, Paterson's timing may be calculated, but he remains one of the very few politicians who earned real trust outside of the metropolitan self-regarding elite. And unlike jaded little urban Tory schills such as Matthew Parris, Paterson won't write-off rural Britain - or see it covered in bloody windmills that don't work.   


Anon said...

To get some idea of what we are up against, just after his removal I heard a senior civil servant at Defra refer to him as "the swivel eyed loons' swivel eyed loon".

Anonymous said...

I think Owen Patterson is probably the only MP in the Westminster bubble who realizes the lights will go off this coming winter/spring.

Brightside Bob said...

Radders thank you for posting this.

Anon, the lights won't go off. The hypocrites have STOR generators at the ready (at exorbitant cost - of course).

Demetrius said...

Linked to this today. My theory is to bring back the treadmills

Mike Cunningham said...

Now speaking and writing personally, as I always do, I had a fair amount of time for Owen Paterson as a man, but probably a bit less for him as a politician. He was, in many respects, the typical old-time Tory from the Shires; his background was rural, his values seemed to be based in the English countryside. He voted against the truly ghastly Same-Sex marriage farrago, and he also, happily, came down like a ton of bricks on the limp-wristed Chris Smith in his disgusting and disgraceful actions when the Environment Agency’s wholesale abandonment of decades of sensible flood management systems resulted in the worst flooding of the Somerset Levels since records first began.

But I think that Owen Patterson ought to state why he has come out against the Climate Act only now, when on the back-benches, instead of when he was in Cabinet, and in a much higher profile position than now, when he could have stood up and denounced this Act for the ‘Green Crap’ it so soundly endorses.

Why did he keep quiet, if he believed that the Act was so wrong for Great Britain?

Why did he not threaten to resign if no-one took any notice of a countryman standing up for the Country?

Why did he stay in the Coalition Government if he felt that this policy, and this Act, was so wrong?

Why did he allow the Environment Agency to continue for so long with the perverted schemes of Chris Smith, when it was plainly obvious of the damage they were doing to the landscapes of England?

Or is the simple truth that he is, and always has been, just another greasy bloody politician, out purely for his own purposes, and ever ready to ditch a long-held belief for his own advancement?

Anonymous said...

"I tell you, there is rejoicing ... over one sinner who repents"

Anonymous said...

"But I think that Owen Patterson ought to state why he has come out against the Climate Act only now, when on the back-benches,"

According to RAENorth, he voted for the act. !?

Anonymous said...

"According to RAENorth, he voted for the act. !?"

Not North, sorry. Redwood, claims Patterson voted for the CCA.

Visc said...

Patterson was a bought an paid for corporatist tosser, it's just those that bought him were'nt the gren washed ones. His buy-in to the Shale fraud and untested GMO was indeed swivel eyed loon, just a different flavour to the rest. I really despair of such tribalism as being "common sense"

G. Tingey said...

Half correct
Half horribly wrong
The CORRECT bit is the giant con played by guvmint & the corporates to rip us off for money &power under the excuse of GW & energy saving
The incorrect bit is to assume that there is no coming crisis
Unfortunately, GW IS really happening & it is at least 95-99% certain that human activity is the cause.
What guvmint (etc) is doing is bloody useless & maybe actually making things worse.

REAL solutions:
1. Short-term - Nuclear power
2. Much better conservation of energy used
3. Long term real "renewables", which is 100% dependant upon real engineering research into PV (Prices dropping at ridiculous rates already) and, much more importantly, energy storage, especially in electrical form ...
A much longer project, which will take some time.

Mr Ecks said...

Full of crap as ever Tingey. There is NO global warming --it is a shill to establish socialistic tyranny under the guise of saving the Earth. They have tried so many versions already--global cooling, 4 billion to die in Famine 1975 etc,etc. Whatever the bogus, bullshit threat the answer is always the same--more power for the state and us under their thumb.
If you want to revile me fine--but don't bother quoting any of the bogus bollocks--the science is settled, the hockey stick etc. IT IS ALL A PACK OF LIES.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

"95-99% certain" - if it were true, they wouldn't need to make this tendentious claim. They would just prove it. But they can't, can they?

There are scientific proofs - and there are theories. The theory of CAGW posited, in no particular order and focusing only on the salient points -
1. Increased heat in the tropopause in the equatorial regions
2. A linear response of temperature to increased CO2

And what do we have? No warming in the tropopause AT ALL (per radiosonde measurements). No recorded increase in surface temperatures for 18 years (according to thermometers, even after GISS cook the books with their bullshit adjustments); and slight cooling in the satellite record over the same time period, against a background of CO2 increasing from 300 to 395ppm. First they told us it had to be at least 10 years to be a trend; then, when 10 years trooped by, it became 15; now it is 30 years - but not to worry, all the missing heat is disappearing into the deep ocean (some alchemy whereby warm water sinks and cold water rises) where there are no thermometers. Never mind the fact that the Argo system shows no increase in temperature in deep waters either.

Their theory is wrong. The climate is a complex, coupled, non-linear system that is not susceptible to computer modelling and we do not fully understand the mechanisms behind it. And the third rate geographers (who can't do a regression on an excel spreadsheet) who populate the University of Easy Access are making it up as they go along. So I don't think we should dismantle modern civilisation by means of the climate change act at the behest of the dozy English literature graduate Bryony Worthington, who plainly does not have a numerate bone in her head.

But Tingey is right about 2 things: the government is making things worse (they always do), and we need nuclear power. It is obscene to burn fossil fuels for energy when we need them for plastics, fertiliser and lubrication. Renewables are just self-righteous wank.

Happily for us fans of G.K. Chesterton, Tingey has forsaken God for blind belief in the titans of our age: George Monbiot, Jonathan Porritt, and that towering intellectual genius Prince Charles.

G. Tingey said...

OK you lot
is a link to a set of pictures from that bastion of the right-wing respectable press.
The Daily Telegraph, OK?

Some of the other pictures in the series are well worth a look, but the one I've linked to is the important one.

Are you now going to tell me that this is a fake?

Happily for us fans of G.K. Chesterton,
A RC anti-semite ... Tingey has forsaken God for blind belief
DELIBERATE LIAR SW - you have been warned... in the titans of our age: George Monbiot, who is correct only about one-third of the time! Jonathan Porritt, I think you are at least 10 years out of date - like Porritt ... and that towering intellectual genius Prince Charles.
Oh do grow up - Charlie is a religious believer - just like you - what a pair of prats.

Mr Ecks has only too clearly forgotten to take his Dried Frog Pills today!

Sebastian Weetabix said...

No, you stupid cunt. The climate is changing and has always changed. We've had subtropical earth and snowball earth, all without human influence. Their theory that it is all controlled by a master knob marked "CO2" is demonstrably wrong, as I outlined above. Do keep up.

And you call yourself rational. Do fuck off.

Dan said...

OK, where to start. First and foremost, there is NOT a great conspiracy of Socialists anywhere. Socialists don't cooperate very well; the plural of "Socialist" is "Argument". What they do do very well is follow one another like sheep; the Great Global Warming hoax is mostly socialists following each other in an unreasoning trek.

It is also worth noting that Socialists are like most politicians; they really do have our best interests at heart, and there's nothing they'd rather do than perform great acts of kindness. Global Warming was, if you will, the perfect avertable disaster for those of a Socialistic mindset; a terrible doom which could be averted by lots and lots and lots of rules, regulations, laws, edicts, and pushing people about (for their own good, mind).

This is how Socialists think (for want of a better word). That this technique has failed every other time it has been used is irrelevant; the previous people doing it weren't proper Socialists, you see. Talk to any Labour person, and they'll denounce all other regimes except their own as being false in some way; they absolutely do not stick together and cannot conceive of a grand conspiracy.

All that Mr Patterson is doing is what he did whilst in DEFRA: he is talking common sense and trying to bludgeon civil servants into listening to, and acting upon this common sense.

G. Tingey said...

The climate is changing in ways that it would & should not do, except for human inputs ( CO2, Methane etc )
A N Other example being the "Ozone Hole" caused by CFC's ....

Fortunately, it should be possible to allieviate & solve this problem WITHOUT the global hair-shirt scenario, simply because, as usual, the engineers & scientists are riding to the rescue (The price of PV is dropping like a stone & decent energy storage does not seem to be far behind)

What I'm complaining about is the idiot politicians who are using a real problem (GW) for fake tax-raising & general buggering-up, rather than actally dealing with the real problem - which IS solvable & without lowering our standard of living.

One slight problem
I'm not even a Socialist
I might, on occasion, be a "social Democrat"
But, I was trained in Physics & Engineering ..
I can see the problem & also (some of) the solutions - all of which are high-tech dependant, emphatically NOT "back to the caves" if you see what I mean?

G. Tingey said...